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  • The English Title of this movie is Reign: The Conqueror

    Reign: the Conqeror would have to be the most interesting take I have ever seen on this Historical Figure.

    Like Berserk, each episode starts with a voice over introducing the "philosophy" behind that episode and it also has a great Theme song and Score composed by Techno legend Dj Milky.

    The creators of Reign took a different approach to handling their version of Alexandar the Great and chose a Sci-Fi/Fantasy approach to the movie. The scriptwriters also weaved in real life characters like Aristotle, Ptolemy, Olympia, Plato etc into the storyline quite well and the script is a thousand times better than the one used by Oliver Stone for his live action version.

    While I cannot vouch for the Japanese version I can say that the English version was very well done and thoroughly enjoyable.

    If you like movies that are strong on both Fact and Fantasy and that are backed up with a strong plot then you will love this anime.
  • beautiful postmodern art animation by peter chung, mixing up the 'idea' of alexander, scientific mysticism (i.e. museum of jurassic technology), the study of charisma, distinction between knowledge and wisdom, all integrated into one coherent narrative that require the brain to function to watch. i agree with the reviewer on aeon flux, if you liked af's non-linear experimental narrative you'll like this, there are similarities, especially in first few episodes when peter still seem to be in control of the production (some voice actor changed midway?). Finally friendly advice to the self-proclaimed literal, things-are-only-as-they-are and i-watch-movie-just-to-relax-and-not-to-use-my-brain people - respect your well known limits and rent something straightforward (a disney movie maybe?) for a very relaxing evening of brain vacation, you deserve it. On the other hand, if you ruthlessly seek out creativity and can't get enough thinking from your boring work, this might delight.
  • I find all of the negative response that 'Alexander Senki' has been receiving disappointing. I have been waiting years for it to be released domestically and I was hoping that since it aired on a major cable channel, its fan base would grow (all things considered, it has, but not nearly the way that I had look forward to).

    Some complain that 'Alexander Senki' "looks like 'Aeon Flux.'" This is true. But would these same people complain that 'Neia_7' looks like 'Haibane-Renmei' (Yoshitoshi ABe)? Probably not. I'll admit that Peter Chung's style is an acquired taste, but even if you're not fond of the art, you should still give 'Alexander Senki' a chance.

    The story was not meant to be presented as historical fact. The way I see it, it is an aesthetic journey into Alexander's world. The creators have glorified and twisted events even more than history has, and this makes for an entertaining series. 'Alexander Senki' takes place in a fantasy version of the ancient world that meshes well with mythology and legend. If you want fact (or, rather, as close to fact as you can come), read 'The Nature of Alexander' by Mary Renault or watch the PBS special 'In The Footsteps of Alexander the Great.'

    Overall, I feel that 'Alexander Senki' is a refreshing change from the usual anime archetype, and is a series that everyone should try.
  • This maybe one of the most underrated cartoons of all time. If your are a fan of Aeon Flux. Then you should love this show. The art style of "Reign" is beautiful. Very unique and creative. Not like any other anime out their. Unlike other cartoons, "Reign" has a deep story. After watching one show, you'll want too see another. The plot is alittle too complex at times. But that doesn't matter because everything gets explained throughout the show. You get a feeling of real personality in each character (Good/Bad/Evil). The fight scenes are graphic and slick.

    If you're use too cheesy Anime. Then this might not be the show for you. You'll just have too go back to you're Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network. This is how adult cartoons should be. I could only wish their was more.
  • The Plot (the chronology of the tale, and the way it goes around the Greek world of that time in its philosophy and vision of world and life) of this animation meets the big cycle of Death and rebirth, the need of destruction for a new generation. The Hero, who's demons are his fate of war and thirst of conquest, doesn't doubt about himself when he finally realizes that he's only following a natural impulse, the motive, the energy that (according to Sandor Marai's novel "A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek") is born in each person and dies when the goal is done. Alexander also died young, at his 32 years old. The oracles, the characters: warriors, assasains, philosophers, they all worship and hate, build, protect, and try to kill the Hero, or as he sees himself, a God. This animation is worth to see for the wonderful sequences of war, psychological conflicts in each character, and the raise of a King: the retelling of the History through the vision of mysticism, Fate, and the natural and necessary Cycle of Life: death and Rebirth.
  • A fantastic Anime.

    Brought to you by Peter Chung (Aeon Flux), Rintaro (Astro Boy, Metropolis), and Masao Murayama (Trigun), Reign the Conqueror brings a breath of fresh air to an industry inundated with work that ignores or forgets history.

    Deep and introspective, Reign covers the life of Alexander the Great with a Sci-Fi twist, mailign characterization, and a signature animation style. This title may be too deep for some, but for the philospher it is an ideal story that features several of the world's great thinkers (Socrates, Euclid and Diogenes just to name some - Aristotle's voice is supplied by John Rafter Lee, the VA behind dreadfully morose Meiyer Link of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust).

    Though it seems that Madhouse studios takes shortcuts in their animation that other firms tend to avoid - there are still some incredible drawn and CG visuals that lend Reign an almost Psycotropic atmosphere.
  • The new series by Peter Chung (maker of Aeon Flux) is beautiful. After watching the first episode aired on Cartoon Network, I can definately say that "Reign, The Conqueror" is one of the best anime series created in recent times. Peter Chung's unique style of character design creates a world of fantasy that takes the watcher on a sci-fi journey with limitless possibilities.
  • I have loved Peter Chung's direction since Liquid TV's Aeon Flux. While the follow-up full-length TV series was ultimately disappointing, I was still interested in seeing what he had to bring to Reign: The Conqueror, or as it's called in Japan, Alexander Senki.

    What he brings to the series is basically just his brilliant direction and design. The story is incoherent and honestly insulting; after about episode 10, there is no further reason to watch. If only it had been cancelled then and the last three episodes never made! They are abominable, and they demolish what little interest any viewer should have in seeing what happens next.

    There is immense pretension in the series, which asserts itself through pseudophilosophical tangents and trumped-up nonsense only nominally related to mystery cults of the ancient world. What slight sympathy for Alexander exists at the beginning of the series is steadily whittled away by clumsy writing, until by the end there is none left. In fact, most viewers will actively be wishing for the character to be annihilated because he is so unsympathetic and unlikable. That isn't something that any series with a character's name in the title should aspire to do.

    It is perhaps unsurprising though, since the series was actually cut short; the final episode is marred by continuous reuse of earlier footage cobbled together in an unambitious yet confusing melange of asinine attempts to be profound. By the end of the series, you are ready for it to be over and thankful that it was cancelled. If you must watch this, either watch the Japanese film version (which is comprised of the first few episodes edited into movie form), or simply stop at episode 10 and regard it as complete, which it essentially is at that point. Everything past there completely demolishes what the previous episodes established.

    It has been said by many entertainers that it is much better to leave an audience wanting more, than it is to give them extra and leave them disappointed and wishing that they had been left wanting. This series is a prime example of how that works: episode 10 could leave a viewer feeling quite satisfied and wanting more, but watching to episode 13 would leave that same viewer feeling disappointed and wishing he had not done so. The last 3 episodes are a waste of time, and were clearly just done to fill out space.

    If you want an intelligent, interesting look at a famous historical figure...well, look elsewhere. This tries to be much more than it is, but it's interesting enough to a point. Just consider it done with episode 10 and you should come away with enough satisfaction to make it worth seeking out. The visuals are beautiful and strange, the animation well-done...and that's about it.
  • I have seen the Chinese(Cantonese), Japanese, Korean and Portuguese versions of "Alexander". Even though it is wonderful, I prefer the orginal cantonese and brasilian portuguese dub version. I could not help to notice in Korea and JApan, that they have edited or cut out some scenes (even though in both Korea and Japan version have nudity, there are alot other than pubic hair they cut out), while the original Hong Kong version, as well as the Portuguese dubbed version, it is totally 100% uncut! If any chance, see those versions! You will dig it, I garantee!
  • which the art dominates the story. Imagine if Salvador Dali drew a comic book, ha! I bought this series on dvd when it came out, being a Peter Chung fan, and loved the art, but not the story. IMO the writers tried to cram too much ancient Greek philosophy/geometry into the story, distracting from Alexander. Also the very long intro disrupts the flow between episodes. Despite these flaws, I find it a fantastic and fascinating experience. But after rewatching the series, I decided next time I'll turn the sound down, and listen to Joe Satriani while watching, ha! The artwork really is amazing, like a cross between Dali, El Greco, and the great French sci-fi fantasy comics of the 60's and 70's, like Druillet and Moebius, with costumes from Marvel's comic The Inhumans. A very imaginative, creative, and I think unique anime. Worth checking out if you can find it.
  • It really all depends on if you liked "Aeon Flux" or not. If you did, then you'll love "Reign" or "Alexander". If you didn't like "Aeon Flux", then you won't. I stumbled onto "Reign" and was immediately taken by it (yeah, I loved "Aeon Flux"). As with "Aeon Flux", it is a bit cryptic at times, but the mashing together of the ideas of Alexander the Great, the great thinkers of the past and the Sci-Fi and fantasy elements were great and very engaging. The depth of the scenery and character design are amazing. My only disappointment was that it ended with only 13 episodes -- at least, that all that aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
  • They took off Inuyasha and Torigun for this garbage?How horrible!I had to miss the last half of Torigun for this.While the animation may have been somewhat cool,I couldn't get past some of the REALLY creepy stuff going on.The men were all half naked,but this wasn't very sexy at all.They were ugly,girly men wearing cod pieces.They insulted the real history of Alexander the Great,not to mention Alexander himself by making him look like Aeon Flux.He looks like a lady instead of a guy.Then there's the fact that this took place in the 24th century.Why would anyone want to live this in real life?Isn't this supposed to be the same century Duck Dodgers exist in?Never mind.Then there's the fact Ptolomy(spelling correction) looks like Robin from Batman.Did he admire him or something?I just kept on waiting for him to blurt out"Holy hot rockets Batman!" or something similar.And I kept wondering if the Joker was going to pop out of nowhere with Batman on his trail.This is how bad the show was.Now about the creepy stuff.I kind of thought Alexander's mother was a little too friendly with the siamese python.Then the suggestion by the king's advisor of Alexander's real paternity,and showing the scene where the snake was helping his mom give birth.Just what were they trying to suggest?Then there was the creepy, little man that behaved like a dog,yet sounded like Yoda for some reason.What was up with that?He even had a magic barrel which turned into the center of the universe.And he turned himself into a flesh colored bulldog.This is an insult to Yoda from Starwars.And the queen's wicked laugh.I swear if I had to hear her annoying laughter again,I was going to puncture my eardrums with sharp pencils.Her laughter was enough to make me scream.I hope Adult Swim does us a favor,by dumping this in a minefield somewhere.Don't ever take off the really good shows,(even temporarily), for junk like this again Adult Swim!
  • I saw the first episode of "Alexander" on Cartoon Network today (They renamed it "Reign: The Conqueror"). Well, it follows on a hallowed Peter Chung tradition - it's confusing as all hell. The Pythagorean Assassins were AWESOME, though. The plot is going to be riddled with cliches, but if the character design is imaginative, I won't care.

    Let's see if it's any good.