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  • This sitcom, centered around teenage girl Alex (Wolke Hegenbarth), her friends, family and her problems with growing up, is a small gem amidst Germany's Friday evening comedies.

    A little bit like a live action (and more family-friendly) version of _Daria_, the series captures the "teen spirit" very nicely without reducing kids to little idiots or presenting them as simply smaller adults. Whether Alex follows her parents' vain attempts to re-capture the spirit of _their_ youth, whether she's pestered by her younger brother Sebastian, or watches the antics of her clueless friend Claudia -- while the stories are not the most original, the presentation of the characters is both believable and amiable.

    Wolke does a wonderful job in portraying the clever and stoic Alex, who sees the world of the grown-ups unfold around her, and she delivers all her razor-sharp one-liners and diary observations with great style... I wish I had a daughter like that!

    Right now they've started broadcasting the second season... I love it!