Xen: Well, actually my real name is Sikander but, in school, people called me Alexander because that's the English version of Sikandar, then Alexander got corrupted to Xander, then Xan, and they were finally satisfied with Xen.

Rage: I come to you at the most important turn of my career, the start of a glorious but selective filmography, and-and-and-and you threaten... you're threatening to-to-to nip it in the butt because... because you have creative block!

Nikita: I like cripples. Normal people are so boring.

Nikita: I know what this is all about. Now you're going to ask me what acute trauma struck me as a child to devastate me, numb all my thoughts - my very psyche - and turn me into this seemingly happy person who is, in fact, nothing but a shell of despair, right? Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Saintly Soul with Benign Eye: I'm not the one who's screwed up here, YOU are. Look at you. You work in one room all day, only to move into another one by night, a room that hasn't been aired for... months? Or is it years? You watch television on mute, you never use your fancy CD player except as a chess board - who do you play with, yourself? - and you have the audacity to arrive at the conclusion that I am the screwed up one here?