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  • `Austin Powers in Goldmember' provides us with an hour and a half of inspired silliness. Not all of the film's elements work equally well, of course – a seemingly common occurrence in even the best of comedies – but this third in the series of popular spy spoofs generates more laughs than almost any other movie released in 2002.

    Prime credit goes, of course, to Mike Myers, who both co-wrote the screenplay and inhabits no fewer than four of the movie's main characters. By this time, Myers has become so adept at his characterizations that watching him at work and at play here provides one of the prime pleasures of our viewing experience. Also in attendance are the usual suspects: Verne Troyer as Mini-Me, Michael York as Basil, Robert Wagner as Number 2, Seth Green as Scottie and Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissinia. Folks added to the brew this time around include Fred Savage, Michael Caine and Beyonce Knowles as Foxxy Cleopatra, a bad-ass soul sister brought back from 1975 – Afro hairdo and all - to help Austin rescue his kidnapped father and prevent Dr. Evil from yet again trying to destroy the world (this time by using a giant meteorite to melt the polar ice caps and flood the earth).

    Co-written by Michael McCullers and directed by Jay Roach, the film has the good sense to throw caution to the wind and give Myers free rein to indulge himself in his own brand of inspired lunacy. The film starts off with a deliriously clever and funny opening credit scene in which many of Hollywood's biggest names make surprise, good-natured cameo appearances. That sense of unbridled fun carries through pretty much the entire film, although there are, as to be expected, ideas, bits and jokes that seem less effective than others. As with the two previous films, this `Austin Powers' suffers from the unfortunate tendency to both repeat and explain too many of its jokes. Sometimes you do find yourself wishing that the writers would put a bit more faith in the audience to get the humor the first time around. Still, there seems to be much less of that in this particular episode, and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to more than compensate for the occasional – though not all that frequent – clunker or lull that manages to sneak its way in there from time to time.

    `Austin Powers in Goldmember' wallows a bit overmuch in the sordid moments, the gross-out gags, the locker room and bathroom humor that have become, alas, the hallmarks of the modern comedy. In short, this is probably not the film to take the family to see if your family includes impressionable children and/or easily offended adults. The sexual and scatological meters run into the red zone rather often in this film.

    Nevertheless, `Austin Powers in Goldmember' works well if you enjoy a comedy where the actors seem for once to have been actually having a fun time while making it. Their infectious joy spills off the screen in a way that it doesn't in movies like `Mr. Deeds,' `Men in Black II' or, perish the thought, `The Master of Disguise,' to name just a few of the comedic bombs that have been foisted upon the unsuspecting public this summer. In contrast to the makers of those films, Mike Myers knows how to deliver the goods and, in the process, give his fans their hard-earned money's worth. Reserve us a seat for the next installment.
  • After thoroughly enjoying the first two Austin Powers movies, they were daft but enormous fun, I watched this third instalment. I was disappointed admittedly, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The plot takes the whole meaning of daftness to a whole level, so some of it verges on ridiculous, and while Mike Myers is brilliant as Austin and Dr Evil, he overdoes it as the Dutch villain Goldmember and the cameos are very hit and miss. That said, the sets and costumes are still wonderful, the soundtrack is groovy and the script is comedy gold with the cool catchphrases, bad-taste buffoonery and surreal slapstick. In terms of supporting performances Beyonce Knowles is a knockout as sexy and sassy Foxxy Cleopatra and Michael Caine is a dentally-challenged delight as Austin's dad. Seth Green is also fun as Scott Evil. Overall, an inferior sequel, but it was still a lot of fun, with Myers still having his mojo. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • While the first two Austin Powers films in this comedic series concentrated on spoofing the late '60s/early '70s, James Bond movies and concentrated on female anatomy in the process, this one was centered on penises. I kid you not. (Hence, the title, a play-on-words from "Goldfinger.")

    I watched this film twice, within two weeks of each as I showed a friend the second time. The first time I thought it wasn't as funny overall as the other two Powers films and was a bit too raunchy, especially for the PG-13 rating which is ridiculous. After the second viewing, I changed my mind about the comedy (not the rating): it is just as funny if not more than the other two.

    A couple of the scenes were hilarious, although very crude in spots but some of the crudeness is what makes it funny. However, most of time I laughed more at the many subtle double entendres and all the double takes by Mike Myers, who plays at least four characters in here...all of them very well.

    It's goofy, stupid and nothing spectacular but definitely fast-moving and entertaining. If you've seen the other Austin Powers films, you know what this basically is going to be, humor-wise.

    Beyonce Knowles, who played the female lead, didn't have the beauty or body of Heather Graham or Elizabeth Hurley, stars of the other two films, but she isn't bad. There are numerous cameo appearances in here, starting right off the bat with Tom Cruise.

    Overall: sick (again) but funny (again.)
  • While this is still not as funny as the first one, it's still worth watching. It has a load of recycled jokes from both of the earlier films, and a little too many references to the first, in my opinion. It's not entirely bad though, after a slow start it kicks off and gets very funny, very quickly. Most of the old characters return, with a few new ones too. The plot is pretty much the same old deal from the first two, still spoofing old Bond movies. The acting is still pretty good. The characters are more colorful in this one, I think. More developed, perhaps. The sexual crude humor is still there, and is better here than in the second movie, I think. The first is still the best, but if you only see one of the sequels, I recommend you see this one. I thought the twist-in-the-end was pretty lame, but it didn't entirely ruin the movie, as it didn't seem totally out of character or totally unbelievable. I'd recommend this to anyone who liked either or both of the first two movies. The humor is mostly the same, and people who enjoyed the first two will most likely also enjoy this one. 7/10
  • If I can describe this movie in three words, I would say, "Shagadelic, baby, yeah!" Mike Myers, the comedic genius who made the phrases, "Yeah, baby" and the word "Shag" famous is back again in a movie that is superior to the Spy Who Shagged Me.

    While the original Austin Powers is better, this movie focuses on intellectual jokes. Many of the people I know who didn't like it, knowing them, it was probably because they didn't understand it. There were a few references to movies even outside the James Bond series. I even remember one instance where Dr. Evil was speaking as though he were Hannibal Lecter in an obvious Silence of the Lambs reference.

    Beyoncé Knowles has proven to be a worthy actress. I don't see what the problem is with singers doing some acting, because singing is a form of acting... But I digress. Beyoncé had a couple of punchlines, much like Hurley and Graham, but once again, Austin's babe is just there for Austin's (or in this case Mini-me's) sex jokes.

    Goldmember was one of Myers' most creative villains. As simple as lines like "I LIKE GOOOOOLD" and "I am from Sweden. Isn't that weird?" sound, the delivery makes Goldmember a one-of-a-kind villain, and I find him to be even better than Fat Bastard.

    Myers also cleverly planted some special appearances in that movie, and when he does, they do draw laughs.

    I will not compliment the end of this movie. While it was an unexpected plot twist, Goldmember could have done better without the scene they closed the movie with, especially since this is supposed to be the last movie of the series.

    If you watch one movie this year, watch Star Wars. If you watch two, watch the Godfather... but if you watch three, watch Braveheart... Ah, hell. We all see more than 3 movies a year. Just fit Goldmember in there somewhere!
  • The first Austin Powers film was so fresh, zany, charming, witty and unique. It took some time for many people to catch on (hence it's legendary video rental record), but it was dazzlingly, mesmerizingly adorable. The sequel came out and rather tarnished the prior film by either dumping or revising various story elements and especially by taking a turn towards the crude and vulgar. Still, it had it's share of interesting moments and laughs. In this third installment, the goodwill is almost completely gone. What remains is a hopelessly indulgent, often foul and unfunny conglomeration of "jokes" and gags, many based on bodily functions or other off-key subjects. That is not to say that the film doesn't still deliver quite a few laughs. It's just that by now, the whole enterprise seems very worn and familiar. There are several truly funny sequences in the film, but mostly it is saved only by some surprising and "right on" star cameos and the fresh appeal of Knowles. The (typically) ludicrous plot kicks off with Powers having to rescue his father (Caine) from the title character by travelling (too briefly) to 1975. Then the whole parade of series characters is involved in either starting or stopping the world's total destruction. Myers is undeniably brilliant at creating various characters and giving them each a voice of his own. He succeeds in creating these people who seem real unto themselves. Unfortunately, he also is bent on catering to what has to be a 13-year-old boy target audience with endless, endless potty jokes and gross out gags. Some of them are very amusing. Some of them are just gross. After a short while it becomes overkill. Knowles (who is certainly no "actress") comes across as very attractive and surprisingly charismatic on film. Her character is mostly decorative, but she serves the purpose very, VERY well. Her take-no-prisoners attitude is refreshing, even if she is continuously shown being kicked in the face. By now, Myers is so much the whole show that previous supporting cast members (Sterling, Green, Wagner, York) can barely get a word in. Who knows how much of their stuff was cut in the hour-plus of leftover material, but certainly plenty of Myers was left in. It's hard to imagine the lengthier cut because this one seems interminable, even with the bright spots. The opening sequence is brilliant. The character named Dixie......hilarious full name. Other creative and funny bits occur throughout, but the film can not escape it's pall of crudeness and alienating self-indulgence.
  • To be brutal, this movie is cynical. I mean, Mike Myers is a funny guy, but this constant rehash of old material (see the radar jokes, the shadow-on-the-wall, the father-son misunderstandings) is just a bit worrying and suggests Mr. Myers has run out of ideas.

    There are some classic moments in the movie, like the beginning sequence, and the shadow-on-the-wall sequence involving Mini-me, but the whole thing stinks of self-indulgence and money-making rather than originality or passion.

    I felt myself, straining to laugh throughout the 90 minutes or so I was in the cinema, and I SO wanted to love this movie as I loved the previous two installments. Mike Myers is funny, and Beyonce Knowles is surprisingly good too, but Michael Caine isn't given the right material to shine and the Osbournes cameo verges on the pointless.

    Good, but not your best effort. Austin Powers 4? No thank you
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Back in 1997 Austin Powers came out and well it did good and the box-office and in 1999 the cheesy sequel appeared out of nowhere.Then there was this travesty of a film in 2002. The original had class,it was a fresh idea about a agent from the 60's frozen only to reapper in the 90's to fight his arch nemesis.Sure they jokes were'nt hilarious but they were original and being a spoof of James Bond,it contained subtle and unsubtle references to the series.Then "The Spy who Shagged Me" came out an it was okay.Now that Mike Myers played three characters there was a few more jokes and Mini-me.Slowly the jokes became more desperate fart jokes(Although though one or two were humorous)until eventually the "Dr.Evil spaceship" came along and then I finally gave up on the film. "Goldmember" was the worst of the bunch(What with Beyonce Knowles involved)and there was even more dumb jokes one after another(Okay I did laugh at the spoof joke with Gwenyth Paltrow,Tom Cruise,etc.because that was funny).Unfortunatley it was by the time that Britney Spears appear I knew things were going to get worse(Oh where to start!) Firstly there was the whole "Daddy wasn't There crap" and suddenly theres the Fook sisters.Next was the school for secret agents which just happens to have all the main characters from the last two films oh! and whats this another time machine,an annoying guy with peeling skin(plus poor speech and constantly declaring "I'm dutch!!" a la european stereotypes).The we had to see a horrible rendition of "It's a hardknock life"(Ooh!!Isn't that Ben Savage and some cheap mole jokes),a disturbing scene in jail between Myers and Sterling(By the way the interragation scene with the subtitles,it was unnecessary for Beyonce to read them out loud),a unforgiving godzilla joke and a repeat of the "spaceship" joke mentioned earlier(Like we need The Osbournes cameo just to remind us that).Micheal Caine on the other hand plays his role very well as usual but dosn't save this excuse for a movie.Now with Seth Green as a possible villian and Demi Moore in talks I sleep more restless each night until this turkey(Please God!Just to teach them not to make more sequels)is out in the cinema.
  • Mike Myers returns for the third installment of his "Austin Powers" franchise. In "Goldmember," he comes full circle with the histories of Austin and Dr. Evil. Myers again plays shagadelic secret agent Austin Powers, his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil and horrible henchman Fat Bastard, and now also a new bad guy, the Dutch hedonist Goldmember. I found this movie hilarious and outrageous! It had a lot of crude humor, like Austin hiding behind Mr. Roboto's fountain. But there was also a good amount of self-parody. The best scenes included Dr. Evil's prison rap video, and the suggestive subtitles in Mr. Roboto's office. The several cameos were also enjoyable, especially Ozzy Osbourne pointing out the joke carried over from "The Spy Who Shagged Me." The scene with Godzilla and its copyright was a relevant joke, considering the MPAA's temporary ban on the use of the title "Goldmember." I did have a complaint about the continuity. The difference in Austin Powers' trademark "choppers" was noticeable. And although I'd have liked an explanation for the absence of Felicity Shagwell, I'm glad she was not revealed in the movie as a fembot! Anyway, with this third installment, Austin Powers goes out with a bang!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay so this film has been reviewed at the cinema already, so I'll save the story details. I won't even mention the great opening sequence or the truly hilarious turn by Sir Michael Caine. Although both are highlights of the film.

    Lets just get straight to the DVD. And what a great DVD it is. I wasn't the biggest fan of the film, but history has taught me that the Austin Powers DVD's are always a top buy.

    Take for instance the special features. The deleted scenes, as with the second Austin powers DVD, shine through and present a series of cut sequences and gags which are, quite frankly, funnier than 90% of the scenes in the films. It's odd but these collections of gags seem almost to work better by themselves and show how strong, when stripped down and without the need for a story, Myers creations are.

    On top of that, after the almost 15 mins of deleted scenes, is a very funny selection of outtakes, showcasing Myers talents at their best (Dr Evil/Austin Powers) and worse (Fat Bastard/Goldmember). Simply hilarious.

    The rest of the DVD – documentaries, scene break downs and music videos are good also and prove how much the medium of DVD can shine when time and effort are taken with it.

    If your not a fan there's little here that will convince you otherwise, but Austin Powers fans will rejoice in this DVD. It the words of the man himself "Yeah, Baby, Yeah!"
  • If you howled (as I did) at THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, stick in the DVD and watch it again. The experience will be far better than seeing this "new" film made up of old gags. The theory seems to be that if several poopoo, teetee and fart jokes were funny, then ten times more of them will be ten times funnier. Uh-uh: it works in inverse proportion. The sole laugh-out-loud I had from this film was a piece of stock footage of a chimp falling out of a tree. The jokes telegraph themselves from miles away, the dialogue is horrible, and the plot...wait, what plot? On paper it would seem like a brainstorming session that no one bothered to write a first draft of. The shadow bit from SHAGGED ME is repeated, as is the bit with Dr. Evil's space ship/satellite/whatever being misidentified as giant body parts, and lots of other bits are rehashed as well. How in God's name is this getting the reviews it's been getting? Has our sense of humor sunk to such a dreadfully low level that we chortle at lists of euphemisms for male genitalia? To their credit, the audience I was with didn't laugh much either. Maybe you can't fool all of the people all of the time. I'd love to see word of mouth kill this puppy in the coming weeks. Ooo. Bad. So very very bad.
  • I was a late comer to the whole Austin Powers craze. I passed on seeing the first two after seeing the trailers for them, I automatically figured they'd be dumber than dumb. I only saw this movie because 12 hour work shifts get really long and we have a t.v. here at work... so what are you gonna do??

    This movie was hilarious. I was never really impressed with Mike Myers from his Wayne's World lore, but he certainly impressed me in Goldmember. The irony of it all is that the funniest things about this movie were the characters Mike Myers played besides Austin Powers. Austin Powers was humorous and had his place, but Fat Bastard, Dr. Evil, and Goldmember were a riot. This movie was a great mix of subtle humor and in your face comedy. This movie propelled me to see the prior two, but I don't think they were as funny.

    Goldmember was excellent, and definitely a top comedy in my book.
  • That no one but Mike Meyers could pull off the role of Austin Powers is made amusingly clear in the opening scene, which must be seen to be appreciated. To those who have cringed through one or more of the James Bond films, finding them obnoxiously sexist, chauvinistic and crass, the Powers films are deliciously over-the-top burlesques of that genre, even if some of the gags are relentlessly sophomoric. Scatological humor is pervasive, especially of the soiled underwear, urinating and farting variety. In one of the latter the character adds the comment, "Even stink would say that stinks," and in another case, focusing on a bare behind, we get the tired old yawn, "I always thought you were crazy but now I can see your nuts." Note that is "your" and not "you're," and juvenile puns of that form do tend to blemish the script at times. Even so, most of the pranks are original, and it's a mindlessly fun film to watch. Meyers is a comedic wizard, and he is supported at every turn by an outstanding cast.
  • akumatatsu6111 January 2003
    This film offered contrived cheap laugh after contrived cheap laugh. This often ridiculously badly written movie had me literally fast-forwarding what felt like about every ten or fifteen minutes, just to escape the stream of bad dialogue and really embarrassing songs. I will admit that there are a few funny scenes, especially involving "Mini-Me", but they really couldn't slow this movie's descent into terminal velocity right into the recycle bin.
  • Goldmember is an outrageously average film, with poor jokes, poor writing and dreadful product placement. Lets face facts, the Austin Powers movies have been average, they ain't no laugh riot. The great thing about the Spy Who Shagged Me was of course, the introduction of Mini-Me. So what could be funnier, than to have this character be hit, fall over and generally be funny to look at. Beyonce Knowles suffers from a dreadful script in which she utters 'sugar' at every given opportunity to prove that she is from the '70s. Goldmember and Fat Bastard are dreadful characters, and the scenes with the 'mole' are extremely painful to watch. As for Dr. Evil and Powers, same old jokes apply of course. Just seems to me the Mike Myers has run out of ideas, and by adding a new character for him to play as the cameos do not hide that this a poor film. Austin Powers fans will love it i'm sure, but this is franchise too many. I'll be interested where Myers goes after this.
  • Dru_J8 December 2002
    This has got to be the funniest Austin Powers film, if not the best comedy there is. Now it may not suit everybody's taste but just so long as you don't watch it expecting a plot or story that flows, you will have one hell of a laugh! All the old gags are present and they STILL seem to work! Beyonce Knowles is extremely Foxy and the cameos from the likes of Steven Spielberg and Britney Spears are worth every penny. Honestly, watch this film if you love Austin Powers as there is plenty of energy left in the franchise and hopefully enough to keep it going many more years.

    The only downside to the film is that you can't remember every classic scene and every joke. Still, a good excuse to watch it again!
  • filmreviewerguy19 May 2011
    A horrible mix of bad acting, unfunny jokes, a plot that makes the Mario Bros. Movie look like Citizen Kane and some of the rudest and most pointless scenes ever. I saw this movie expecting something funny that would spoof the excellent Bond series but what I got was more how I imagine an adult film to be. You wouldn't know it was supposed to spoof James Bond as nothing Bond-like is present. The characters are boring and remarkable but not in a good way. The jokes are corny and are just vulgar. If you haven't already been cursed by its awfulness then skip this movie at all costs.

    I recommend this movie to someone that enjoys stuffing their face and then going on fairground rides a million times eventually being sick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've said this before, and I'll type it again: only see this Austin Powers sequel once.

    While Austin Powers in Goldmember has its moments, such as the terrific opening credit scene (the best so far,) they are so few and far between making some of this movie's unbearable.

    I didn't heed to my own warning, and this is the second time I've seen it. But, then, I don't like to write reviews on movies I haven't seen in awhile. This one being almost 7½ years.

    This time out, I got tricked. After being somewhat disappointed in Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me – comparatively speaking to the brilliant Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, I was pumped up after the now-established opening dance scene. And I thought this would bring the series back on track. Unfortunately, it only goes straight downhill after that.

    Austin captures Dr. Evil immediately in this chapter, but learns through a Hannibal Lecter/Magneto meeting that another Mike Myers's creation, Goldmember, is on the loose to cause havoc. Austin must race, literally, back in time, this time in the 1970's, to thwart Goldmember's plans. Back to the year 2002 he goes and everyone's where they're supposed to be situated to make an Austin Powers movie.

    A few things have changed: Austin's dad (Caine) plays an important role, Scott becomes more evil while the always-scene-stealer Mini-Me loses some and more history of Austin and Dr. Evil's past is revealed.

    Sure, the movie has its moments. Some parts I did laugh out loud. But for the most part, it was definitely getting stale, the jokes recycled and the newest, uh, member, Goldmember ,was unbearable to watch. Yeah, I know a lot of humor is gross-out jokes, but when he eats his skin (sorry, I never caught that spoof/reference) it's beyond nasty.

    Again, it's worth maybe one viewing, but I have to almost say skip this one and pray, if they make a part IV, they'll attempt to reboot the series back to its hilarious roots. At least come up with some new jokes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I enjoyed the first two Austin Powers films. The satire and ridiculousness of them really set the tone.

    However, this film takes a major step back, recycling the same jokes from the previous films and going overboard. They bring in Michael Caine as Austin's father, who I feel is completely wasted in the role. He is so much better than this. They also bring in Beyoncé as the token female companion as well as a tonne of A-listers in brief cameos. I tell ya, the pay must have been good.

    I rewatched this film again recently. I didn't laugh once. Myers' technique of trying to overplay his already established jokes while hamming it up to 11 really backfires here and it kinda made me cringe, to be perfectly honest. Also Myers takes the role of ANOTHER supporting character bringing his character roster in this series up to four. Goldmember, a Dutch crook with the love of gold, is possibly one of the most unnecessary characters in the film, which is ironic because the film is named after him. It just gives Myers an excuse to have a go at a pathetic Dutch accent.

    There was really no point for this film to be made, apart from Myers to expand his ego. The humour really wears thin and you kinda wish the film would end sooner, which is never a good sign. They did the parody well in the first two films but this film is a clear indication that they should have just left it at two.
  • Some reviewers on the Internet have said that the opening scene of Goldmember is absolutely hilarious and likely the best part of the movie. From then on, they said, the film's jokes hit home less and less.

    The audience was silent through the opening scene of Goldmember when I saw it. They remained silent for the rest of the film. Those reviewers on the Internet were partially correct. The film did go downhill from the start, but the start was terribly unfunny itself. I liked the first film and the second was mediocre. What is good about the third one, Goldmember? The new female role is played well unlike the previous film. Verne Troyer gives a strong performance...well that's about it. The actor playing Austin's dad is great, but he's given nothing. As other reviewers have said, it was a mistake to make him exactly like Austin (just older). The humor has sunk to lower levels than before with NO intelligence to it. Sometimes films can make that work (Naked Gun and the like). Not this one. They reuse jokes from previous Austin Powers. That would be fine if they were still funny. They aren't anymore. It's now like a Saturday Night Live skit that needs to die. I could say more about this abysmal wreck of a film, including it's ridiculous ending, but it isn't worth giving a point by point critique.
  • Goldmember isnt as good as the other 2 Austin Powers films. The jokes seem very strained, and apart from a few funny bits, especially a piece in the doctors office, the film never entertains as often as the others. The Goldmember character just doesnt work, Austin Powers himself seems to be struggling badly for any new gags leaving the still brilliant Dr Evil and Mini Me to offer the only funny parts. Although the plot was never the biggest part of these films, Mike Myers seems to have hit a complete dead end. Michael Caine isnt funny, Beyonce does her best in a part that allows little opportunity to be funny. The Fat Bastard character should have been left out, and the name dropping and product placement is way over the top. The opening scene contains a number of famous people such as Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey and Britney Spears but the musical opening just doesnt work. I thought the film was poor. The jokes have ran dry. Mike Myers needs to move on because he is better than trying out old jokes again.
  • dirtyjon6 August 2002
    This was a total waste of $5.50. They are grabbing at straws now and can't come up with jokes or story lines. Not that I even enjoyed the first two. But everything you hated from the first ones is magnified. I know this is just popcorn fodder and mindless teenager BS but the bottom line is it's not funny. I almost fell asleep. Mr. Myers, it's time to move on. So I Married An Axe Murderer was great.
  • trexrext29 July 2002
    It's hard to believe how low taste in what passes for "funny" has sunk. Is everyone 8 years old? Is that why these Austin Powers movies are so popular?

    Mindy Sterling is the only good part of the entire movie and she's not in enough scenes. Where are The Three Stooges when we need them?
  • Are you kidding me? I actually walked out of this trash heap. This has to be one the dumbest, pointless, and most intellectually insulting movies ever made for the money and hype put into it. The real problem with a "comedy" like this is that the humour has no value, it just isn't funny. Mike Myers style is offbeat and random, which works when it has a good basis as it did with the James Bond nods in previous incarnations. The basis for this was low grade Howard Stern toilet jokes, one after another, nothing else. His "Goldmember" character was just.....odd. Not funny, not even interesting, just bewildering. I really believe the target audience for this one is composed solely of uncultured morons. It's really a shame because the first two Austin Powers flicks had a least some intellectual credibility to them. Myers has proved before that he can take something silly and obscure and make it appealing. This has no appeal. None. This is all about let's be as disgusting and stupid as possible and expect that everyone will love it because it's Austin Powers. And for that this film is immensely impressed with itself. A real let down. Save your money.

    Absolute crap.
  • with the second Austin Powers film. Say you have $10 and you're trying to decide whether you should go see this movie or buy a quart of cheap Scotch. My advice? Buy the Scotch; at least when the Scotch is gone you'll be drunk and the next morning you won't remember anything.

    Avoid this, and any Austin Powers move you get near, and you'll be fine.

    (Note: this is in now way an advocacy for the abuse of alcohol and should be take as purely illustrative of how bad this movie was.)
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