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  • This movie sends home many messages that may seem tired to some, but as a parent I always appreciate it when we see something on TV that allows me to start up a conversation with my kids about these issues.

    My oldest daughter is a competitive gymnast and we saw this movie for the first time on the Disney Channel about a week before her first competition. This movie was both entertaining and a great way to help her understand the difference between being "the best" and "her best." Seeing the characters work hard to reach their goal - while still having fun - really helped her get in the right frame of mind to compete. My middle daughter is a dancer and when we watched it most recently, she enjoyed it from that view as well.

    When my girls see this movie advertised, they will do whatever I ask them to do to ensure they can watch the whole thing!
  • jennifer_lathan10 November 2005
    I loved this movie, the story is empowering and encouraging to those that need someone to believe in them. It's important for girls to have an outlet for their creative energy. The girls have great spirit, drive, and work hard for what they want, and that can be a deadly combo. While the girls make some errors in judgment going behind the teacher's back, the teacher shouldn't have let her issues hold back her encouraging the girls to succeed! Once the coach and the girls started working together they made a great team. they show what hard work talent and determination can get you. I was very impressed with this film and it's one of my favorites
  • This movie has a lot of Spanish and Hispanic people in it. Even though the movie is centered on dance and cheer leading, it still has a great story to tell. The choreography was very well taught and learned. The dancers in the film which are also the actresses perform just as professionals do. One of the flaws that I saw was that in the movie, the characters are supposed to be playing 9th graders, when they look like they are 18 or 19. But other than that, it has a good story to it with a moral, is sad in some spots and witty in some. If you are a girl, you will especially like it. It teaches you about dance and different moves and how to prepare. It was much better than I thought and was not boring. I am very glad that the Disney Channel took the time to make a movie that has some Spanish culture in it and a little more variety. It is the typical Disney Channel movie length and about what you'd expect. It also takes place in southern California. After seeing it I would have to give it an 8.5 out of 10. I do recommend it.
  • Aside from the horribly predictable plot line, and the annoying use of 1 Spanish word in a sentance to make it have a ghetto Latino feel it was too bad. Disney has tried to get out of its good two shoes feel and hopefully will eventually. The movie was good and sweet but what can you expect from Disney other then that?
  • this movie was pretty good. its about a bunch of girls who really need extra credit, so they try out for the dance team, and since none of them are at all good at dancing, they all make it. but they have serious problem both at home and with the teacher. the storyline wasn't great, but the actors were good and it has a good moral. i wouldn't recommend it if your not into dance, or music. if you weren't then you would find it a total bore. if you are on a dance team or are a cheerleader, then this would be a good movie for you (especially for a cheerleader, you could learn the cheer. its really not that hard. you just have to be flexible).
  • bctxcoll29 October 2002
    This movie 'Gotta Kick It Up!" was a pretty good movie. This movie was about a group of middle school girls on a dance team having difficulty adjusting with their coach. There were many obstacles on and off the dance team. Overall this movie is well worth watching to the general public.
  • failure brings a white computer tech to try something entirely different - teaching 9th grade biology at an inner-city school where she is also drafted to coach a mixed bag of girls for the school's dance team. Mostly unlikeable characters. These supposed 9th grade girls, with no formal dance background are molded by their reluctant new coach into talented dancers in just a few weeks. The character of the teacher wasn't believable. While wearing a bad wig with a style from the 60's, she exhibited mostly blank expressions while allowing these generally rude, disrespectful and obnoxious girls to walk all over her. The girls consistently were rewarded for awful behavior. The main character of the "tough girl" was so annoying my teenage daughter and I could hardly keep from smacking the TV set in response to her antics. All in all, we could not identify with any of the characters and felt that a bad example was set by every character including the principal! Disney - what were you thinking?
  • The acting is good and dancing is very good, however, the plot has problems. It is all about a group of middle school girls who guilt their biology teacher into coaching their dance team. From that point on they show just how selfish they can be, disobeying their coach and doing what they want when they feel like it and throw fits every time she says no to them. Overall this is a good movie with a bad message
  • It's not the best however if you really love dance I'd recommend it. If you want to watch it because you think its about cheerleading then your picking the wrong movie. The commercial on the family channel showed the girls like a cheerleading squad and dancing with pom poms that's not a cheerleading squad. So I only watched it because I thought it was a cheerleading movie. It wasn't. So I give it a 7 out of 10. My grade is a B+.
  • rizzo41126 July 2002
    This movie is about a Latina dance team who find themselves struggling with confidence and respect for eachother.

    Through their times together at practices and competitions, they learn important lessons that have a big impact on their lives.

    I recommend this movie to anyone in need of a confidence boost.

    This movie will have you saying, "Yes I can!"
  • This movie is my most favorite movie ever! I watched it the night it premiered and couldn't stop watching it. Since I've been dancing since I was 2 1/2 I loved it even more. I taped it and have watched it every night since. Call me obsessive but oh well!! I think this movie shows that if you really believe you can do something, it can happen! I mean, the movie WAS based on a true story. The movie made me realize also that friendship is something you should treasure because if you look at all the things they did in this movie, they couldn't have done it without their friends. After I saw this movie I was like "oh my god" I want to be just like them. I thought i was so cool that this was a true story. It comes to show you that, as I said before, whatever you want to succeed in life, you can do it as long as you believe in yourself first!! Before I end this, does anyone know if there's a "Gotta Kick It Up" soundtrack??? I love the songs!!!!! =)
  • Kids ten to twelve is the best audience for this inspirational tale. A Mexican-American dance team learns to act as a team to become a contender. This TV movie lets grownups know that America Ferrera did not fall out of the sky to become Ugly Betty. No, she has been around a while. Meanwhile, the young, unknown cast prove to be great dancers. The choreography is great and you can tell this is when Disney started thinking about bringing back the musical. In Other words, this may have been the first step toward High School Musical! At any rate, this is what Disney Channel is best at: an old-fashioned, inspiring, girl empowerment movie. Disney really knows how to put on a show on a shoestring budget.
  • This movie was awesome. This is about girls wanting a cheer leading squad at their school and it's based on a true story. Ms. Bartlett becomes the biology teacher at their school and she also becomes the coach for cheer leading. So they form a cheer leading team and dance and cheer at the same time. I like Daisy(Camille Guaty) and also Yolanda(America Ferrera) because when I see them in the movie, I feel like dancing and cheer leading at the same time. Daisy(Camille Guaty) and Chuy(Erik Alexander Gavica) were a perfect couple for the movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a cheerleader, a dancer, or just loves music. It is perfect to watch as a family or by yourself. I would give Gotta Kick It Up a 10 out of 10 rating. Gotta Kick It Up is my favorite Disney Channel Movie.
  • This movie is excellent. The actors are good. The dancing is fabulous. And the plot is great. Five middle school girls try to get there new biology teacher to coach there coachless dance team. She goes for it and coaches them and in return they go against her demands. They disobey her by dancing in the lunch area without her consent. By doing this they are trying to get her to consider that they are ready to compete. She doesn't think they are. They have to touch up the old uniforms to make them look good and then they start to come up with ways to get to the competition. They think that they should just go without a coach. It turns out that that is a bad idea. Well, I don't want to give away the whole movie so I better stop talking. But if I had to rate this film I would give it a 4 1/2 out of 5 or a 9 1/2 out of 10.
  • d-neleman4 February 2006
    This TV-flick is going down in my book as the baddest "thing" I have ever seen. First of: The story. There is none. I don't see any story in the fact that start a dance team en no hurdles of any significance are thrown in their way; so what's the point of this movie? Two: The dialog and directing are painfully bad. The director of this flick haven't been in or around a school for about 40 years or something. All the kids here are annoying posers who dance in class and be cool. We, at my school would call 'em Fame wannabee dorks. Anyway: far remote from cool, that's for sure. after 5 sec. in into the movie I knew the unfolding laughable excuse of a "plot". It's a big pile of Pooh. Normally a bad movie makes me laugh at it, now it irritated me so much I had to tell you guys.
  • This is another in a long line of feel-good films wherein a down-and-out school team overcomes a variety of difficulties and rises to victory. In this case, it's a dance team, and the draw here of course are the many dance numbers strung throughout the course of plot and action.

    In addition to the dance teacher played by Susan Egan, whose long list of credits is one with which I'm mostly unfamiliar, are actors who appear later in more familiar roles, most notably the two leads, Camille Guaty (TV's "Prison Break" and "The Nine") who plays a dance diva who, under the tutelage of Julliard washout Heather Bartlett (the aforementioned Susan Egan), learns to become a team player, and America Ferrera ("The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"), star of the current TV hit, "Ugly Betty". The other actor of note here is Miguel Sandoval (currently the district attorney on TV's "Medium") who plays the tough-because-he-has-to-be school principal.

    Although fun to watch, this movie doesn't pack the emotional power of some of its more famous counterparts, but serves as a stepping stone for some young actresses to go on to greater things.
  • Finally, Disney Channel made a movie about dancing, and not just a sport like they usually do. I especially enjoyed this movie since I am a dancer myself.

    "Gotta Kick it Up" is about a group of high school students who form a dance team. They're not the best, but when they finally get their new coach, they'll do whatever it takes to be their best. This movie shows teamwork and how everyone should work together to achieve any goal.

    This movie is definitely one of my favorites that I will never forget.

    Check it out if it's on Disney Channel again sometime, it will get you dancing along too!
  • This movie was very enjoyable, I have watched it 4 or 5 times and never have gotten bored of it. I have taped it and taken it to school with me to a Spanish class. The plot is exciting and you never know what the girls are going to do next. It takes you through their challenges of trusting one another and having faith in themselves and believing that they can do it, and that the things they want to do are best when they are worth waiting for. They also solve problems with self-esteem and social problems. One of the best solutions it shows is how the girls work together to over come their problems like for example when they don't have enough money to go to the nationals so they work together to raise money and one of the girls is failing a class so if she can add up the money they raised the teacher agreed that they would bring her mark up just enough so they should would pass. In my opinion this movie shows great team spirit and great dance moves, along with some awesome music. I recommend this movie to anyone. And if you liked this movie I recommend watching "Bring It On". It is another awesome movie about a cheerleading team and making their way through the competitions.
  • I saw this movie the day that it premiered and I couldn't even watch all of it. Don't ask me why, but it just gets on my nerves with the acting of the students and every thing. The most I would give this movie on a scale of 1-10 would be 1 1/2, if even that.
  • I loved Gotta Kick it Up! It was fairly predictible, but it was soo sweet. It had more then girls just dancing around, too. I guess that Disney has no faith in their movies, because I think that this would have done great in theatres.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is by far the worst attempt to identify with the latin population and kids in particular. Right about the moment the main character started dancing (practically out of no where!) her friend started chanting "go daisy go daisy" or what ever the heck her name was. The plot is so stupid, the main character wants to make something out of herself by dancing in high school competitions. The team's motto is "si su puede" which means "yes I can" in spanish, I suppose they thought it would mean more if it wasn't in english. Did disney really think that high school dancing would make that dramatic of a story. So she overcomes stress with family and friends and predictibly becomes a successful dancer, boring boring boring. As a latin myself this movie insults me greatly to portray them as such self absorbed idiots. Don't watch this movie if you want a serious drama (this is disney after all) or an intelligent movie. (Grade= o *'s out of 10).
  • I just want to say if you love to dance or love to watch people dance this is the movie. I love watching this movie over and over. It is just so great. It made me want to join the dance team at are school.

    So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. PLEASE go watch it you wont want to miss it.

    See ya later
  • comeoctober20 September 2003
    this movie got on my nerves. i dont like how almost the whole school is either Spanish, black, asian.....stuff like that, and the only white person is the bio teacher. also i dont like how they wear cheerleading uniforms with pom poms to dance in. my sister is in grade nine and she is on a dance team and they have to wear anything but cheerleading uniforms. i didnt like the guy chewie. and basically what i'm trying to say is this movie could have had at least more story than dancing.
  • Gotta kick it up wasn't all that bad though. It was kind of cute. Although I did get kind of tired of hearing Daisy complain about things not going her way. And the plots were so predictable. And why didn't the other girls on the squad at least say one line. And I just have to say this!!! Daisy was SUPPOSED to be in middle school but her boyfriend looks as if he was 30. Come on get real!!!!

    All in all i give it a 5* out of 10*
  • This movie is diffently a disney movie its starts out interesting and ends up getting old real fast. This movie is diffently a cute movie for little kids. This story is about a girl who wants to try out for her schools dance team and struggles with friends and teachers.
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