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  • I think that a show like this serves a definite purpose for sports fans!! Sports coverage requires a flair!! Talking about sports reminds guys of why guys enjoy it so much!! I know that is how I feel about a show like "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" Professional athletes do some hosting of this show as well as make guest appearances!! I think that evaluating championship potentials in virtually every major sport cultivates a real athlete's perspective on what teams will win, the Super Bowl, The World Series, The Stanley Cup, the NBA Championship, etc etc and so on and so forth!! Sportscasters are usually the best part of the news anyway!! This show appeases the sports aficionado in a big big way!! I give it a thumbs up!!
  • The Best Damn Sports Show Period! Tom Arnold, John Salley, Chris Rose, and others are your hosts! The show hosts interview special guests such as all kinds of athletes such as Baseball player, Pro Wrestlers, Boxers, Football players, Basketball players, Tennis and Soccer players and among other athletes. They also interview actors and actresses and other celebrities. They also have contests and talks about the sporting news. There was one particular show and it aired on Thursday, September 23 rd, 2004. It was a special live broadcast of heavyweight boxer James "Lights Out" Toney against Rydell Booker from the Pechanga Resort and Casino in California. The match up was very good and Toney won by going to the score cards. In My opinion TBDSSP is a good show for sports and movie fans and especially for the die hard sports fan because your favorite players are on the show every week! Catch this show on Fox Sports today!
  • This show has it all comedy, drama, action and so much more the hosts and guest always were entertaining.
  • I find it hilarious when one person says he dislikes one show, another person is gonna ridicule the person with asinine remarks. Anyway, to call this show the Best Damn title is more like a marketing move with nothing substantial to back it up. Rather then provide news, rumors, and insight (which they do few and far between), they go more into the "fun" things which consists of copying Tonight Shows' skits and running around the set slapping each other asses when they do sports trivia. Is this supposed to be a Man's show? Yeah, right. I agree with the first post. If you want humor combined with EXCELLENT sports analysis, you go check out PTI on ESPN. With this, well, I'll rate this next to Mohr's Sports. Both equally humorless and idiotic.