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  • vincent_romeijn19 September 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This game is pretty good. Its very funny to create railroads anywhere you want. If you like the first Railroad Tycoon, you should get this one too. Everywhere in the game are REAL cities and country's, and it's very funny when you can see the trains driving around. You can build train stations and other things. Its a very funny good game.

    There is only one problem; if you play this game on the Playstation1 ,and you go to 'new scenario', the world charts are not correct. When you go to central Europe,you can see the cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen. But when you select them, a little box pops up and says: 'territory:Belgium'. I am from the Netherlands and I can assure you that those cities are in the Netherlands. But without that glitch in mind, this is a good game.