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  • If you just want to laugh and laugh at some of the most joke-packed dialogue on TV today--and you don't care whether any of it makes sense--then you'll love ATHF.

    The writers don't waste time explaining why the characters are food or what "Aqua Teen" even means. They don't try to tie up plot threads, illuminate the backstory, or even have the characters leave their neighborhood to fight crimes as depicted in the opening and closing credits. None of that is necessary. Instead, they just bring us a stripped-down, personality-driven yukfest that shows encumbered with the usual baggage simply can't match.

    ATHF meets---nay, far exceeds!---my personal gold standard for comedy: that the jokes should not only be funny, but be ones I couldn't possibly have thought up for myself, and that there not be a moment's lag time between them.

    Watching it is like eating potato chips (um, guess I mean fries) of pure, mindless laughter. ENJOY!
  • This is the reason I watch "Adult Swim" every week, on the chance that ATHF are in the line-up. An incompetent but egotistical shake, a super intelligent box of fries and a happy-go-lucky meatball spend the day outwitting the most incompetent gang of villains this side of the Amoeba Boys and tormenting their loser neighbor to the point where you can actually feel sorry for the poor, no class, unemployable, grouchy slob.

    Shake is similar to at least one person who works with all of us. He's a bully, he's lazy, he's selfish, he's pathetic at what he does, but he feels he's the leader just because he says he is. Frylock is the guy at the office or the plant who actually DOES know what he's doing and saves the day without any desire for the responsibility or glory of leadership. Meatwad is the guy who tries his best, usually doesn't hit the mark perfectly and is just fun to have around.

    Full-length movie anyone? Or at least a marathon?
  • Whether it is the opening segments with Dr. Weird or the strange ending credit sequence with Abe Lincoln, Aqua Teen Hunger Force will make your mind boggle as you try to wrap your mind around about twenty minutes of some of the most brilliant animation EVER! I first found this while visiting a friend in Oregon. Let's say that we were not thinking clearly when we put it in, but as the opening rap sequence began, all I could do was laugh. The next morning, I thought perhaps it was just a fluke. Nothing could be as funny as characters like Master Shake, Meatwad, Frylock, and my personal favorite Carl! Boy, was I mistaken.

    This series is hysterical. Every episode is full of random events that will make you laugh so hard that you will pee your pants. This show goes beyond the normal cartoon and takes humor to a whole new level. I loved the fact that after the first two episodes the structure changed completely. I don't think they ever solved any crimes, they just argued and dealt with random 'enemies' that just happened to appear. I even thought that just maybe they would loose their momentum after the first season, but yet again … I was wrong. The DVD was spectacular and gave a bit more information about the birth of these anti-heroes.

    I come from a household without cable, even regular channels are snowed out, so when series like these are released on DVD it is the only opportunity I have to see them. I will say that discovering this series was a high-point in my television on DVD career. I love random chaos, and this is exactly what this show provided.

    I would suggest this series to anyone that is a huge fan of social commentary coupled with fast food. While it may not make you hungry, it surely will quench your desire for humor. I still wonder where the writers found the idea for the 'cult' characters the Mooninites. Only on ATHF could this random thought become a reality.

    I love this series and cannot wait for the third season!

    Grade: ***** out of *****
  • Rarely is it that we are graced with such an odd series that seems like such a painfully stupid idea that works so well. Aqua Teen Hunger Force details the lives of three roommates that fight evil forces. The odd thing about these roommates however, is that they are a milkshake (Master Shake), a box of fries (Frylock), and a wad of uncooked meat (Meatwad). Yes, it sounds completely stupid. And you need to see more than one episode to appreciate it. But it is surprisingly one of the funniest shows on television. My only complaint: that each episode is only about 11 minutes long. Aqua Teen Hunger Force really is "number one in the hood"! A+
  • ATHF has become the favorite late night entertainment snack for my family. The DVD set does introduce each segment with the now infectious rap song that describes each of the Superheroes. The humor is all over the map and comes in the form of dialog and visual pratfalls. The art is done in a quirky style on the cheap but the humor is still rich. All heroes HAVE to have a great bad guy. My favorites are the Mooninites along with Oglethorpe and Emory. MC P Pants and Sir Loin are also very good.

    Each of the opening bits with Steve and Dr. Weird stand alone as comic tidbits that get each segment going. Master Shake as the leader of the group garners most of the laughs in his desire to boss everyone around and ALWAYS remain the center of attention. Problem is that Master Shake has a very lame "power".
  • Firstly I'd like to say that "Aqua Teen" is one of the funniest animated shows, mixing absurd situations with absurd characters who do absurd things. But great comedies (which this is) are more than simply absurd, they're smart. They bring us into the world of the cartoon and have us relate to each character. So I'm going to look into why this is a "great" animated comedy, merely because of its characterization.

    Carl is a poor, single, overweight man on welfare whose main cares in life consist of the cardboard cutout of a girl advertising beer, his car, lawn, swimming pool, and reminiscing of the old days, when he would get hammered and go to rock concerts. The interesting part about Carl is that he never admits to any kind of friendship with the Hunger Force, yet they are in his swimming pool almost every episode, and all of them, through all the bickering, get along. Even though Carl is always apparently miserable, his true joy comes from the friends he presently has, which he never addresses. How many people do you know who want to go back to the "good ol' days" when everything was simpler and sweeter, but fail to see the good things in their present life until they're reminiscing about it twenty years down the line?

    Shake is funny. Very funny. Perhaps the funniest character in any cartoon show ever. This is achieved in an ingenious paradox. While he is cruel (esp. to Meatwad), self-indulgent, and egotistical with absolutely no sign of empathy, he is the most likable character in the show. Why? I think it's because of his simplicity, like a more intelligent form of a child (aren't children selfish and always unsatisfied?), and who can blame a child? All you can do is laugh at their behavior.

    Meatwad is also like a child, but instead of being the kind that doesn't share (like Shake), he is the kid that gives his toy truck to the new kid in school to play with in the sandbox. While Shake is the most likable, Meatwad is the most lovable, and is even more-so because he is missing a brain (does Shake's intelligence give way to vice? If one looks at the episode where Meatwad becomes smarter than the other two, it would seem so). But we can never "like" Meatwad, because we can't associate with him in his stupidity, we can only love him like a small, cuddly dog. Meatwad's voice sounds like a mixture of Yoda and Terrence from SouthPark, which is, somehow, indescribably perfect.

    Frylock's character acts many times as the mediator in arguments. He is highly intelligent, humane, but at the same time conceded in his intelligence and humanity (when Meatwad gets a brain and surpasses Frylock's intellect, Frylock becomes jealous and angry). He is individually the least funny of them all, but this is on purpose. He is the sanity in the absurdity, accentuating that absurdity.

    Perhaps the best aspect of the cartoon is its lack of development. Nobody changes (at least in character) from one episode to the next. Carl is still poor and resentful, Meatwad is still lovably stupid, Shake still conniving and hilarious, and Frylock still intellectual and, well, normal.

    It is impossible to keep a straight face during any episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (most especially when the Mooninites make an appearance). But if one allows himself to watch with an active mind, you will see a satire on human nature, which inclines the characters to do some absurd things. But are we really ones to laugh at these characters in their absurdity? Wouldn't we be actually laughing at ourselves? Of course! That's another part of the genius. It takes human faults and shows how stupid and fruitless they are. And by laughing at ourselves, we are in fact reflecting upon ourselves.
  • If you are expecting a great cartoon with exciting plotlines and lots of drama, this is not the show for you. If you are expecting a hilarious cartoon filled with lots of random, witty humor, this IS the show for you. There is not one way that one can fully describe AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE. Just take a look at the title; it is random and makes no sense. That is what is so amazing about this show. AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE follows the adventures of Meatwad, a meatball, Frylock, a floating order of fries, and Master Shake, a milkshake. They live in a house next-door to Carl. That is basically the premise of the show. Anyway, AQUA TEEN HUNGERFORCE is an incredible show that I recommend to anyone who is looking for a funny cartoon to watch, besides THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY. AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE currently airs on Cartoon Network's adult programming block, Adult Swim, at 12 and 12:15 AM.
  • In the very beginning of the show, during the opening song, you see Frylock, (Master) Shake, and Meatwad fighting the bad guys and quite possibly kicking some butt. During the actual show, though, they argue and basically cause some problems for themselves and their in-desperate-need-of-anger-management neighbor, Carl.

    And at the beginning, before the opening song, there is a little skit with Dr. Weird and his assistant, Steve. Dr. Weird is always inventing odd and dangerous things which never benefit anyone. In fact, he sometimes end up killing himself (and his assistant) with whatever it was he came up with.

    I personally think it's a great show with some really funny material that you can't find anywhere else, such as the Broodwich and the talking trees that put Shake on trial for dumping oil near by.

    Frylock's, Shake's, and Meatwad's personalities make the show much more watchable as well. They're so opposite, but they go great together and it wouldn't be right without them. Frylock is the smart one who actually has something going for him: common sense (and the ability to fly). Shake is the trouble-maker. And the idiot. He could be (I believe) successful if he tried but he is waaay too lazy. He always wants to make an easy buck but never wants to do it the honest way and earn it. Meatwad (my personal fav) is kind of the innocent one. He's sweet to a point and likes to dance. He's almost like the child of the trio. Then there's the neighbor, Carl (my second fav). He's obnoxious and says frickin' and freakin' a lot.

    Final Thought on ATHF: Disturbing but can't live without it.
  • You could be the smartest person alive, or the dumbest person alive, and this show will make you laugh. The complete and total randomness to the comedy makes it a masterpiece. I would like to shake the hand of the man that created this show. One of my personal favorite episodes was the "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past". I bought both volumes on DVD and I'm hoping like hell that they release all the episodes on DVD. Sadly, there has been an announcment that the last episode of ATHF will be shown sometime in August. I don't know what they are going to get to replace ATHF, but whatever it is, it better be good. I'd go freakin' crazy if they put some crap on instead of this comedic masterpiece.
  • If you really think about it, "ATHF" subscribes to the classic sitcom format, just like "Seinfeld." There's the brains of the outfit, Frylock (Jerry), the selfish jerk, Master Shake (George), and the eccentric goofball, Meatwad (Kramer). But what sets this show up there in the pantheon of great cartoons is the one-of-a-kind, surreal, stream-of-consciousness dialogue. Take a look at the "Dumber Dolls" episode with the incomparable David Cross as the most depressed talking doll ever. And his counterpart, Jiggle Billy, a dancing hillbilly doll has a musket, moonshine, and nightvision goggles. There's the classic comedy writing technique of the "three's"--with night vision goggles! That makes me chuckle just writing it. Or the hilariously obscure pop culture references, e.g., "Tangerine Dream" and the Atari 2600... The smarter you are, the funnier this show is.

    Anyway, there's the theory behind it, but trust me, you don't have to analyze it to get it. This is a spectacularly flat-out, fall-down, laugh-out-loud funny show. It's simply amazing.
  • This show has been out for almost 12 years. While I love it, I do have to admit that it's later episodes aren't even close to being as good as the originals.

    Seasons 1-2: Hysterical. Did not stop laughing.

    Season 3: Still amazing. I miss Dr. Weird but Spacecataz is still funny.

    Season 4: Where most people think it started going downhill. I like it, although I do admit it isn't as good as the first three. They now have more freedom in the maturity factor, and boy do they abuse it throughout the rest of the series.

    Season 5: Bleh. Don't even bother watching the first three episodes of it. This season does get better as it goes on, and I have to admit that "Bible Fruit" is one of my favorite episodes. This is where they really start relying on sex jokes and shock humor, but it's still funnier than other shows that attempt to do this.

    Season 6: Better than season 5, but still suffers from the same laziness as last time where many of the jokes are just mindless sex jokes rather than actual creative writing. Just not as bad as before.

    Season 7: Better than season 6. Has a couple of my favorite episodes and is a step in the right direction, as "A PE Christmas" and "Rabbot Redux" are two of my favorite episodes.

    Season 8 (also known as "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1"): A MASSIVE improvement. I thought at this point there was no hope for improvement, but I was completely wrong. Has a nice balance between mature humor and good writing.

    Season 9 (also known as "Aqua Something You Know Whatever): Recoil. Their efforts are going entirely the wrong way. With all the other seasons I complained about, I at least still enjoyed all of them. Not the case here. VERY hit and miss. Literally half the episodes in this series have no redeeming qualities about them, but that does mean that the other half is pretty damn good. Just make sure to skip "Shirt Herpes", "Rocket Horse Jet Chicken", "The Granite Family", "Fightan Titan", and "Totem Pole". I was bored out of my mind through those.

    Overall, a very good show. They just need to refocus their efforts a bit. I hope Season 10 will be better than the last one, though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force is quite possibly the stupidest show currently on television. This doesn't mean it's bad in any way, it just takes the dumbest approach to any situation. There are 4 main characters who all live in New Jersey somewhere. The most prominent of which is Master Shake. Shake is the one of the most rude characters that you will find on any show. He cares for no one but himself and is constantly inconveniencing others for his own comfort. For example, he burnt down his neighbor Carl's house because he cut his lawn with matches. Carl, is the everyman, in the sense that he brings out the worst attributes in people. There is also Frylock,the smart one and meatwad, the... dumb one? All in all this show is completely retarded which, surprisingly, is what makes it so great. (SIDENOTE: This show has nothing to do with crime fighting)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember watching this show when Adult Swim first came out in 2001. Watching this as a kid I didn't quite get the humor but now I understand the humor better and feel like this show has aged gracefully like a fine wine now. While some or most adult cartoons feel like they are just dick and fart joke after dick and fart joke. Just doesn't FEEL like an ADULT cartoon also might just use dick and fart jokes or bad slapstick because they just want you watch them and not listen to them. Or mention things around their era that will probably be real dated in the future after the show ends.

    This show is about a box of fries called Frylock, a milkshake called Master Shake, and a meatball called Meatwad. At first this show makes you think it's a detective show but that was just a way to trick you a little into watching it. There's also their next door neighbor Carl, who's kind of funny and sometimes tags along in the show since he doesn't have much to do at his home. Also there's these Mooninites that mess with the Aqua Teens and Carl every now and then, and the Plutonians as well.

    This shows opening song was made by a rapper, Schooly-D, and he later makes cameos in the later seasons in the show. The jokes feel legitimately funny and the acting is done well. They even made a movie out of this show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, but it was okay. Though Adult Swim made a movie out of a 11 minute stoner cartoon so what were you expecting?

    This show also has a heart and soul, doesn't just have one note characters like some cartoons now. For example there was this one episode where Frylock gets skin cancer and Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl, try to cheer him up, help him, and are scared he might die. That feels like they're real people. I feel like if some other show that tries to be mean and not really have a reason for it would go to someone who had that would go, "HA HA, You Have Cancer!". Just feels like those shows try too hard to be South Park even after an episode of South Park was over, I'm just noticing a pattern with the cartoon shows that were on Comedy Central after South Park.

    There's also an episode called "The Dickesode" and there was all these dicks that were censored with colored bars and after seeing the uncensored version. I am glad when that was on tv it was colored bars and not black bars. They even made a video game called Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am where it's basically based off on some kind of older game where you golf and there's ninjas.

    Also they made a live action episode where Master Shake was played by H. Jon Benjamin, Frylock was played by rapper T-Pain, Meatwad was played by a yoga ball, and Carl was played by some guy that won a contest for who could play Carl the best. Then after the 100th episode the show reinvented itself as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Aqua TV Show Show, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever.

    There was also this time Adult Swim did this gurella marketing tactic where they put all these light brights of one of the moonenites in Boston. People thought they were bombs and the bomb squads destroyed them all. The artists had to do community service and I'm glad they didn't go to jail since they weren't hurting anyone. Though when that happened I was in high school and me and my friends were talking about it. I told them that those people who did the art might not go to jail, I said might since I heard at my high school about a year after 9-11 someone saw anthrax in the school but it was actually baking soda for a dumb prank, the prakers went to jail for that.

    I heard the Aqua Teen Hunger Force people tried to make an episode of that bomb scare but Ted Turner demand they stop and said if it's ever leaked he'll cancel the show. Though people leaked the unfinished episode online and I guess the show had to end in 2015. With Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, there was this episode I liked to think WAS the final episode and felt like the show moved on. THEN, the actual last episode was on and it felt kinda mean as a way to end the series but it probably just took advantage of how timeless Aqua Teen Hunger Force is. People still today want this show brought back since it was so good and had a sense they were actually trying. They truly were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Aqua Teen started out as a formula. An evil scientist releases something into the world, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force takes it down. That worked for the first episodes, then the formula was dropped, and the show has been following a non-linear format ever since.

    Much like Family Guy, the show follows it's muse wherever it leads, ignoring all concepts of a coherent story line or that one episode necessarily needs to follow where the previous left off. This openness has led to such insane episodes as a grill that melts the sky, an electrician that doubles as a stripper and ends up in outer space with alien pipe wrenches, and a computer program that creates dogs with severe rapist tendencies.

    Characters may suffer severe trauma or even die in every episode, and yet come back for more next time.

    Aqua Teen stays funny by not being afraid to be non-linear, and by taking no prisoners.

    A ground breaking show that someday will be hailed as visionary.
  • this show is better than average.i really enjoyed the season 1 DVD. Doctor Weird and his Laboratory in South Jersey kind of went away as the seasons renewed...and I was totally fine with that. I couldn't believe that this was the first season though. I totally remember when the boys, FryLock and Meatwad plus Shake would end up inside the show 24 hrs....and I totally thought that that was the first season and at that time I hated this show. It was nice to see that the pool behind the house and some of the character development albeit temporary were incorporated. I guess my favorite episodes were the one with the balding action figure that almost got blow torched by shake, like I could totally see that happening and his face turning into like melted wax, but instead they go onto a HIGHLANDER like fairy tale...and the other episode I really enjoyed was the one where Shake is renting a room, and the moonite microfilom chips take over Meatwads room plus get him hookt on cigarettes.
  • Aquateen Hunger Force - a low budget cartoon sporting a talking shake, meatball, and flying cart of french fries. And don't forget Carl, Dr. Weird and every other uniquely strange character that come around.

    Master Shake, Meatwad and Frylock live in 'da hood. Supposedly they are detectives that solve crimes around town, but that only lasted about two episodes. Most of the time they're dealing with Shake's made up problems. Shake believes the world revolves around himself, probably the most self-centered person on the planet - especially towards the naive Meatwad. Frylock can shoot fireballs out of his eyes, can fly and is the most sane of the three.

    Aquateens never fails to introduce hilarious characters throughout. Most of them appear in more than one episode, and it's always a treat to see them again. Most notable of these are the Mooninites, a pair of two-dimensional inhabitants of the moon who believe the Earth is primitive and wish to spread their advanced ways, namely stealing Earth merchandise, throughout the planet.

    This show is too weird for some because, well, the main characters are food, but if you're used to strange humor this show won't fail to keep you laughing hysterically. A lot of people's first impression is that this show is all about fart jokes and stupid, dry humor; but that is an unfortunate misconception. The dialog is smart and timed well, while full of funny references to today's and tomorrow's culture.

    Some of the episodes are hit-or-miss, but for the most part Aquateens doesn't fail to deliver on any level.

    If you watch Sealab 2021 or Tom Goes to the Mayor, you'll definitely enjoy Aquateen Hunger Force.
  • buddhadan-110 September 2006
    I can see from the votes on this show that I am in the minority in my dislike for the series, but here goes.

    Let me start with a positive, as I wouldn't have ever even watched it if I didn't find something in it that I liked.

    I do find that on occasion, when the television is on in the background and this show comes on, I do find a scene or two that makes me laugh despite my dislike for the overall show.

    The absurdity of the situation in general or an off color comment will sometimes cause me to laugh, and I do appreciate the strangeness (read - unique nature of the characters) of the show itself.

    But overall, it goes nowhere, it appeals to only one real group of people (thus it doesn't really carry a broad appeal like other shows have done) and it's so strange that it really only covers a niche concept area.

    The show typically carries no plot, no story, very little in the way of witty dialogue, and the characters are rarely redeeming in any way. If at least a learning experience or gain could be had, the show might have something to offer, but regretfully it falls short on this end as well...unless your learning experience is to avoid living anywhere near a talking shake, meatball, and box of fries.
  • I've watched this show dozens of times by now (for a lack of anything else to watch) and not once have I laughed. Hell, not once have I been entertained! The show has no plot or direction, but that's the point, isn't it? What you're left with then, are low-brau, intelligence-insulting jokes and random one-shot characters. This show is a lot like experimental music, in a way. You feel clever for liking it just because it defies convention. It could be a work of art, but it could just as well be a lazily thrown-together piece of crap. The latter seems to be the case here. But the bottom line is: this is one of the driest shows I've ever seen. I watch it again and again just trying to "get" what's so great about this show. Nope.
  • It was written 8 years ago but I think buddhadan-1's comment sums up this show for me. I do derive some sporadic amusement from the absurdity of the concepts (3 sentient fast food orders living together, the pointless concoctions of Dr. Weird, etc.), but by and large the jokes themselves aren't really that funny. At some point you have to go beyond strange characters doing strange things for strange reasons, and after 8 episodes I've given up hope that this show will accomplish that.

    To be honest, I'd completely forgotten about this show until I listened to DangerDoom's "The Mouse and the Mask" album, which made me decide to try watching it for the first time. Unfortunately, the ATHF references and skits have proved to be a lot more entertaining than the show itself.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force is without a doubt THE best animated show i have ever seen. It is well drawn, well acted and best of all, it's hilarious. The central plot can sometimes be obscure or even missing but the overall degree of humor and antics make up for it. The shows main plot revolves around a handful of characters. Meatwad is the simple minded, child-like one of the few who is constantly abused by Master Shake, much to the dismay of frylock. Shake is the Manipulating, self-centered one who own personal goal is for himself. He is constantly seen abusing meatwad and throwing things such as chairs or phones which for some reason always bursts into flames. Frylock is the intelligent one of the few who always figures out a way to get the latter out of trouble. Carl is the lazy next door neighbor of the ATHF who hates them. If you are a fan of adult swim shows, this one will have you hooked, 10/10.
  • i have no doubts when i say the aqua teen hunger force is one of the funniest cartoon series ever made! it follows the wacky adventures of three friends, master shake who is a giant talking milkshake, a giant floating order of fries and meatwad a small compressed pile of meat. And their next door neighbour Carl (who in my opinion is the funniest) who hates his neighbour's master shake, frylock and meatwad and is a die hard new york giants fan. I love every character in this show and every new character that is introduced seem to get better and better. Not matter what rent of buy the DVDs of every series, it will be money well spent, you will blow you head of with laughter! I highly recommend you watch EVERY episode! 12:00am adult swim don't miss it! 10/10
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force(2000)

    Review: This is about three food products solving first. Now it is total chaos and damn fun if you ask me.

    This show is just damn funny. We have the arrogant and the leader of the crew Master Shake, we have the geek and intelligent dork Frylock and a wad of meat in Meatwad. All three of them are hilarious together. We also have the unemployed drunk neighbor in Carl who is equally funny too.

    The show's greatest strength is the many characters to offer. From a creepy monster from Jupiter, a alien spore named Travis that speaks Japanese, a kind hearted pile of garbage named Ol'Drippy, a group of Leprachans, a moth man, a reincarnating rapper, two dumb aliens, one has a German accent and the other one is laid back.

    Of course we can't forget the best. The Mooninites: Ignignot and Err. These two are incredible. These have to be the best thing to cartoons in almost....ever. Really. This show has so many things for our heroes and Carl to deal with. From drunken alien frat boys, to mail order brides.

    The Last Word: ATHF delivers. Nothing more. THE MOON RULZ!!
  • I have been watching this show since August of 2004, and I haven't seen a single bad episode yet. This show is easily my favorite show of all time. Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl are all hilarious and are all characters you love instantly. Even the villains are funny and memorable. Like the Mooninites, Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future, the Frat Aliens, and the Plutonians (especially the Plutonians). This is one of those shows that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. And the series has so many classic episodes. Like "Diet", "Universal Remonster", and "Handbannana". If you haven't seen the show yet, then quit "dicking around" and watch it (and that was a quote from the episode titled "Dickisode").
  • This show is a complete waste of time. While some consider this show to be "funny" I have seen multiple episodes and did not once even crack a smile. In fact this show was so bad, I was reaching for the nearest sharp object so I could stab something fluffy. I have no idea on how this god awful show has received a 9 out of 10 on a website as good as IMDb while other shows are ripped off with their ratings. Bottom line this show is not funny. If you want to see a funny show go watch South Park, Robot Chicken or Family Guy. Stay as far away as you can from this show if you know what is good for you and you want to keep you brain cells.
  • It's hard to quibble with a show that's only 11-12 minutes length per episode, but Aqua Teen Hunger Force really can be very funny - plenty of surreal situations, witty one-liners, and marvelous voice acting.

    But when the writers get lazy, they get lazy.

    For every episode like season 2's "The Shaving," which is a master-class in tight, short-form animated comedy writing, there's an episode like season 3's atrocious "Hypno Germ" or season 5's dull, dumb "Sirens." The problem is that the wittiness of the writing too often crosses into pothead territory, where awkward pauses and the fact that the characters are talking pieces of food are meant to supplant the lack of a substantial script.

    It's frustrating precisely because episodes like season 7's "Rubberman" and season 5's "Bible Fruit" show just how great the writers can be when they put their minds to it. This show at its best is satirical and, yes, smart; at its worst it relies on Carl's sleaziness or even outright sadism in the treatment of its characters, all of which leaves about as much of a comedic impression as a series of fart jokes. It is woefully apparent when you're watching an episode of ATHF that its producers just didn't care about either.

    Still, this is a series I'm quite fond of; it is compulsively re-watchable and because it's an animated sitcom full of one-and-done episodes, I can just pick the episodes I want to revisit and leave the rest behind. The voice acting in this show is, for the most part, unimpeachable, with fantastic guest voices (Filmmaker Todd Field as a lump of sentient mold named "Ol' Drippy" in season 1 is still one of my favorites in the whole series), and the regular cast is practically iconic at this point.

    So many shows have since cribbed (some would say "ripped off") the low-fi back-and-forth awkward pause-filled comedic dialogue that this show pioneered; all the ridiculous animated characters speak so casually and matter-of-factly, which is both hilariously surreal and refreshingly frank.

    This show's place in comedy history is practically confirmed at this point. When it was firing on all cylinders it was brilliant and original, with a distinct style all its own.
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