When the four are running from the cabin after awakening the mountain men, Desmond Harrington broke his right ankle after landing on the opposite side of a log. This made it very difficult to shoot some of the scenes after his left leg is "shot" and he has to limp on his right leg.

Emmanuelle Chriqui dislocated her shoulder performing her fall through the trees. You can hear her shoulder pop on the production track in the theatrical sound mix.

Several of the cast and crew were covered in poison ivy throughout the filming of the movie, this was due to the chairs being placed in what was first thought to be a group of weeds only later to be discovered as a patch of the rash causing plants.

Eliza Dushku did a lot of her own stunts for the movie.

The only film in the series that does not contain any sex or nudity.

The female lead character, Jessie Burlingame, was named after the heroine in Stephen King's novel, "Gerald's Game".

Years earlier before Wrong Turn (2003) was made cult horror director John Carpenter and another writer James Nichols wrote unproduced horror thriller script titled Prey which had plot that was very similar to both Wrong Turn (2003) and The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007). Carpenter described his Prey script as mix of Deliverance (1972) and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). The main characters of the script were three young women who go on a trip through the woods in order to get to some mountain but then they are captured by inbred family living in the woods, and the father of the family wants to use the women as breeders. At one point in the story of the script the last surviving woman escapes from the inbred family and just like in this movie the family members start hunting after her through the woods but end up being killed by her during the hunt and father of the family getting captured and put in jail.

The promotion for this film was minimal due to the MPAA deeming the majority of TV Spots and Trailers "Too Intense" for the viewers. Even the commercials that were aired were heavily trimmed.

As written in the original script, the characters were in their late 20s. However, they were made younger in order for the film to appeal to younger audiences.

Despite only being credited for his producing, Make-up master Stan Winston was pivotal in the key design of the Mountain Men, in particular now post-modern horror icon Three-Finger. This marks the second last major horror film he has been involved before his death in 2008 at age 62 and the third slasher horror film he had been involved in following uncredited work in Friday The 13th Part II and III, the latter of which he had been a core designer on the original hockey mask of also horror icon Jason Voorhees and the respective mongoloid appearence of Jason for those two parts.

Throughout the film, Eliza Dushku is wearing a White shirt with the Albanian two-headed eagle emblem.

Chris's car was a 1967 Ford Mustang.

Kevin Zegers and Lindy Booth appeared together again in Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Into pre-production when McElroy had decided to drop the idea of Chris Flynn's victim company being late twenties adults in order to attract the Teenage Slasher Horror crowd he set Jesse Burlingame, her best friend Carly and other friends to the age of 19, setting them as college teenagers still in their freshmen year of higher education. The decision came about when referring to the scripted opening of the film in which rock climbing college teenage couple Halley and Rich are subsequently killed by the Mountain Men.

Saw-Tooth, One-Eye, and Three-Fingers pickup truck is a 1948 Dodge B-Series.

Francine's mom's car was a 1989 Land-Rover Range Rover Series I.

Was released the same year that Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) ended which also started Eliza Dushku as Faith a vampire Slayer.

Unlike the sequels, this first movie doesn't have any nudity. There were attempts to include some nude and sex scenes typical for the genre, when writers like Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and others were working on different versions of the scripts. For example, opening was changed and had Rich and Halley bathing nude in river before being killed while having sex on land, Francine and Evan having sex in woods and not near their crashed cars, Jessie's clothes being torn off from her while she's tied to the bed, and more similar scenes which weren't kept at all in the film.

During one of the last scenes in the movie, Eliza Dushku actually set actor Julian Richings (Three Finger) on fire.

BODY COUNT: 10 (Rich Stoker, Halley Smith, Evan, Francine, Scott, Carly, State Trooper, One Eye, Saw Tooth, Deputy)