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  • This has got to be the best Star Wars game ever, This Game features The Rebels and Empire(Obviously) Wookies, Gungans, Trade Federation and the Naboo. Very fun to play, The voice acting is good, and well, You can get every thing you saw in the movies, Like the At-At, X-Wing, N-1 Starfighter, Fambaa Shield Generators, Droidekas and other good things Well Done Lucasarts!!!
  • mattdvs21 December 2001
    Made by the same people who made Age of Empires I and II, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is an excellent game. Just about everything from AoE has been translated into ST:GB. Players of AoE will instantly be able to play SW:GB and will enjoy the few extras that are there. For one, the graphics look amazing. For another, there are a few more researchable upgrades not available in the previous games. The only drawback is the lack of playable civilizations. Only being able to play as six civs (Empire, Trade Federation, Gungans, Wookies, Rebels, and the Naboo) limits the replayability, even though it doubles the civs playable in Starcraft. Overall a very enjoyable game, with especially high praise for the soundtrack.
  • This is a the Star Wars Version of a Strategy game, It is a very fun yet challenging experience which puts you in control of 6 Civilizations(Imperials, Rebels, Wookies, Trade Federation, Gungans, and Naboo)with their own unique abilities as well as 2 more in the expansion set Clone Campagins(Republic and Confederacy).This has got to be one of the best strategy games around(Star Craft is the only better one in my opinion. In the game you get to command your favorite troops,vehicles,heavy weapons,and aircraft(some never before seen in any films) as well as other characters like Jedi and special units. The only bad part this game has is the fact that the units only have a certain attack they can use without special abilities seem in the films which makes the units seem kind of lame, but that is what a strategy game is and it's still great! A must have for Star Wars and Strategy Game Fans! Overall Rating 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What I can say to the best strategy game of all time?No, it's not because I'm a Star Wars fan, but the number of civilizations, the many types of units, starships, heavy weapons and others make the Replay factor of this game extremely hard to be bad. But if you're looking for this game, go look for the new "Clone Campaigns", that has two more civilizations and cool scenes from all movies, except episode III.Most of all heroes of the movies are here, such as Luke, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and many others. The game's sceneries are beautiful, with many details of flora and fauna, too.Beasts like Banthas and Rancors appear in the game. But the game has a slight problem.It could be a perfect game if the real actors could be dubbers of their respective characters.The dubbers on the game are really bad!

    The Best: Many civilizations and units

    The Worst: Characters could be more designed

    We're waiting: For a 3-D version
  • soldaten1168 February 2007
    Game is based on the Age of Empires II engine. Very stable game and easy to manipulate. It's simple strategy and user interface make it easier for young users to play. My 8 year old nephew started about a year ago and now for family get together we all get on a LAN and play. A load graphics load means many players can play with little to no lag. Still, it is visually pleasing with fantastic sound effects and music.

    This is truly a timeless game and I've been playing it for almost 5 years. Very few games have that kind of appeal and staying power. For it's simplicity, ease of play and fun factor, it has not equal even today.

    The only drawback is that single play is limited. One you figure out the computer's basic strategy, it's easy to defeat. It retains it's playability only in the multiplayer mode. For that it is worth the price you pay for any copy you may still be able to find.