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  • Although I don't dislike movies like American pie (they are funny in their own way), this movie "Sex and the teenage mind" was no less than torture for my mind.

    The jokes were old, to say the least, predictable and clumsy. Please, save yourself the torment of watching this movie; it is without doubt one of the most awful movies i have ever seen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film has a great soundtrack all the way through! Most of the artists are not well known, but deserve a second listen. Great soundtrack!

    The film was pretty bad. Cheesy plot, goofy sophomoric dialog, poor and clichéd acting, clichéd characters, pretty bad all around. If you take this film seriously, you will hate it, but going into it, you should know that it is not to be taken seriously. This film is worth seeing, but not worth paying to see, so only rent it if you have the Movie Pass lol. If you wade through all the goofiness, there a few funny moments. Although, if you are amused by farts and masturbation (God help you! lol), you might love this film lol.

    Danica McKeller is not in the film near enough. She is a secondary character. Being the only talented actor/actress in the film, they should have given her a bigger role. And she is still cute as can be Winnie! I guess she will always have a special place in most people's hearts as Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years. Great show! Richard Karn is the next closest cast member to being well known, and he is terrible in this film. What would expect though?

    Yes it is clichéd constantly. The geek is in love with the most popular girl in the school, who dates the football star. The geek has a fat, somewhat effeminate friend, who always has a crazy plan. The geek stands up for the girl, and receives the ire of the jocks. The geek is clumsy lol. etc, etc.

    SPOILER! One major problem I have with this film is at the end. We are all happy that the geek finally got the dream girl, and that he beat up the jock, and the dream girl realized how great a guy the geek was, and then all of a sudden, the geek wakes up, and the whole crazy plot we watched was just a dream, it didn't happen. WHAT? Then he goes and does the same things over again, and we are left to believe it happens the same way the second time. This was totally pointless and stupid! Why? Really bad move!

    One question about this film: Why did they remove the nudity, if the film had an R rating even without it. The 2 scenes with breasts would not have raised the rating to NC 17, so why cut them out of an R rated film? Plus, why cut them out on the DVD release, if they are going to be in the Deleted Scenes anyway? I can't imagine this film had much of a theatrical run, if any, so the DVD would be the main release, so why cut it out, if 1. it's already rated R, and 2. they are on another part of the DVD anyway. Don't get me wrong, I could care less if a film has nudity, I just don't understand the logic here. Plus, the extended scene with the 3 girls in Debbie's bedroom displayed some of Danica's best acting, but it was cut in half for the feature.

    Anyway, goofy film worth seeing ONLY IF you can see it for free, because of a FEW funny moments, a great soundtrack, and Danica McKeller's cuteness lol.
  • Bad movies can be categorized into two groups. The first group is that they're so bad, they're funny, and they ultimately achieve a cult status. The latter group contains movies that are flat-out bad and possess no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    I purchased Sex and the Teenage Mind for two dollars (tax included) at a run-down department store in a trailer park neighborhood. I am currently debating if I should go out of my way to return this movie for my two dollars back, even though I'll spend more on gas going there.

    Sex and the Teenage Mind has no novel qualities. The plot is exceptionally cliché: sexually frustrated nerd and his moronic and equally sexually frustrated friend want to find sex in high school. Is there a deadline or something else at stake for this to happen? No, of course not, because that would follow BASIC LAWS OF SCREENPLAY WRITING, and that would just be too smart for this masterpiece.

    The girl isn't even that hot. I don't understand why it received an R rating, although there were two vulgar words and no nudity. One cannot make a movie called "Sex and the Teenage Mind" and it not have any sex scenes. Furthermore, the acting was God-awful - every single actor and actress (maybe not Danica McKellar, but that's just a maybe). The jokes were puerile. The dialogue was joke within itself.

    Basically, the DVD box is more interesting than anything in this 90 minute debate of me shooting myself in the temple. In summation, I purposely registered on IMDb to speak to the world of this complete abomination. Do not buy it. Do not watch it. Do not speak of it. MGM has produced many worthwhile movies, and because of that it is not right to slander its name with this atrocity.
  • tricksixxx17 January 2006
    This movie is terrible. How else can I put it? At least American Pie was entertaining and the comedy was raunchy yet interesting. This movie is a disgrace to the motion picture industry. How was this atrocity released? I spent 4 bucks on this trash! Holy crap I could have spent that money on a quarter pounder with cheese and had some sort of temporary satisfaction. There's not even a good sex or nude scene! The acting is just BAD, the story is just Cliché, the directing is just CRAP. There's nothing funny about this at all. I can't believe you IMDb users gave this a 4.8, why? Why is this not sitting on the bottom 100? Did you think it was cute? Oh my lord.....why? 2/10
  • Luckily I was someone who caught this movie on Crackle instead of paying for it which was one of the only pros of this.. to stay nice... lackluster teenage comedy coming from what people call "The Golden- Age of Gross out Teenage Comedy", films like American Pie, Saving Silverman, Road Trip, among others. The idea of the title actually makes sense when looking at the premise, as most of the ideas that they come with to get laid are thought up and so like the title insane. The acting is pretty poor and the writing is dreadful. It seems as though they write the characters to be "the fat one who eats cause he is fat haha" instead of what American Pie did and put "The jock with a good pleasant heart" or "The good nerd who just wants to get laid", sure they still weren't "stellar" character traits but they sure had a bit of effort put into them. The ending was... bad. I am not going to spoil it but it was shocking, but really awful. It seemed as though they thought that their ending was too over the top so they decided to try again, and still failed. If you can watch this for free by legal means then I recommend watching it just as a showcase on how to NOT do a teen comedy. Otherwise Skip skip skip skip skip!
  • This is a typical attempt to make a sequel movie to others that have rocked the box offices, such as the American Pie and Road Trip series.

    The plot is stereo-typical, the acting is bad - not necessarily on any one actor's experience, but more on poor script-writing, bad editing and poor direction. There are some very accomplished actors in this movie, but unfortunately they were given sleeper roles.

    In my opinion, this movie was not worth the $3.99 + tax I paid to rent it. I would have been very disappointed if I had paid theater price to see this movie (if it had a theater run even.)

    If you don't mind paying to download movies from an authorized download site and viewing them on your PC or renting "sleepers" from your local Movie Rental location, then its up to you to see it. I would however, recommend viewing a movie like "Guess Who" or "The 40 Year Old Virgin" as an alternative.
  • I should have immediately known this was a bad movie when the biggest names in it were washed-up sitcom co-stars. This was by far, the worst thing I have ever seen. I could tell it would be a stereotypical teen comedy, and in fact I only watched it because it had Winnie Cooper in it, and I've been in love with her for as long as I can remember. Not anymore! I cannot believe anyone would sink so low as to make this movie. Every character is a stereotype, it has terrible acting, an atrocious script, and the most predictable plot I've ever seen in my life. There where characters that just stopped showing up halfway through the movie, scenes that contributed nothing to the plot and never went anywhere, and every sort of gross-out gag you can imagine. I could only suggest this movie if you feel like torturing yourself for an hour and a half.
  • arfdawg-117 April 2014
    Bumbling high school geek Virgil Heitmeyer has yet to lose his virginity.

    A golden opportunity for finally getting deflowered arises after Virgil manages to get closer to the beautiful and popular Kellie Guthrie.

    Will Virgil's date with Kellie go smoothly?

    Or is Virgil going to blow his big chance to score with the girl of his dreams?

    A plot so thin it melts.

    Directly with the SLOW moving credits you know you are in for a bore fest.

    By watching movies like this it's clear the only stereotype that isn't a protected minority are fat people.

    What I'd really like to know is why are these movies made?

    Who watches them?

    Who buys them?

    I mean is this some sort of money laundering or tax shelter?

    They cannot be profitable.

    I turned it on Roku by accident.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    well what can i say about this movie that hasn't been said.The story kinda reminds me of American pie.i just want to say Lindsay Hollister is a beautiful woman although they made her a inside fat joke.even though she is a big girl i still find her very attractive cause i am a big guy myself.also who can mistake Richard Karn of Home Improvement,Dee Wallace Fro E.T. And Cujo and i must say my personal Fav. Donkey lips From the old nick show salute your shorts.also we have Danica McKellar as Debbie who you may remember as Winnie cooper from the wonder years.i think this movie is just a attempt and showing even the underdog deserves the pretty girl.this movie is a testament in the geek bible of the way life is and deserves better than it has received.actually while not the best film it does have it check it out if even to see donkey lips in a roll other than salute your shorts.
  • This must be the worst movie I've ever seen. There is no plot, aside from the lead character trying to score the hot girl, which I can safely say has been done before. The acting is just awful, I haven't spotted one true emotion. The movie was cut together in a very unorganised way (and I'm not talking Pulp Fiction style) and seemed to just stop before the story was over (and I'm not talking Lock Stock style).

    Don't get me wrong, I liked American Pie, all three where a good way of passing time. Road trip was funny, and so was Euro trip. I'm not an enemy of the genre, just an enemy of this lousy movie. . out of *****

    Don't say i didn't warn you.
  • pinkflamingopen11 August 2004
    Ug. This was pretty bad.

    There was just nothing original about it. Nothing but a bunch of mismatched stereotypes from a whole list of teenage angst films, all vomited together.

    The only moment worth watching was this one "kind of funny" scene where Danica McKellar confronts the main kid. Mascara running down cheeks, etc. She totally pulled it off.

    But seriously, she wasn't in the movie that much, and it wasn't worth watching the whole movie for. Stay AWAY...!

    I'm just tired of all the bad films out there. PLEASE entertain us!
  • The best part of the movie was that i rented it expecting a stinker but the library was shutting and my friends were getting irritated and as last choice i got this movie.

    Well even though this movie was predictable, lacked the hotties that i come to expect in good teen comedies and most of the jokes were very creative but badly executed i really didn't dislike the movie.

    The 86 minute or something movie was short and sweet and one never really gets bored nor does one have to much fun.

    The stereotypical fat and horny guy comes across as the only winner in this otherwise listless film.

    Don't rent this movie in a hurry but if there's absolutely no choice then rent this one at least none of your friends will insult you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have often heard people claim that they could create a better movie than the one which they are watching, but I have never seen a movie actually validate such a claim. Sex and the Teenage Mind is presented as a serious attempt at a teen comedy, but appears more as a series of marijuana-inspired scenes brainstormed by people devoid of a sense of humor and completely out of touch with today's generation, which unfortunately happens to be their target audience. I truly think that the plot was made up as the movie progressed. It features many random scenes which not only detract from the movie's bare skeleton of a plot, but in addition coax the words, "was that supposed to be funny?" out of your mouth- already open in awe of how bad the movie is. During the movie I was actually amazed at how whoever was responsible for this piece of crap managed to make a cliché out of everything. The jock carries a football around for crying out loud, a character trait missing in Not Another Teen Movie, which intentionally overused such clichés. It really says something when a serious movie has more clichés than a parody on the same subject. Keeping in line with the theme of "last minute paper due the next day", profanity and nudity are placed into the film like similes in order to make it look more convincing that actual work was put into the project. They are put in such random context that it is glaringly obvious that their only purpose was to garner an "r" rating in a shallow attempt to appeal to teens. The only thing this movie succeeds in doing is boosting your self-esteem; not because of the nerdy characters, but because of the miserable effort put forth by the producers. One thing that really irritated me were the scenes which became awkwardly long for no apparent reason. Dialogue was repeated, the same points were emphasized, and I glanced at my watch a few more times. In one such scene we watch the main character drive to a girl's house for a good 45 seconds, as if we would be confused at how he got there if some of the driving was cut out. This becomes extremely frustrating when the first time is revealed to have been a dream sequence, and the scene is repeated. The main character is supposed to be a dork, but is portrayed to be so socially inept that it borders on mental retardation, and is so extreme that Napoleon Dynamite would point and laugh. The main character has difficulty walking without tripping, accidentally exposes himself to nearly every other character in the movie, and finds it necessary to practice putting a condom on a banana around his friend's waist while receiving direction, despite clearly labeled instructions provided with all condoms. Seriously though, good fun for the entire family... if your family has an average IQ of just under 14.
  • dizo6125 January 2006
    When watching this film, Sex and the Teenage Mind, one must ask themselves this question. Is Sex and the Teenage Mind a great film or the greatest film? It is truly one of the great tragedies of the 21st century that this amazing masterpiece was overseen for the Academy Awards. Never in all my years of viewing cinema has such a tremendous film been brought before me. It portrays the life of a young boy, Virgyl and his struggle with puberty, hormones, and even worse..............girls!!! Virgyls very sexually active parents suggest that he tries to find a girlfriend and become more sexually experienced. Virgyl is also helped out by his good buddy, the great film actor Michael Bower, and is taught how to sweet talk the ladies, master the difficult art of putting a condom on, and what are the best magazines to 'jack off to'. Virgyl then finds the girl of his dreams and stands up for her in their US History class. But oh no Virgyl, watch out. The girl of your dream's girlfriend, Scott, is a real jock jerk. But oh no, what's this? To repay Virgyl, Kelly hires a hooker to have sex with him. An all too common plot scenerio. This movie has laughs, love and most of all a great soundtrack. From the impersonations of the bee gees to the girl band cover of 'Doctor Doctor'. This movie has it all. A must see for any horny boy that wants to see a movie with one scene of a naked lady or a boy that has rapist thoughts when they look at a girl. This movie was definitely 90 sweet minutes in hump city
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just blew 2 hours of my life watching this wannabe-American Pie. It's hard to even begin to describe the horror of this shallow piece of teenage melodrama. Some movies just should not even be available for the safety of the public's sanity.

    1) Is there anything redeeming about any character? Main guy, dorky and hormonal with a serious klutziness. Main girl, shallow and cheats on tests. Supporting guy, fat with no hope of ever getting laid and an even worse way with comedy. Supporting girl, even more shallow than main girl who goes after said girl's guy because girls like that just love to be treated like sh*t (DANICA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THIS MOVIE??? FIRE YOUR AGENT!!!!!)

    2) Ending makes you sigh in relief, it's like the writer realized the last two hours of crap are enough for the poor audience and decided to *boop* end it. Not that I expected something more than that, but why have a sense of reality then? Why not in the first three minutes?

    3) Moral: eh....uh....mhhhh....

    4) American Pie began the raunchy teen movie conquest. BTW, why make movies that are so raunchy that only the 17older crowd can see them? These movies don't even appeal to a crowd that has actually had sex without pies, bananas, or wannabe barbie dolls with no acting skill (beg pardon to those of you whose first times really were like this, you have my sympathy). This movie has no scrap of comedy to it and should be burned.

    5) Sorry, I just like the number 5.

    In short, I'm sure more people have chuckled or even smiled at this entry than they will at this movie.
  • We just finished watching this.

    We figured it would bad, but there would probably be some why not. (By the way there is next to none and it's not good.) DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE. This isn't even funny bad. There isn't a plot, it uses clichéd parts from other movies, the acting is the worst I've ever seen (that kid was way better as Donkey Lips from "Salute your shorts").

    I'm not sure where it was trying to go. Now I know why I had never heard of it. It should be burned so no other person has the misfortune of wasting minutes of their life that would be better spent doing ANYTHING else.

    Pure garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bumbling high school geek Virgil Heitmeyer (an endearingly gawky portrayal by Jay Michael Ferguson) has yet to lose his virginity. A golden opportunity for Virgil to finally get laid arises after Virgil manages to get closer to the beautiful and popular Kellie Guthrie (radiantly played by the luscious Allison Lange). Will Virgil's date with Kellie go smoothly? Or is he going to blow his big chance to score with the girl of his dreams? Writer/director Donald L. Gold uses the novel and compelling premise as an adroit means to meticulously craft a brilliant and incisive cinematic meditation on adolescent yearning and the awkwardness of youth. The witty and inspired jokes on such surefire knee slappers as erections, flatulence, vomiting, obesity, masturbation, and homosexuality are always uproarious and nothing short of remarkable, with a lovable foul-mouthed parrot providing some of the picture's biggest belly laughs. The expert use of actors and actresses who are well into their mid to late twenties to portray teenagers gives this movie an additional bracing accuracy and authenticity. The characters are drawn with breathtaking depth and humanity. Kudos are also certainly in order for the first-rate acting by the uniformly stellar cast, with especially stand-out contributions from Dee Wallace as Virgil's sweet mom Francine, Richard Kern as Virgil's jolly dad Stanley, portly wonder Michael Bower as Virgil's tubby best bud Dwayne, Danica McKellar as the stuck-up Debbie, Jordan Belfi as odious jock bully Scott Jordan, and Jodi Fleisher as the ditsy Amy. Buxom blonde bombshell Jamie Hogan has a sizzling bit as a sexy stripper. The ingenious plot twist at the end is genuinely surprising. The cool soundtrack hits the get down groovy spot. Howard Wexler's handsome cinematography and Chris Anderson's jaunty score are both smack dead on the money fantastic. A true masterpiece.