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  • jsn_reece2 February 2010
    I remember when this movie got released on video,My mother rented it for me.I thought I could give this one a try.It was alright,but I can point a few things out to make this one a better film.I don't really remember the plot.All I know is that an inventor creates a robot in the family.And that one guy from Raiders of the lost ark and The Last Crusade was some kind of villain. ......... ......... .. ...... ........ ....... ......... .......... ............. ........... ........ ....... .. . ....... .......... ............ ............ .......... .......... .......... ...... ...... .......... .......... ......... ........ ........ ......
  • I watch as many Red Letter Media reviewed films as I can. I absolutely regret trying to watch this one. The reactions on their YT review of this abomination were not exaggerated. I legitimately had to stop watching this movie. It's amazing that Joey Pants and John Rhys-Davies were allowed to work in Hollywood after taking part in this atrocity. It's one of the worst things.
  • I'm not sure what that means, but it says so right on the box. I think one of the characters says "gosh" once or something.

    How this one slipped by the Oscar committee, I'll never know.
  • twiztidhomeboy26 July 2006
    For a long time my brothers and I have had a competition to see who can find the worst movie ever based on, terrible acting, bad casting, rubbish effects, awful musical direction and cheesy pointless dialogue.

    The competition is over. I found, A robot called Goldigger. Or, as it's called on IMDb A robot in the family.

    This film sucks so bad, we had to watch it in 10 minute installments over the course of a week, as any more may have caused damage to our senses, it amazes me that Joe Pantoliano is in this movie! He went on to be in the Matrix of course, and perhaps even better, John Ryhs-Davies is in it too! A far cry from being the mighty Dwarf Gimli I'm sure.

    The basic premise for this film is that a Dad builds a robot to look after the children as he is so busy with work (I'm not even sure what it was he did) but under no circumstances would you wish a child to be any where near the highly annoying "Goldigger" as he is named. The voice of the robot made my skin crawl for weeks, very creepy indeed, especially as it wasn't meant to be!

    Anyway, there is some plot to do with an evil antique dealer player by John Ryhs-Davies, but I wouldn't want to spoil too much!

    I am not ripping on this movie, I suggest everyone sees it, you'll appreciate everything else you ever see afterwards.

    Now on with my search to find an even worse movie!
  • The original title is GOLDDIGGER. IMDb, you should update your listing! ("A Robot In the Family" was a later title used in some markets.) I met the filmmaker, a true "Independent" if a bit naive. He could not get distribution so he even did some additional sound and re-edited the movie to try to please one studio, but did not sell it anyway. When it finally got a distributor, the result was very spotty. So, it's a rare movie. I am amazed any of your viewers saw it! Maybe they found a videotape lying around in a sale bin somewhere.

    The movie is actually pretty amusing, if you don't take it so seriously. The problem is more one of classification: It's not a kids movie, despite having a featured role for the son. It's too adult to be for a teen or preteen audience. Maybe college kids can dig it, along with adults with a tolerance for some silly "business" and satirical plot elements that may hit or miss. The "auteur" here was a real amateur when he made this film, so it's akin to a mid-budget student film. But remember, all Indies have to start somewhere. David Lynch and Quentin Tarrantino have come a long way from their first efforts. If you see this movie, please suspend critical disbelief, relax, and enjoy its better qualities. It's like if the film were a spoof or camp, even if maybe it wasn't intended to be. On that level, it succeeds better than some intended spoofs that fail.