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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Contains Spoilers!!! "Ghost in love" - Well when watching that movie I sort of fell in love with it. It's a modern fantasy movie with wicked characters and the bad guys are not that bad after all while the good guys ... or should i say ghosts don't belong to the people I would invite for dinner. Well I saw the movie in korean and got it translated by a friend while watching so I didn't get all but understood the main plot(s).

    When a person dies by commiting suicide two (very funny) guys/ghosts shall watch whenever someone is trying to kill him/herself and "steal" their souls before they'll be brought to heaven and they defintly take their job seriously... in case a wannabe suicide comitter isn't sure if to really jump from the bridge.. well they just help a bit. Our heroine just found out that her boyfriend has an affair and is badly crying staying in the subway station. A moment later she finds herself standing next to her dead body wondering what the hell had happened. In her "afterlife" she gets to know quite some strange characters. For example there is that really beautiful woman that seeks vengeance for her own rape and murder. She definetly wasn't a nice ghost but still the viewer felt with her and understood her motives.

    Outside that strange "ghost company" building things aren't safe for our heroine because monsters are rummaging around and try to rape her, the "ghost police" wants to catch (and kill!) every ghost that doesn't behave properly and so on. The movie might be a bit strange for westerners, the dramatic love story takes a big part of the movie and makes it a typical women's film while interrupted by chases and some real violent even gory scenes that would more fit a horror flick which "Ghost in Love" certainly isn't. I believe at the time the movie was made its special effects were excellent. The train who collects the souls and rushes right through the city, its buildings, cars and people looks even today real cool.

    For viewers who would like to see a better story then your typical hollywood love drama this one is a real good choice! Because the feelings and desperation the main characters face (for losing their partners) makes it very romantic. While some humor, sometimes dark humor sometimes just funny spices it up. Surprisingly for a korean movie this one has a happy end, which gives the viewer a real nice feeling even though some of our heroes had to die twice along the way.
  • Chae-Byyul who suspects her boyfriend, Na Han-su, is cheating on her commits suicide, with some unexpected help from some spirits. When she comes around, she learns she is dead and that in this afterlife she can set out for revenge against het old flame, who hasn't taken long to move on from her.

    Let me begin by saying that I didn't intend to watch this film, as I recorded the wrong channel and this is what I recorded instead. So I decided I would check it out anyway. During the opening introduction I thought this was going to be an exhilarating story, but after the promising beginning it became somewhat of a real bore that was only saved by its strong visuals (if sometimes to way over-the-top) and one or two notable performances. The story and dialogue was SO bland and corny that it was an incredibly dour experience to sit through. Which is rather sad that it just couldn't pull me in, because it boasts an imaginative and such an impressive idea that was handled rather flatly and overall had such a hollow feel. Okay, sure there were moments of small flashes of excitement (especially those scenes involving the spirit of Pale face) and the special effects (like something out of a video game) are something sensational, but still you can't hide that rather empty feeling. It seems like they're throwing about the striking special effects to hopefully to cover it up. Basically this reasonable high budget production is coated with sugar and gloss, but is somewhat too sweet to comprehend. Especially, the unconvincing love story that turns rather melancholy. The creative effects are breath-taking (with the radiant colour scheme streaming through) and have flair to boot; but it's just too bad that the majority of performances didn't follow the same suit. If you're going to look cool, you got to have some personality to back it up! While, the humour was just too silly. The pacing felt rather stodgy and that's because of the wooden nature of it and the soundtrack was somewhat cheesy and lousily put together. I would say it just didn't know where it wanted to go. For me nothing really seemed to gel, as everything skewed all over the place. Although, Asian cinema enthusiasts might find something to like about it.

    Overall, it definitely could have been far better, but the disappointing execution turns into an uneventful chase film with a lot of dull chin-wag amongst the incredibly, high-octane special effects. Worth a gander, but it's basically pure eye candy at best.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When does the painful of a cheating relationship end? When Chae-Byul (Kim Hee-Sun) discovers that her long-time boyfriend and fiancée Han-Soo is fooling around with Hyun-Ju, she contemplates suicide with the thought of punishing him by dying in front of him. While she stands perilously close to the edge of a subway platform, two ghosts appear and urge her to jump. She almost does but when she hesitates, one of the ghosts gives her a nudge and she is crushed by the train.

    She finds herself admitted into SGA: Suicide Ghost Association, which, by the way is the alternative title of the film, whose members are people who have committed suicide, and whose purpose is to recruit new members, by any unorthodox means possible. They also encourage other unsavory activities, like taking bloody revenge and such. Here she runs into characters such as pale-face, vengeful spirit who is seeking to murder the thugs that raped her. Seung-woo, a good guy in anyone's terms, who helps people instead of persuading them to suicide. Diet, the team leader.

    I like this movie. It has a little of everything including carefully constructed cgi to give the movie a wonderful feel unlike some of the movies that have gone to the extreme. Overall, a wonderful chemistry between the two leads, Kim Hee-Sun and Lee Seong-Jae. It will provide an enjoyable night on the sofa.
  • Robert_and_Lea27 November 2002
    When I rented the video the back promised a korean blockbuster. Boy was that wrong: The story unfolds interesting at the beginning, but gets boring more and more later on. The German synchro was quite bad also so this might have been one reason why I didn't like the movie so much. And somehow nothing did make really sense to me - maybe it is just that I do not understand the Korean culture enough. So my advice: go and get something else, if you want fantasy take Lord of the Rings, if you want love and something spiritual rent Ghost or one of its clones.

    This movie neither moves your heart nor keeps it your brain busy... So take my advice: if you are a Korean try it, if not - forget it.