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  • Interesting series about the Triple Sixers, the biker gang that wants to settle into Ontario. Without being suggested that it's based on the recent expansion of the real Hell's Angels into that province, it's pretty obvious that the series based itself on that fact.

    But Le Dernier chapitre was missing some artifice. Seems to drag sometimes. OK were happy to see that those bikers have a social life beside their "other" activities. But at some point, we've had it with Mr. Durelle or Mr. Desbiens having a friendly talk by the pool. Give us some action!

    The acting was good. Michael Ironside shines as Bob Durelle. Frank Schorpion too as Zip O'Connors. And Michel Forget too as the witty cop (probably based on real life ex-cop Guy Ouellette who's still collecting info about the Hell's Angels even though he's retire). My preferate of the whole gang: Roots Racine played nicely by Québec-singer Dan Bigras.

    I salute the decision of the CBC to put a lot of money into the marketing of that series. I mean previews were shown at cineplex around the country. Also nice to see a series running on the main English network and at the sime time on the main French network in Canada.

    I gave the series a 7 out of 10. Seen at home in Toronto.
  • I guess CBC is trying not to lose anymore viewers to HBO, and came up with this. Most of the budget is spent on the first episode, and the show hurts because of this. Watchable, decent budget, good acting, which is a big surprise for the CBC. Michael Ironside is a strong actor and it was nice to have a realistic watchable show on TV. I still can not believe I watch a CBC show, other than Hockey. Maybe, I will watch PBS next. Worth viewing. 6/10