Originally, Macaulay Culkin was scheduled to give the award for Best Visual Effects. The plan was, after Culkin announced the nominees, he would say, "Could I have the envelope please?" A giant, roaring, animatronic T-Rex (from Jurassic Park (1993)) would then suddenly appear onstage, with the envelope naming the winners. After taking the envelope from the T-Rex's mouth, Culkin would return to the podium and say, "Thanks, Dad." Macaulay's father, Kit Culkin, was offended by the line and demanded that it be cut from the show. When the Oscar producers refused, Kit Culkin pulled his son from the show, and Elijah Wood gave the award instead.

Tom Hanks's emotional acceptance speech became the inspiration for the film In & Out (1997), in which an actor wins an Academy Award and thanks his gay former teacher in his acceptance speech.

Of the 20 nominated actors, John Malkovich was the only one not in attendance.