Lenneth Valkyrie: [Platina bumps into 2 agent men with shades] Gasp! I... I'm so sorry! Your clothes, are they...?

Mother Laia: [Platina's mother walks over to her and slaps her face] Watch where you're going, girl! How dare you splash water on a guest!

Lenneth Valkyrie: Forgive me... Mother, who were those men?

Mother Laia: It's none of your business. You have work to do, now! Hurry up and grab your bucket!

[Laia walks into the house]

Lenneth Valkyrie: I must hurry! I don't want to get scolded by mother again...

Lenneth Valkyrie: [Lucian opens Platina's bedroom window] Lucian... What's going on? Do you know what time it is?

Lucian: Ssh! Be quiet... Platina... We've got to run! Come now, hurry!

Lenneth Valkyrie: What are you talking about, Lucian?

Lucian: Listen to me. Your mother and father, they... They've sold you.

[Lucian's mother Laia walks into Platina's bedroom]

Mother Laia: You little thief! What are you doing to my daughter?

Lucian: Come on!

[Lucian grabs Platina and they both run away from home]

Lenneth Valkyrie: For those whom have embraced the arms of death! Now, get ready for a true fight!

Lenneth Valkyrie: I annihilate thy form, Divine Techinique.....Niberlung Valesti!

Frey: The extent of truth shall never change.

Frey: What, how could this be.....

Valkyrie: It will be engraved upon your soul! Divine Assault! Niebelung Valesti!

Arngrim: I grow tired of you. Finishing strike! Final Blast!

Lenneth Valkyrie: To my side my noble einherjar!