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  • hansbearnl22 January 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    No, when Nils first appeared on the Dutch television, I was no longer a child, although I love to act like a child at times. I love animation in general, and so I had to watch this too.

    The Japanese are known for their animation, but it doesn't always work out, and sometimes I felt dissatisfied while watching some of their adaptations of western stories.

    Nils Holgerssons adventures however, where brought to the screen with so much love, that as an adult I couldn't wait for a new episode to begin. Watching poor Nils trying hard to do his best to become a nice boy again, often not believed or trusted by the animals or humans he encountered... Even the use of the colors helped to make it into a big screen drama, though at times very funny.

    When Nils finally became a big boy again, and he had to say goodbye to his friends, the geese, I almost couldn't stop myself from having a tear in my eye (and that for a grown up guy). It shows, you don't need real drama on screen, with real people. Even animation can touch the heart!
  • This was definitely one of the 1980s animated series eagerly awaited on a regular basis by many a child. This is how the story goes more or less ... Nils is a nasty little boy who likes to play tricks on all the animals in the farm. One day he decides to pick on a pixie, only to discover it was not the wisest of his ideas. To punish him, the pixie shrinks him to guinea pig size. Nils escapes the wrath of the farm animals by leaving with a flock of wild geese hoping to discover how he can get his normal size back.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nils Holgersson is a young lad, who likes to sleep, eat and cause mischief among the animals on his parents farm. He enjoys to cause the animals pain. He captures a tomte (which is a small mythological creature, akin to a gnome, brownie or hob). The tomte proposes to give Nils a large gold coin in exchange for its freedom, but Nils declines. The tomte turn Nils into a tomte and is hunted by the farm animals seeking revenge. At the same time a farm goose attempts to join a swarm of wild geese, Nils jumps on the goose and escapes the wrath of the farm animals. He, the farm goose and his pat hamster then go on having adventures across Sweden, the farm goose learning to adapt to a life as a wild goose, and Nils trying to better himself so he will be accepted by the group of geese but also in hope that the tomte might be appeased and will return him to normal size.

    I liked the series very much as a young boy, and recommend you watch it!
  • Kirpianuscus20 March 2020
    After decades, the emotions front to the TV at the beginning of new episode remains the precious memory. It was more a good animation serie but just food for soul. And it preserves this status ,yet. Because, more than lovely adaptation, it remains a precious gift . So, just - just lovely
  • This is the story of an annoying little lad that tortures the animals in his fathers farm. One day he captures a leprechaun which he starts to toy with. The leprechaun escapes him and puts a curse on the boy which gets turned into a dwarf. To escape the anger of the farm animals, he leaves with a flock of wild geese and travels with them. This is how the series begins... As it progresses the boy begins to discover a new greater world which moulds him into a new person.