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25 December 2004 | fertilecelluloid
| Hard to stomach at times
Unlike MASON'S DIRTY TRIXXX 2, which wallows in abuse but still retains a sense of "fun" (yes, I know that's relative), Khan Tusion's ROUGH SEX 2 is a downbeat collection of women being abused and choked and brutally sodomized for very petty crimes.

Being one of the first hardcore video flicks to exist solely as a masturbation tool for those who get off on women being treated like crap, it is reasonably well shot and directed and boasts realistic signs of real abuse such as welting on pretty bottoms.

One naively assumes that the women must be getting big bucks to suffer such treatment. Looking at the production values of most of these vids, I'd say the big bucks are not going to the actors. Clearly, some of these women enjoy the controlled violence visited upon their lithe bodies and the rest are doing it for the paycheck.

It is erotic at times and it's ugly at times. Personally, I can do without the scenes where the women are forced to lick the rear ends of the male actors. As a card-carrying hetero male, I find such scenes terribly gay (my prejudice, I guess).

An erotic curio for car wreck fans.

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