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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched this movie for the first time and decided to check out what others thought. I was SOMEWHAT surprised by the 5.3 user rating (what it is at the time I'm writing this), but I was even more surprised by the number of awful reviews people have written for it! Seriously, at least half of them on here are ones saying it is "the worst movie" or some nonsense like that. That is highly untrue. Granted, as with almost every other romantic comedy bar a select few, the plot of this movie isn't the most original ever written. However, this movie is quite fun and entertaining. It was silly and cute, and made me laugh a lot. The acting is all pretty decent, and Jason Lee does an excellent job in his role. I'm not saying this is the best movie ever invented, but it was definitely a fun, cute, funny and entertaining movie that I would recommend to anyone in need of an hour and forty minutes of entertainment. The only thing I hate about the plot (and other movies like this) is that the innocent fiance gets mildly screwed over. I hate when that happens in movies. Poor girl. Haha, anyway, rent this movie for a laugh and a fun time. Enjoy! 6.5/10, 7/10 maybe
  • Paul Coleman is a week away from marrying Karen when he wakes up next to a dancer he met at his stag do. He quickly ushers her out of the flat and hopes never to see her again. Sadly it is a matter of hours before he is introduced to her again as Karen's cousin Becky. Paul tries to make it to his wedding day without Karen finding out – an aim that is made more difficult by Becky's crazy ex-boyfriend, overzealous police and the complex web of lies Paul spins to cover himself.

    On paper this film sounds awful and indeed almost every second of it is teetering on the edge of being an awful romantic comedy that goes just where you expect it to. The plot is simply daft – one contrived set piece after another that is increasingly stretched as the film goes on. It ends in just the way you know it will (despite how much I hoped it wouldn't or failed to see how it could) and it will infuriate many in regards just how silly it is.

    However it is funny enough to cover the cracks. Much of the humour is instantly recognisable and made up of well known routines (Paul climbing out of the bathroom window) or physical comedy (some pratfalls along the way). Happily there is plenty of slightly off the wall humour that, although not new, is quite good. An example would be the `fantasy sequences' but my favourite bit is Paul sweet memories of a male dance teacher. The whole thing is very silly and you should prepare yourself for that, but it does just about have enough silly laughs to keep it going.

    For me the number one reason I enjoyed this film was the performance of Jason Lee. At no point does he suggest that this is a serious film, in fact many times a silly scene was saved by the `what the f is going on' look on his face – a hint to us that he is in the film and he can't believe what's happening, so the audience should go with him. For the rest of the time he lends himself really easily to the type of humour and is able to raise the material a bit. He is a good lead here and keeps bits of his `Brody' from Mallrats to good effect. Stiles is awful in my opinion. She doesn't really act and seems to be trying too hard to do `kooky' – it doesn't work. She has so little screentime that I found it very hard to accept that Paul would get anything from her. Blair has a thankless role and she doesn't quite carry it off – like Stiles I felt that she was trying too hard and almost came across as a caricature. Maybe they were both led by Lee's knowing performance and responded in a bad way. Larry Miller is quite funny (but predictable) as the minister next door and Brolin is a surprising find as the father in law.

    Overall this is a very silly film, based on one daft scene after another that leads to a predictable ending that simply doesn't make sense even using the logic of this type of film. However it is funny and a great performance by Jason Lee makes it more enjoyable than it probably should be.
  • I happened to watch this movie by chance some days ago while flipping channels. My expectations were not very high but it was an interesting movie.In 'A Guy Thing', Jason Lee plays Paul, a straight-laced, Seattle-based fellow who is about to marry his fiancée Karen (Selma Blair) and settle down to an unchallenging life of middle-class domesticity. We first meet Paul at his bachelor party, where he professes no desire to engage in any of the normal bachelor party type activities his (surprisingly few) buddies encourage, in case he's a bit naughty and gets into hot bother with his soon to be trouble and strife. Of course, the next thing Paul knows, it's the morning after the night before, he's in bed with a naked hula dancer, and his mother-in-law phones to inform him that Karen is on her way over. Oh, and the hula dancer is Karen's cousin Becky (Julia Stiles).

    From this small acorn of potential trouble grows a mighty oak of frenetic misfortune, as Paul scrabbles from misadventure to misadventure, trying to cover up what he's done whilst keeping up the appearance of being a dutiful, family-oriented good guy, who's super-excited about his forthcoming nuptials. His efforts to ensure Karen remains none the wiser about any potential wrong-doing on his part ironically forces Paul closer and closer to the fun-loving Becky, forcing him to question whether he really wants the life that seems to have been mapped out for him. The movie contains the right mix of comedy and romance. Definitely worth a watch.
  • There were times when this movie was absolutely hilarious. Even if most of the funniest lines and situations involved toilets, STDs, or pornography. I don't recommend this for kids.

    Paul didn't remind me of Earl Hickey that much of the time, but sometimes his manner of speaking was similar. Paul wasn't that great a character, but he was likable enough.

    I didn't care for Karen. She wasn't pretty and had an abrasive personality, and then there was that annoying fake smile. Though on the right woman, her haircut could have been cute.

    Becky, on the other hand, was absolutely adorable. Good-looking with a sweet personality, even if she could get riled when she had to. In the first scene where she showed she had a brain, she was justified in not being the cute chick. I knew what I wanted to happen.

    There were plenty of good acting performances, considering the material. And while the writing wasn't on an Oscar level, that's not necessary here. It just needed to be funny, which it often was.

    I had a bad day--in fact, a bad week--prior to the night this movie aired. But the movie made me feel good, at least while I was watching it. That's the most important thing I can say.
  • A Guy Thing was very funny, not intellectual humor, but just simple, fun humor. Jason Lee is hilarious as always and needs to keep searching for that role that is gonna make him a huge name. Julia Stiles is the definition of cute, anything that stars her is bound to do well. I was most impressed with Selma Blair, she has had many roles over the last few years, and she is a very talented actress and needs to go after some bigger lead roles; she has great potential. The story for A Guy Thing is very predictable (if you saw the trailer, you know the movie already,) but go see it for laughs, it really is a good time:)
  • Maybe this is every man's dream? To have a one night drunken fling with your fiancé's cousin? Or so you think. Turns out, it becomes a headache to keep it concealed for long.

    Enter panties left at the scene of the crime and everything just snowballs. From enraged police officers to wearing a wire for the FBI to bust such an officer, the movie takes one problem and turns it into multiple ones for the main character.

    Like many 90s films of this genre, however, this one also has a happy ending. Sort of. But this one is unique that it has two love triangles in one. But I guess I am happy everybody else was happy.

    Overall, the laughs were fairly good. So if you have a little time to kill, this will do the trick. "C+"
  • When it comes to mainstream romantic comedies, I try to avoid them as much as I can, but sometimes they are done so well, or dumb that they deserve a viewing. This is the case with the A Guy Thing (I guess it would be called Bro Thing nowadays) directed by Chris Koch ( Scrubs, My Name Is Earl, Snow Day) and starring Jason Lee and Julia Stiles. At its core this is a classic love story where guy realizes that he loves someone else and that besides her he can be himself (wait 'till you start living together and we'll see how that turns out for ya), but there are enough gags and jokes to keep things interesting. Granted there isn't enough R-rated humor or nudity but still Jason Lee makes any movie work. And the fact that they didn't resort to any tricks or overly sappy scenes only works to their benefit.

    Paul is getting married and we meet up with him on his bachelor party where he's quite bored and in love with his future wife. Even when the exotic dancers show up he doesn't seem excited, but he will be when he wakes up the next morning with one of them in his bed. Dazed and confused he chucks her out of the apartment since his future wife is arriving in a few minutes, and he's not in the mood for threesome. Thinking that that's that he carries on with his life trying to forget the whole thing but he keeps bumping into that girl. But what is really gonna rock his world is when he finds out that she is Karen's very close cousin and that she's attending the wedding…

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  • I somewhat enjoy this film. Though the story is very unoriginal and what you called very predictable movie. Maybe because of its lightness and charming cast that actually saves this movie.

    Anyway, there's nothing that you didn't know about the movie or how it is going to end since it is a typical romantic movie but overall this movie can actually make you watch it to the end with its cast of charming Julia Stiles and Selma Blair.

    Overall this is just another feel good movie that actually make you feel good, as least for the first viewing and that will disappear from your head the coming week.

    Rating: 5/10 (Grade: C-)
  • Warning: Spoilers

    There were many parts in this film that made me laugh, that i didnt expect to be in this movie. One specific part was the crabs, the whole situation, from the store to the presentation in his office were extremly funny. Also i found the preacher during the wedding to be a hilarious part. The only thing that knocked down the movie for me was the amount of predictability that it possessed at the end of the movie. It was known that Julia Stiles would marry Paul, and that Pauls brother would marry Pauls Fiancee. Other than that this movie was fun for an hour and 40 minutes.
  • Typical chick flick that should be enjoyed only by teens. There is not much to comment about this effort that could easily pass as a b-movie effort.

    The plot tries to be different from some other efforts of it's time but to be honest I didn't think it was a genre definer or a movie that should be kept in order to show it to anyone else!.

    The acting by Julia Stiles is wooden but it helps that she's pretty. Selma Blair is sexy as always but her character didn't help that much. Jason Lee always works for these kind of movies but the plot didn't help him either.

    So there you go, this is a mildly-entertaining, not clever or witty, but "ok-time killer" for those who enjoy regular almost mediocre romantic comedies.

    Watch it only if it airs on cable. I did that! I didn't spend a single dollar on it and I'm proud about it.
  • Can Jason Lee ever make a movie and be bad in it? I love him. He is one of the most talented actors out there today and I think he should receive so much more credit for his work than he does. Julia Stiles is clever in the movie and better than she was in some of the other roles she's received lately but, no one compares to Selma Blair in the film. She's by far and away the best character and actor in the movie. She is such a talent and as much as I love Lee, she in some ways surpasses him this film.

    Basic Plot: What would you do if the morning after your bachelor party, you woke up with a cute blond in your bed, and she's not your fiance? Well, if you were Jason Lee's character, you would probably hide her underwear that she left in your apartment in the toilet bowel, right before your fiance comes over that morning.

    This is just one of the few misfortunes, Lee runs into in the film. Full of chaos and one wrong lie and mistake after the other, he falls into something much deeper than he had anticipated, possibly even love...

    A great film, and really funny. One of the few comedies that you're willing to watch again only a little while after you've seen it.

    I give it a 7 out of 10. Not the funniest, but better than a lot of the crud that's out there right now.

    And that's my review.
  • In my opinion, A GUY THING is a hilarious, witty, sexy, romantic, and totally beautiful chick flick that guys will also enjoy. I thought that Jason Lee and Julia Stiles dazzled as a bewildered groom-to-be and his soon-to-be sexy cousin-in-law. If you ask me, they lit up the screen like magic. You can also feel their chemistry between them. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that the performances were top grade, the direction was flawless, the production design was nice, the casting was perfect, and the costumes were perfectly designed. In conclusion, to anyone who's a fan of Jason Lee or Julia Stiles, I recommend this movie. You're in for lots of laughs and thrills, so, go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
  • A GUY THING is one of those rare romantic comedies that is romantic and cute without being overly sappy. At the same time, it manages to provide every scene with the kind great lines and witty humor that just aren't found in very many movies these days. Despite the mediocre trailer, every scene of this movie is absolutely hilarious [and judging by the amount of laughter in the audience, I'm not the only one that thinks so]. Even though the plot may be predictable and the movie starts off a little slow, but overall it's still a great movie that will hopefully be successful at the box office. However, box office success doesn't seem likely for this film because let's face it, movies released in January are only in theaters for a few weeks. And although it is only January, A GUY THING is going to end up on my list of the best movies of 2003 at the end of the year. Highly recommended.
  • Despite what many IMDB users think, I actually had quite a lot of laughs watching this movie. It's about this man, Paul, (Jason Lee) who's going to marry Karen (Selma Blair) but somehow, after his bachelor party, he wakes up next to Karen's cousin Becky (Julia Stiles). The audience never really knows whether or not Paul and Becky had sex but throughout the movie, Paul is just telling lie after lie after lie. I found it hilarious when Paul starts to foresee what he thinks will happen if he were to reveal the truth. This is a movie guys should watch because exactly how Paul reacts to the whole thing with Becky may be the same way in real life how some men would react. I love the way Paul tried to hide from Becky at the dinner I believe it was. Julia Stiles can do anything, she can do drama and she can do comedy, I love Julia, I think she's got a lot of talent. The highlight of this movie is all of Paul's antics and lies, reminded me of men and their overwhelmingly strange behavioural patterns towards women. Regardless of if the movie did or did not do well at the Box Office, it still has those humurous moments that kept me interested and laughing hella hard of course. Rating 7.5/10.
  • ctomvelu17 September 2010
    A much as I like Jason Lee,this is a brain-dead, incredibly derivative date movie that has been done dozens of times before. I really wonder who goes to see these things. Lee plays his usual hapless schmo who wakes up to find a naked blonde (Stiles) in his bed on the morning after his bachelor party. His fiancée (Blair) is on the way over to his apartment at that very moment, f course. I suspect you do not need to have me say anything more about the plot. The moment we see Stiles and Blair, we know where this is going. The lowest of low points in this bogus comedy is when Lee tries to explain away Stiles' panties, which Blair finds in his toilet tank. As he haltingly tells her that he bought them for her, she buys his explanation, and at that point, I wanted to crawl under my couch and die. The wedding finale is similarly cringe-inducing. Blair, a decent-enough actress, is such a pretty young thing to be wasted in such dreck. But then again, it's a paycheck. This is assembly-line movie-making that Hollywood should have given up making long ago. It's not even up to modern TV sitcom standards. I suspect the script was throw together by a roomful of monkeys taking turns typing on an old typewriter.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A Guy Thing is a very… Interesting movie. Although it has a great plot, there is something lacking. This could be the cheesy music used at inappropriate times or the 'comic' imaginary sequences. If you did end up watching this movie out of curiosity, interest or boredom then you will find this and uplifting comedy. On the other hand you might just find that watching it was a waste of time. However it does have the basis of a great movie, there's a good cast and a fairly decent ending. But be warned you need to have an open mind when watching this movie, especially if you are expecting a life changing comedy, because you might end up being disappointed. Also be warned some of the comedy is crude and lacks in morals, but this is one of the highlights of the movie, so ensure you turn your sense of humor on.
  • A young man named Paul (Jason Lee) is on the verge of marriage. At his bachelor party he meets a dancing "tiki girl" named Becky (Julia Stiles) as part of the hooting and hollering bedlam. Romantic complications ensue.

    Set in Seattle, the film does have a few things going for it. Both Jason Lee and Julia Stiles give nice performances. Both the film editing and the color cinematography are professionally well done. There are some funny lines of dialogue. And I liked the sequence that has a band playing "Born Free"; what's amusing here is that the song is so humorously out of place.

    But the film's concept is not exactly original; and the ending is predictable. The plot moves along rather weakly, owing to contrived coincidences and to Paul's far-fetched lies. Most of the characters are highly animated, but also stereotyped. The Jim character, for example, is your typical college-aged frat rat; he mutters dialogue that is mostly banal, like: "Paul, listen to me ... we're men; we're hunters; it's encrypted in our DNA code; you gotta accept that, buddy".

    Despite a weak script, "A Guy Thing" is not bad, especially if you want a movie that does not require heavy-duty thinking. The story lacks both subtlety and thematic depth; what you see and hear is what you get. But that's not unusual for a romantic comedy. As such, the film could be summarized as mildly entertaining cinematic fluff.
  • I think Jason Lee has huge potential, but this was the WRONG vehicle in which to attempt to break out as a star. The plot is awful, the comedy is awful. I laughed twice, I think for relief, because in retrospect, they were fairly lame jokes. I found myself scared for the future of Fletch, and had to console myself that it was the film that was flawed, not Lee.

    Julia Stiles and Selma Blair are hot, but I recommend looking at the still photos on this website to figure that out, instead of this film. Save your time. 1 star.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With a decent cast, there should be something in this movie, but no, it fails to make the most of almost every situation. the jokes are few and far between, and most of the time you ask yourself - I should be laughing at this, but I am not. A remake of 'There's Something About Mary' is what is being attempted in tenor and style, but it just keeps failing. Jason Lee from TV can forget the big screen (it has certainly not let him back again since this was made!), while Julia Stiles and Selma Blair are going through the motions well enough as repeats of their characters from 'Ten Things..' and 'Legally Blonde.' But where was the snap and dazzle to make the most of the situation and characters - I mean how do you make mediocre when a groom wakes up with a strange girl in his bed after his bachelor party? probably most of it lies with Jason Lee, who is not Jack Lemmon or Michael J Fox, who fails to do anything with the farcical proceedings on screen. OTT comedy at times mixed with RomCom and it falls between both stools. Dire at times, but it drifts along!!!
  • mikecolucci1 June 2003
    The only redemption was the small part by Larry Miller. It seemed that the movie was trying too hard to be "Something About Mary," but I didn't even like that movie and it still fell short of those standards. The actor who plays Paul was great, but Selma Blair is stuck in the stupidity of her Cruel Intentions character. James Brolin was great, but Paul's father seemed like he was trying too hard to be the Randy Quaid character from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies.
  • What a terrible, TERRIBLE, film! One of the worst movies I have seen in my life. I usually love movies like this, the whole "A guy meets an eccentric woman who he likes, but he happens to already be involved with someone, who not right for him....". I expected something predictable and I didn't mind. The movies are always entertaining mixing the right amount of romance with comedy, but not this one! Every single joke falls flat and the "romance" makes me want to vomit. The title character is one of the most "please kill me" characters that I have ever witnessed on my television, the "eccentric woman" isn't very eccentric, more like quirky and annoying. The "other someone" is the most reasonable, mature person in this film but also happens to be just as annoying. This films flat out sucks, there's no way around it, don't waste your time.
  • theshorty5910 January 2006
    i hated it!! it was one of the worst chick flicks i have ever seen! it was degrading and awful!! i just absolutely, positively and in all other ways......hated it!! why can't movie makers make some good chick flicks? sorry to rattle on like this....i'm trying to use up some space... anyways....i rated i 1(awful), because thats what it was!! AWFUL!!! it was very how bout them red sox?? lol just kidding....anyways the best chick flick i have probably ever seen with Julia stiles in it is 10 things i hate about you.....heath ledger is so hot.......ooh i also liked save the last dance....and i LOVED the Bourne identity and the Bourne supremacy.....anyways....bye bye
  • chubbylove2 April 2007
    This was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen… I don't really know why… Just your run-of-the-mill stories about guy who is about to get married, and starts to fancy someone else instead. Story has been told a thousand times. Nothing new or innovative about it at all.

    I don't really know what was wrong with this film. Most of the time when these kinds of actors/actresses get together to make a film that have already been made a million times before, it's really entertaining. There are usually little clever thing in them that aren't really in any other. For some reason, this one just doesn't hold your attention. You can pick out some funny parts, or clever ideas in it, but for some reason they're just not funny, nor clever in any way… I wish I new how to explain it, but I don't… Just don't waste your time on this one
  • I never thought I see a movie worse than "Lisa Picard Is Famous", but this came pretty close. As repeated often throughout the comments, it was predictable; five minutes into the movie you know it will be a stranded at the alter outcome. This movie painfully references/rips off everything from "Something about Mary" to "Revenge of the Pink Panther". Writer Greg Glienna (Meet the Parents) needs some new material.

    The only twist is the deranged boyfriend/police officer pursued by internal affairs, but even that opportunity is wasted. Lots of setting shots of the Seattle Space Needle necessary to disguise the obvious Canadian shooting locale. Some of the worst driving in the car scenes with almost no effort to disguise the fact that the car is being pulled through town on a trailer. Geez, at least turn the wheel or put the brakes on once in a while. Selma Blair is inert and the short haircut a crime. $3M to Jason Lee, for what? Guess it beats skateboarding!

    So here's who should see this movie: Bee Gees fans who want to hear two actors sing 'Islands in the Stream' badly; People who can't get enough of Julia Stiles. 1/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this movie had absolutely no moral. I mean, how would you feel if your fiancé left you on your wedding day for your cousin??? I would be heartbroken!! It's classified as a comedy but I didn't find it funny at all. I thought it just mostly found cheap laughs and took them. I normally love Julie Stiles movies, but this is an exception. Jason Lee stars in another disgraceful show, which once again proves that class and decent morals are not relevant in todays society. It had a complete lack of taste and I despise movies like this. I understand that people will defend this movie and it's morals because it is 'Just a movie', but I still stand by my mark that this bad behaviour shouldn't be allowed on screen. I'm not trying to say that if you enjoyed this movie, you are a bad person, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and parts of this movie were enjoyable, I'm just saying that in real life, people acting like the characters in this film were doing is shameful.
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