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  • dlhunt30 June 2002
    An older couple, Bob and Susie, pull up stakes in Canada moving to Florida in the summertime before the July 1st/4th holiday week. Why they don't wait until late autumn like everybody else totally puzzles me.

    The neighbours have everything festooned with Stars and Stripes for the upcoming US holiday. Bob, who is hosting a party for the neighbours, is frustrated by neighbour Oscar's comment that he should take down his maple leaf flag for the party. Bob protests that it is Canada Day and that is why the maple leaf flies over his lawn.

    Silly attempts by Bob to rid their house of Old Glory do not succeed and Bob is nearly caught by Oscar with a US flag ripped to shreds after his botched attempt to take it down. The barbecue is is only escape and it is only Susie who discovers the flag's remains on the grill after Bob has made "extra efforts" to ensure that the barbecue is fully fired up and ready for the meat from the kitchen.

    Saved by a still packaged US flag earlier bought by Susie that he tossed in the trash and then retrieved, Bob flies it from the pole in place of the torn one after Oscar relents about Bob's flying the maple leaf.

    Oscar makes a comment to Bob that surprises him and causes him to look to another neighbour's yard and ...

    Really worth the chuckle to watch!