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  • I just saw this short film shown in San Diego, and found it cute and rather interesting. The story follows a psychology student, Dana (Danica McKellar), who is given the daunting task of teaching a boy, Jacob (played by Jay Michael Ferguson), the lessons he needs to work for his uncle. In exchange for teaching the boy general bookkeeping skills, Dana is given the chance to use Jacob as a psychology test subject. Unfortunately for Dana Jacob is appears unable to speak, but Dana has her doubt, and Jacob's mother is reluctant to help her get the information she needs to really help him.

    Given that this is McKellar's first time writing or directing a movie, I have to say that I was fairly impressed. Overall, the story was average, and could definitely have used some creative punch, but the direction and editing seemed very top notch. The film's musical score helps move the story along VERY well, and really helps the viewer understand what they're supposed to be feeling.

    I really think the film could have used a stronger script, but overall the film was very well done, especially for a first time effort.
  • I saw this at the California Independent Film Festival last November. I found it to be sweet, touching, and on the whole, well constructed. My main criticism would be that the love story needed more time taken with it; it was too rushed and made it less believable that they would fall in love so quickly. It should have been a longer movie. But I was very impressed with the acting, and it was nice to see Winnie Cooper all grown up!
  • Girl tutors boy who won't speak. For some reason, she's attracted to him. This is never really fleshed out--the boy is not the least bit charismatic or interesting. The dialogue can be painfully expository. (There's a scene where the mother tells the boy he needs to be tutored so he can get a job at his uncle's place when they leave town that sounds like it should be stage direction, not dialogue.) Not terrible, but not worth the effort.