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  • No doubt about it, this TV series got everything about soccer right. I grew up watching this show in Peru(South America) when it was called "super Campeones", which is Spanish for Super Champions. The Story focuses on a little kid trying to become the best soccer player in the world. From relying on tricks and ability he makes his way up soccer championships by defeating the toughest adversaries.

    So, what's so great about that?

    Not only are the soccer matches very well-simulated(a little old and crappy for people in this era) but the players have extraordinary abilitys (superpowers you may call it). With a mix of kung-fu and other Japanese arts, this show takes soccer to a dragon ball z level. From "The Lion's Kick" and "The Eagle's Shot", the best of soccer (as a fun sport) is highlighted

    If you want your kid (or yourself) to like soccer and grow up playin it then you should get one of these episodes to watch

    Now, don't ask me where to get them cause i have problems myself finding any...
  • I haven't seen this one in ages but I thought I'd leave a comment to perhaps assist people who know this as "Captain Majid" in finding this page through Google or whatever.

    This series wasn't the greatest in the world because let's be frank the animation is a bit rubbish and ultimately it's just a sports show for kids featuring characters with football 'superpowers', but to many (most?) Arab kids it was a very important and special show, and one that three or four generations have grown up on. That sort of influence and love is definitely remarkable.

  • This review will focus on the first season from 1983 which in my opinion is the best season of all. The show is about a primary school boy the skilled Tsubasa who moves in to a new area where he joins a lousy football club and turns it into a better one. He inspires many people along the way and create a positive atmosphere wherever he goes. The football is not only a ball he plays with but also a best friend that he's attached to in an extraordinary way. There's a reason why this tv show has inspired the likes of Neymar (Brazil), Zidane (France), Messi (Argentina) and other great footballers. The creator of the show makes the hero grounded and humble: a person that inspires people of all ages through his great characteristics and FAIR game. Tsubasa is passionate about football and he's determined to win but also accepts defeat in order to become a better player. He becomes friends with his rivals and all players learn from each other quality lessons that extends outside football. The show even focuses on the players private lives and the harsh environment they live in yet their determination to play football despite their situation. I cannot praise the show enough for its inspirational stories, witty characters and tactics in game. Sure, the anime quality is not great but it's been more than 35 yrs since then. Kids of today can learn a thing or two from this great show and it's available on YouTube with English subtitles in HD. I highly recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Many versions with the same story scenario were created(1983-1994-2001-2018) but In my opinion this version(1983-1986) is best among them. If we want brief explanation of story, we facing a boy who came to a new place(like western movies) and with his efforts and special skills overcome to any strong rivals with their special ability(like superhero movies). The main problem of this story is main character do not face with real failure and he is wins all the important games at the end (to compensate for this defect in story, writers put drawn match for two matches in story(Episode 104 and 125) and one match Insignificant loosing(Episode 21)) Sometimes I feeling writers want to Tsubasa win the losing match by any irrational events and forces, because of that, sometimes I Identify with Tsubasa's opponents and want to Tsubasa team loosing the match. Best moments of this story happens when strong special shoot goes to strong goalkeeper. In this version, we face to suitable feeling of characters and sense of humor, suitable beautiful music and environment designs in right moments(In other versions because of speed up storytelling, drama feeling is dead). Like other anime series or movies, background designs are fixed and don't animated and we face repetitious animated of characters movement. I like character designs of Wakashimazu, Hiroshi Jito and Wakabayashi. In my opinion, main message of these series is confront with problems and tolerance in hardships in our life.