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  • Essentially, it's an adult movie, that pays a wonderful homage to the motion picture, "Being John Malkovich". The latter sucked, but this movie is "BRILLIANT!" Briefly, it's the story of a bumbling fool, who, despite being married to a sultry seductress, played by Chloe, he also pines for Juli Ashton, the porn star. (Can't really fault him for that.., but I digress) So our "hero", finds a magical way to "become" whoever the lucky devil is who is "with" Juli Ashton. By with, I mean in the "biblical sense".

    I rated this a 9 out of 10, for one reason only. The sweet Juli Ashton performs in a DP scene, and I personally don't care to see her "poked & prodded" AND "stretched" in such a profane way. But kudos to you Juli. I look forward to seeing more of your movies.