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    By accident I ran across this Polish film and I enjoyed it. The story of the movie is quite original and contains rough edges, like real life seems to have.

    As there doesn't seem to be much information on this site available on this movie, I'll try to describe the 5 first minutes of the film. A boy accidently causes a car incident that leaves a little girl orphan. About 18 years later they meet again at a disco.

    Don't expect a high budget spectacle, it's a low budget film with pretty views of Polish landscapes and a decent storyline. The movie is filmed in the perspective of a third person that is present on some of the key moments but not all knowing in every little detail. A clever little movie with good leading roles by Kinga Preis as Mimi and Bartosz Opania as Szymon.

    Some people won't like this movie because it's quite sentimental and emotional or the problem of not knowing every little detail (a perspective that isn't used often in American films who dominate the cinemas). For those who don't mind seeing films like that, it's worth watching.