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  • This is typically formulaic kids' fare. The boy and his sister arrive in Paris, the boy gets lost, everyone searches for him, the boy ends up in danger, the boy catches the bad guys and saves the day and the family is reunited. It seems like a "Home Alone in Paris" for television. Parents will love the music and the sights in Paris! Younger kids will like the boy, Zac, well-played by Christopher Plumley, who uses his wits rather than high-tech weapons and special effects. Older kids will especially like the teens:talented Lindsay Felton as the boy's scared older sister, ultracool John Hooper as the would-be boyfriend, effervescent Tara Lipinski as the sister's helpful friend, and comical Jason Padgett as her hapless boyfriend in tow. And everyone will love that nutty Jon Cryer as Zac's " stern wannabe" teacher because we all had a teacher like that at one time or another. A very nice little movie.
  • star787441 October 2005
    I continually look for movies that I can see WITH my grandchildren. This movie was a great choice and they liked it as much as I did. It was great watching the movie unfold and it looks like it could have another chapter or two, maybe they will all go somewhere again, sort of like Home Alone...I would watch every one of them and be sure my grandkids were with me... great family movie. Not 'kid' stuff, it was good clean fun for all ages. Every character in the movie was great...the young boy, Zak, was endearing, his sister and her 'boyfriend' had great chemistry and I loved them both. Tara was as cute as a button. Overall, it was a great movie and we ALL enjoyed it. It is a movie I will recommend to others who want to be sure their children or grandchildren can watch without having to censor it first. Good, clean, fun! So refreshing.
  • A children's movie about a boy and his sister on vacation in Paris and their adventures there. It's a very warm little tale with a variety of characters-lots of quirky French folk. It has its exciting moments, too. Shows more of Paris than I have EVER seen in a movie. Great acting by newcomer Christopher Plumley. Nice to see lovely Lindsay Felton back. Skater Tara Lipinski is amusing in a sizeable role. Jon Cryer is funny as always. Jason Padgett are the John Hooper are the funny and handsome boyfriends of two girls. A very entertaining movie. And finally, there's a film that families can watch together and everyone will enjoy it!!!
  • Although I monitor what my kids watch, I don't normally enjoy the same TV programming they do. This was a delightful exception. On a family vacation, the boy gets lost in Paris (of course) and that sets the wheels in motion for a somewhat predictable, but nevertheless entertaining story. Overlook, as always, some plausibility issues. What sets this movie apart from the usual (silly) TV movies for kids was the fabulous setting in Paris and great music!! Then add to that an appearance by my favorite, Jon Cryer and a cute performance by child actor Christopher Plumley, who pretty much carries the show. It is also educational. I would not be surprised to see this film turn up in French classrooms across the country. This is certainly worth watching with your kids the next time it is on. It is at least as good, if not better than, other kids' programming.
  • Rented "The Metro Chase" for my niece who absolutely loved it and then requested it for her birthday. It's not easy to find, but definitely worth it. Or since it's a kids' show, just buy it. I would much rather watch this with them than a lot of the other stuff that's out there. It's a pretty predictable story about a boy lost in Paris who helps the police solve a crime. Nothing too unusual there. But Jon Cryer is funny as the very stern teacher; the boy, Christopher Plumley, is cute without being annoying; the scenery is soo nice, and it was great to see Lindsay Felton back. The rest of the cast is good, too! Tara Lipinski is adorable. Very cute!
  • Wonderful movie to watch as a family! My kids loved it! Highly recommend it.