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  • =G=17 May 2003
    "Street Time" takes the viewer into the life of the federal parole officer and his/her parolees. Focusing on one of each, a P.O. (Cohen) and an excon (Morrow), both family men with problems, this series is a very smart and powerful uncompromising drama. Unpredictable, realistic, and believable, "Street Time" skillfully delivers a linear story crisscrossed with side plots and every episode jam-packed with serious, gritty, hardcore drama. Lacking the mediocrity demanded by the viewing public at large, "Street Time" is too good to last. (A-)
  • There are lots of cop shows on tv, but this series about parole officers and the people they supervise is a cut above. Intense and expertly acted, it's hard to start watching without becoming involved with the characters. Tough, with harsh language, and some nudity.
  • AZINDN26 November 2006
    A superior drama of cops and drug dealers centers on the roles of probation cops James Libertti (Scott Cohen) and Dee Muldern (Erika Alexander). Assigned to monitor a just released major drug dealer, Kevin Hunter (Rob Morrow), Libertti is as flawed as the former inmate. Both men's stories parallel one another in a life of drug sales and drug enforcement. The government wants to catch Hunter, while his erratic and out of control brother wants to spend the money he's stolen from his brother leaving him red handed. With wives whose stories are just short of criminal themselves, the men must somehow function under enormous stress supplied by outside agents, regulations, and responsibilities to their families while trying to remain true to themselves and to a warped code of honor to try and survive, support their children, and remain good husbands.

    So at odds with leading a life on the straight and narrow is Kevin Hunter (Morrow) whose illegal investments in drugs has to be hidden from his mandated weekly reports he must file with PO Libertti (Cohen), and whose life is made hell by his wife, brother, and the system which Libertti enforces to trap Hunter. Equally, Libertti's marriage is jeopardized by his gambling problem hidden from his WASP wife, Karen (Kate Greenhouse) and his partner, Dee Mulhern (Erika Alexander), for whom he has the latent hots. Assorted weekly guest stars included Red Buttons and a superior performance by newbie Gale Harold as a rock 'n roller struggling to go straight meant that weekly episodes of this excellent series was a must see. Not the violent gumba Italian mob scene of the Sopranos, this family drug dealing is on the surface, more WASP yet equally as dirty. Taut stories, engaging performances, and superior casting made Street Time addictive. Alas, it was canceled and a loss as Morrow and Cohen were just getting into the chops of their characters.
  • This show is riveting, i'm a bit p***ed off that Showtime doesnt show the schedule on their website so I have no idea when the rest of the series will premiere, it seems like they just stopped showing it , yet the still talk about the show on their website. Anyways, I've seen 7 of the 20 episodes they are supposed to air, and I'm definitely addicted to it already. The characters are intense and you just want to keep watching to see what happens to these guys.