Critic Reviews

  • 80
    Film Threat
    Has more heart up on the screen than any film I’ve seen in recent years. I mean, we’re talking sappy, sweet, heart wrenching sentimentality.
  • 70
    Keith Phipps The A.V. Club
    Though Smith loses many of his past efforts' familiar trappings--Jay and Silent Bob are now confined to the production-company logo--Jersey Girl plays to Smith's strengths like no film since "Clerks."
  • 63
    Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
    Jersey Girl is an oddity, hard to dislike but impossible to buy.
  • 50
    James Berardinelli ReelViews
    A lackluster melodrama with only a few inspired moments.
  • 50
    Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter
    Smith stumbles setting up dramatic confrontations and strains credibility a time or two with implausible moments.
  • 50
    Joe Leydon Variety
    A bland slab of sentimental hokum that proves even the most smart-alecky of indie auteurs can turn warm and fuzzy on occasion.
  • 50
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone
    Affleck is modest and engaging, which keeps the movie out of "Gigli" territory. But it's close.
  • 40
    Robert Wilonsky Dallas Observer
    Smith used to make movies to make fun of movies like Jersey Girl; now he's just another guy working the assembly line, which won't make you a sell-out if no one buys it.
  • 30
    Ed Park Village Voice
    Aware of its awfulness.
  • 30
    Scott Foundas L.A. Weekly
    Both stars are atrocious -- but the real blame for this cosmically self-indulgent disaster lies with Kevin Smith, who directs like a proud father who can't stop showing you pictures of his kids. And here's the thing: The brats are ugly.