Meatwad: I don't have any real dolls, I prefer to use my infinite imagination... cause I ain't got no damn money.

Carl: You think you're gonna live forever, but you won't. Someone'll kill ya. Someone'll kill ya with a knife.

Meatwad: Hey, Frylock...

Frylock: What?

Meatwad: ASS.


Frylock: MEATWAD!

ignignokt: The innocent shall suffer - big time.

Frylock: You know I'm further my education online? Learn How To Be A Surgeon?

Carl: Write yourself a prescription for shutting the fuck up.

Master Shake: Dancing is forbidden!

Master Shake: You're both yo-yos. Shut up ya yo-yos.

Carl: If you need anything, you know who to look to. Someone else.

Master Shake: I wasn't born yesterday, you know - I've seen movies.

Master Shake: You're about to not have a mouth! And I mean it! I'LL RIP IT OFF!

Master Shake: Animal sex? Don't have time for that, man!

[repeated line]

Carl: Tonight!

[repeated line]

Master Shake: That's what it does!

[repeated line]

Frylock: Damn it, Shake!

Carl: I was gonna yell my brains out at ya, but because of your loss I might just gently ask... What happened last night with all the noise?

[repeated line]

Carl: MY CAR!