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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dyanna Lauren did not get enough recognition behind the camera, but this Vivid vehicle for contract star Raylene is very well done. It's downbeat, but compactly (short running time typical of the VHS era) delivers an engrossing tale.

    Raylene's mental problems are not specified, but she is going through nightmarish experiences that writer-director Lauren depicts with great visual style. Story unfolds in flashback, as the video begins with Raylene's corpse lying outside as police investigate a crime scene.

    Though the guys are the usual gang of idiots cast in nearly every feature of this period, Ray's supporting cast features unfamiliar faces and figures like Black actress India. Raylene is obsessed with watching other couples have sex, presented in a suspenseful way as we don't know what's really going on in her head. The sex scenes are strong leading up to a traffic accident climax, not the interpersonal violent end the viewer is expecting to befall the heroine.
  • Dyanna Lauren proves she can do much more than just act, she is extremely talented behind the scenes as well. She not only both writes and directs this Vivid feature, she also has a cameo appearance in it. The story unfolds in spurts (no pun intended) in between incredible sex scenes. The different techniques used in this are unique and creative- giving us a captivating story with steamy sex. She even manages a surprise ending! Featuring a 2 sided DVD, side one has the usual added features, and side two has bonus material. It doesn't include a "behind the scenes or making of" but at least they offer something besides the norm in this title. Don't miss this one if you are trying to coax your lover into watching Adult titles or if you are new to the Adult scene and want a title that won't "shock" you.

    I congratulate Ms. Lauren for a job very well done. This has passion, intense sex, and a great story- not a combination you usually attribute to Adult titles. The music was very subtle and light, not over powering at all, accompanied nicely by the harmonic cooing of the sexual undertakings. This is a great title for beginners, but the advanced watchers should not turn their nose up at this! With the awesome angles and the clear close-ups, everyone can enjoy this feature.