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  • I see that you took it down. Dr. Ford is not sure of who pushed her into the room but she is 100% sure of the identity of her attacker.
  • I for one am not a big watcher of "MSNBC" as mostly the network has a liberal slant, still many times in the morning when getting up I from time to time catch the Live news at 10AM with the informative and strong direct spoken and very beautiful Hallie Jackson. If you want the latest news on the Trump administration and his tweets and his breaking speeches and news conferences then tune to this in the mornings. And often given is live coverage of Trump's trips to foreign countries and interviews with international leaders are given and coverage and takes and spin is given from top political commentators and strategy people. And news of business, technology, the economy, and political campaigns and scandals is also showcased and breaking news of US and national man made things like hurricanes and earthquakes are covered. And during it all the beautiful and attractive smart Hallie Jackson is such an eye treat to look at, so give yourself a start and wake up to your day and watch Hallie on "MSNBC".