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  • this was an extremely bizarre show; a bloke and his badger do weird things. each series was set in a different place (a school, a zoo, their house), each packed with secret tunnels for badger and mousie (a later character who irritated me). most of the action revolved around badger coating bodger with mashed spuds, laughing like Frank Bruno, then doing it again. kid's tv, but not of the magic roundabout ilk - no fun for the rest of us. (I was 6 when it first played).
  • (Ok, so none of these comments actually explain this show!) Well this show is 25 minutes of a 40-something man who runs a B&B at the seaside with a talking pet Badger and a talking mouse called Mousy. Badger is always up to no good scaring the guests at the B&B and their annoying old woman neighbour... the man usually has to sort out Badgers antics which are a laugh. Strangely enough the badger has a obsession with Mashed Potato which is what this show is based on. Great for anyone 10 and under, currently they are re-running this on the CBBC channel but I doubt kids will wanna watch this as it is visibly aged since new shows like Big Kids and Ace Lightning which have proved to be a success. The CBBC channel is currently replaying all 90's shows like Bodger&Badger, Wildhouse, Queens nose etc... this is the funniest.
  • rossrobinson21 November 2003
    Bodger and Badger was made in 1989, i didn't mind this programme, i first saw this in 1997, i watched it on children's cbbc, a uk channel for bbc one. I give this programme at least 7 out of 10 as i think it wasn't a bad series.