Dana Snyder got the job of voicing Master Shake through an old college friend, who went to high school with director Dave Willis. Willis was looking for voice actors and asked her if she knew anyone with a weird voice, and she recommended Snyder. His first "audition" was leaving a drunken, abusive, message on Dave Willis' voice mail at 3 am. Willis loved it but accidentally erased the recording and asked him to re-record it, which he did, but sober this time. Willis wasn't as keen on the second recording so he asked him to do it like he did the first time. Snyder dutifully went out with some friends, got drunk, and left another 3 am message. He was given the job.

Schooly-D wrote the show's theme song while riding in a limo to the studio on the same day it was to be recorded. Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro provided the backup vocals.

The mall in the first episode is taken from the pilot episode of The Powerpuff Girls (1998). It even says "Powerpuff Mall" on the side of the building.

After the episode "Super Hero," where Shake exposes himself to toxic/radioactive waste in an attempt to gain super powers, every time he later throws an object to the ground it explodes. Later examples include a phone, remote control, a chair, a toilet brush, and a losing lottery ticket. Shake even refers to this phenomenon in an episode.

The show was created using Adobe Photoshop images, animated using Adobe After Effects, and edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro. Writing the script took Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro around four or five weeks, after which they spent another week making an animated rough draft video and getting the voiceover work done. Animators then used the QuickTime draft video as a reference, spending another five weeks making the finished 11 minute episodes. The entire process cost around $60,000 per episode, which is/was an uncommonly low figure for an animated TV series.

When the teens move around, they make sounds according to the food that they are. Meatwad, for instance, makes a squishy sound. The creators actually bought eight pounds of hamburger meat and squished it with rubber gloves to get that sound. They also bought a milkshake to get some sounds for Master Shake.

After the final season was announced, co-creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis revealed that they didn't want to end the show. Vice President of Adult Swim Mike Lazzo was just ready to move on with new shows and wanted to stop continuing older shows.

An episode titled "Boston" was created but has yet to be released. It was to be a parody of the bomb scare in Boston caused by the advertising campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007). It was pulled in order to avoid further controversy. Paul F. Tompkins provided a voice for the episode.

When the series ended after 11 seasons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force was the longest running original series on Adult Swim.

Through seasons 1-3, when the show ended, the logo for Williams Street Studios was followed by the image of a skull and crossbones with the Cartoon Network logo as the skull's teeth. Over that would be the sound of Matt Maiellaro, the show's co-creator, shouting "Skull!"

Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro created a pilot episode for a show called "Spacecataz" which featured two recurring villains from the Aqua Teens series: the Mooninites and the Plutonians. Though the show was never actually produced, the pilot was cut into several small clips and placed before Aqua Teen episodes during season four, taking the place of the "Dr. Weird" opening shorts for a while.

Carl almost never addresses Frylock or Meatwad by their real names. Instead, if he addresses them at all, he calls them "Fryman" and "Meatman" respectively. For reference, he uses Frylock's real name in the episodes: Intervention, The Hairy Bus, and Hospice. Meatwad's real name is used in the episode titled Knapsack.

In the closing credits, the vocal sample is of Master Shake saying "Dancing is forbidden" (from the pilot episode).

Frylock has a photo of himself and a young Dr. Weird on his bookshelf.

Season 7 (2010) was the last season to use the name "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." From then on the series had adapted a new name for each season including: "Aqua Unit Patrol 1" (season 8), "Aqua Something You Know Whatever" (season 9), and "Aqua TV Show Show" (season 10).

The picture of Doctor Weird's castle in New Jersey is actually taken from an episode of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996) called "Escape to Questworld." It's a shot of The Belle Isle Institute, where Dr. Jeremiah Surd is housed. The shot was originally the Himalayan outpost from the "Monster in the Monastery" episode of the 1964 series.

The show is technically a spin off of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. However at the time Aqua Teen premiered in 2001, the episode featuring the Aqua Teen character Baffler Meal had yet to air. In fact the episode had not yet even been animated and wouldn't air for another two years.

The full versions of the puppet TV shows are hidden on the Volume 2 DVDs.

The "Broodwich" episode is a direct tribute to indie animator Don Hertzfeldt, whose surreal comedy films were an influence on the show's creators.

Emory and Oglethorpe, the Plutonians, share their names with two universities in Atlanta, GA. Williams Street - the company that produces the show - is based in Atlanta.

The Plutonian's ship is based on the ship belonging to a villain named Uglor from the Teen Force cartoon.

Carl is the only character in Aqua teen in commercials (Deadpool 2, Glass (2019), PS4)

Akhenaton Nickens is the voice actor of the South Bronx Parasite larva in the episode "Diet", he was a child at the time of the episode being aired but had gotten the role through Carey Means (voice of Frylock), and Carey Means knew Nickens at the time while he was dating Nickens's mom.