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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The stalking that Charlie (Steven Roy) does was not done in a humorous fashion. His sabotage of his ex-girlfriend's relationship was more disturbing than humorous. Mallory (Josie Maran) appeared to be as dysfunctional of Charlie, and outside of her looks I failed to see the attraction.

    Charlie gets a new girlfriend, one that would make me forget Mallory and quite a bit more. Charlie's friend Nick (Sean Marble) is one of those guys which women in real life hate, but in the movies, they love. Clare Kramer, as Charlie's boss gave us the best performance in the movie, but not good enough to carry it. I thought Josie Maran really sucked in this one, although the script never gave her any clever lines or personality, she failed to create one.
  • I saw this film when I went to Sundance at a smaller simultaneous film festival. It had me laughing so hard I choked on my candy. Okay, so I was drinking at the time. But thats not the point.

    The Mallory Effect is well- written, well- acted, and most of all -UNIQUE. I don't understand why it hasn't gotten distribution yet. When I came back from Utah, I told all my friends which movies to go see when they came out- but yet this one seems to have disintegrated into thin air.

    Josie Maran would get a big enough pull herself, with her ex- David Blaine sending so much publicity her way. There IS enough interest to see this film, so somebody with the power to~ GET ON IT! We want this in our living rooms!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you can see this movie, do. A friend of mine saw it at the Slamdance festival a while ago and never stopped talking about it. Then I finally knew someone involved and got to see it. It is shocking but in a relateable way. The character of Nick reminded me of Vince Vaughn in "wedding crashers"--so shocking yet so irresistible. Even in its extremes there is much that is realistic emotionally in the film, kind of like "Nip/ Tuck" I think.The script is amazing, and the performances are great. I'm amazed this movie hasn't received more attention with all the lame indies out there---this one is definitely worth seeing. I hope someday it makes it out there.
  • Quite frankly, I haven't seen the film, but I did have to opportunity to star alongside Scott in our last film "Jupiter Landing." He is fresh, inventive, and one of the finest actors I have ever worked with. If his performance in "Mallory," is anything like what we did in "Jupiter Landing," I'm sure it's a must see! Scott is one of those actors who isn't afraid to do a scene different every time, and make a director's and actor's job so much easier. There's nothing worse than having a stale performance to try and work off of. My only regret is that we didn't have more scenes together. Scott Hanks will be a steady working actor for a long time, keep your eyes open and enjoy his work!