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  • Its a Laugh riot all the way. Like the American or the British series, The Office which deal with one office, this Indian version follows a different format. (Here I am not in anyway trying to say that it is the copy of the UK's Office, No Sir, it is original.) Here in this series we follow Pankaj Kapur as Mussadilal as he goes to different government departments of India and deals with the ingrained corruption and rusty system which can only work if it is well greased with bribery. Mussadilal represents every ordinary man's struggle to get things done from these government offices.

    The show is popular because of its dark humor and expansive social satire. Anyone who ever had to deal with any of the bureaucratic government department riddled with red-tape-ism, favoritism, and corruption where any work takes years to be done, can identify with the show. And mind you almost everyone at one point or the other has been in the situation in which Mussadilal is placed every week.

    This show is also a great break from the "K"ekta Kapoor's usual family dramas that have ruined Indian TV.
  • It's one of the best indian series ever made... must watch for everyone...Every actor in this series played his/her role amazingly...
  • It is great fun comedy series with each episode exploring different struggle that a common indian man used to face at the time when it was telecasted. One of the best television comedy series of India !
  • siddharthk-4023015 April 2020
    Honestly a great show. Showing the harsh reality of the society mainly the corruption in Indian offices with humour & entertainment.
  • mishra-rishab235 July 2019
    The show ended long time ago. It's not updated. This show focuses on different situations a common Indian faces in government offices.