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  • The best we should reasonably expect from a movie like `Blue Crush' is that we will be treated to some stunning footage of surfers riding the world's greatest waves (along Hawaii's Pipeline, natch) to personal fame and glory. We certainly get that in abundance - but what we have less right to expect, perhaps, is that the film will offer anything else of any real quality. After all, we've been to these kinds of movies before, harking all the way back to those halcyon Bleach Blanket Bingo days when Gidget, Moondoggie and the rest of those addle-brained, teeny-bopper cut-ups aspired to nothing higher than a life of eternal youth spent wallowing in the bleach-white sands of Santa Monica or Malibu. In the case of `Blue Crush,' therefore, I am happy to report that the screenplay - by Lizzy Weiss (based on a magazine article by Susan Orlean) -provides just enough touches of realism to keep this new film both life-sized and interesting. And the majority of the credit goes to the film's protagonist, Anne Marie Chadwick who, much to our surprise, engages our sympathies from first moment to last.

    Anne Marie is no bubble-headed, bleached-blond bimbo with nothing on her mind but winning the big Pipeline competition. Although that is, indeed, part of her life's plan, Anne Marie is, also, an intelligent, pragmatic young woman, fully aware of both her strengths and weaknesses and just trying the best she knows how to make her life work for her, the young sister in her charge and the two surf buddy girlfriends she lives and works with. Anne Marie is also riddled with insecurities, as she struggles to overcome the fear instilled in her by a near-fatal accident in that very same spot a few years earlier. Meanwhile, she and her pals work hard trying to eke out a living as maids at a posh hotel, earning just enough money to keep a roof over their heads and pay some of their bills so they will be free to head to the coast at the first sign of prime `Surf's Up' conditions.

    The acting in the film is really quite impressive. As Anne Marie, Kate Bosworth lights up the screen with her subtly nuanced, poised and dignified performance. She knows how to use understated facial expressions to convey the thoughts and feelings of the character she is portraying. Equally compelling are Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake as her fun-loving buddies, Mika Boorem as her little sister, and Matthew Davis as the professional football quarterback who becomes her love interest. Director John Stockwell, to his credit, manages to keep the majority of the scenes intimate in tone and realistic in nature, rarely allowing the narrative to wander into overwrought melodrama or teen-movie farce. Even the obligatory fight scene is kept restrained and believable.

    There are occasional weaknesses in the film – a gaggle of snooty football wives and groupies who snub Anne Marie for being too lower class for their tastes are the primary offenders – but, on the whole, `Blue Crush' turns out to be a much better film than its subject matter would ever lead us to expect. That comes as a particularly pleasant and un-looked-for surprise here in the shank of the summer movie going season.
  • Critic Ebert has a very complete and accurate review, and I will not repeat any of it here. I bought "Blue Crush" as a used rental DVD, real cheap, and it is a perfect disk. The basic story has been told many times, but it is done here better than many. However, there is one thing that moves it from the "ordinary" to "outstanding - the cimematography and the sound.

    After most of the first hour of the film sets up the characters and the situations, we are treated to surfing the Hawaii "pipeline" by surfers. One DVD extra shows how they do "face replacement" so that the pro surfer appears to be star Kate Bosworth. With many cameras in the waves, and sometimes under them, we get a unique perspective of being on top of a giant wave, or being inside the wave as it is breaking. All the while a very aggressive sound mix makes you feel like you are there also. This is definitely a good DVD to have for demonstrating the quality of your digital 5.1 surround sound system with good powered subwoofer.

    I suspect anyone who saw "Blue Crush" at home, on VHS or DVD, with sound fed into the TV speakers has seen a different movie. That's because the sound track plays such a key role. This isn't a great movie, but a very good one. I believe its most realistic IMDb rating is somewhere around "7" or "8".
  • For all you wanna-be critics out there trying to be negative about the directing and cinematography, lighten up! This film is excellent in the fact that it does not try to be more than it is... a surf flick. Its obviously not trying to win an Oscar or a bafta. cant any of you simply enjoy a feel good movie? the filming of the waves and the surfing was top class and even though the acting was not Oscar worthy in any way shape or form i think it was impressive that they embraced the surfing culture and used local people in this film.

    For all of you out there who like to just enjoy a films and don't feel that you need to be completely baffled, shocked or made to think you will enjoy this. Yes it is predictable but who cares its just a bit of fun.

    For all of you who hated this film just because the plot was predictable and the acting was substandard i draw your attention to a gentleman named Sigmund Frued; "Some times a cigar is just a cigar"
  • uberbrodie23 August 2002
    i went to see this movie solely because i thought it would be horrible. It looked so cornballish that i couldn't help but go if only to mock it from my seat the whole way through. I was thus quite shocked to find myself actually enjoying the film! From the direction, to the action, the camera work and especially the surfing shots, it was just amazing. Seeing the waves crashing fifteen feet tall, it is definitely worth seeing in theaters to get the full effect. Another shock came in the form of teh script, and the acting. While they had their holes, it was amazing how real the movie felt. They weren't actors, they were real people. From the very beginning, it starts. Other reviews have claimed that these characters were all standard hollywood barbies, but this is far from the truth. While it Anne Marie is quite attractive she is far from movie star beautiful, there is this natural and real quality to her that, if anything, makes her all the more endearing. i could drivel on, but the point is, this movie just makes you feel good. it takes you along on this enjoyable ride, and leaves you with a positive attitude and an insatiable desire to move to hawaii, rent a shack and spend your days surfing. It was cute, but there's also a lot of substance there. definitely worth seeing.
  • From the thoroughly mediocre school of filmmaking, here comes director John Stockwell's 'Blue Crush'. Its graduates...uh, actors include Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and a bunch of other pretty people you've never heard of. Bosworth is Anne Marie, the super-talented surfer with a confidence problem. Before the movie is half over, she's in love with a pro quarterback and struggling to gumption up for the big all-girls surf championship. It's your standard 1980's Tom Cruise picture.

    If a movie with such modest ambitions is supposed to make you want to go out and take up surfing, I say, hand me my 'Point Break' DVD instead. Sure, 'Blue Crush' is professionally made and the camerawork is fine, but how hard is it to pretty up shots of the Hawaiian ocean when it's in the form of gorgeous, humungoid waves? That's a natural beauty that speaks for itself and doesn't need Hollywood to flaunt it. As for the screenplay by Lizzy Weiss & Stockwell, well, they're proficient with the surfing lingo. They're also absentminded enough to bury their various hanging plot threads in an undertow. The flick is not trying to be a deep meditation on the entire wave-lovin' experience, but that's no excuse for staggering along with such a sub-par story.

    As unremarkable as they may be, the female leads are about the best thing in the film. They all look smart in bathing suits---the words "woo hoo" come to mind---and they're fairly natural. Plus, these likable babes don't grate with too many, "you go, girl" comments. Rodriguez even smiled once or twice, which confirms that she DOES have more facial expressions than just snarling and pouting. But despite the physical beauty of the waves and the girls, the film they're in is generic goop. Parents will be happy that all the sex is kiss-kiss-fadeout, there's nary a drug, and only a handful of cuss words. All the same, I'm certainly not happy with the content of 'Blue Crush'. It's just not tubular, dude.
  • gpolice_9720 August 2002
    I should start off saying, This film is amazing on So many levels!!! the story is believable and well plotted, and the way this film was shot is Amazing!!!

    I originally went to see this film for two reasons. 1.I love Michelle Rodriguez. 2.Im a sucker for surf movies.

    I originally didn't figure on expecting too much from this film, other than a fluffy story with people wiping out alot on weeny waves, but In turn the characters are brought out quite well, and the waves are HUGE! I do however think this is a somewhat sequel to "North Shore", "ie..Girl makes it big on small circuit, has problems and eventually breaks through and comes out on top, and it takes place in Hawaii, on the North shore.. :)"..It's Kind of a "fluff" story, but it Draws you INTO the character's lives...and when your finished watching this film, you'll feel like youve Really been hitting the waves!!

    However , If you Don't like feel good movies, or surf movies in general bore you...then this film Isn't for you...otherwise this movie is tops when it comed to surfer flicks!!!
  • Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) is a local surfer girl with best friends Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake) aiming to surf the Pipe in competition. Her little sister Penny (Mika Boorem) is getting more rebellious especially when their mother leaves town. She struggles against testosterone driven surf culture, and her disgusting job as a hotel maid. However the arrival of pro football quarterback Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis) may distract her away from her goal.

    On the surface, this movie has beautiful babes in beautiful exotic locales. Beneath the surface, there is a compelling underdog story. It has emotions. She has to overcome her fears. Kate Bosworth is good as a girl unsure of herself. Rodriguez is the girl with attitude to spare. It's more than a simple exploitation film.
  • I won't dispute the weakness in the story and some so-so acting. In this particular case I rate this movie highly for its video and especially audio quality. For any home theater fanatic looking for top notch sound this is one of the best. When they're out in the water laying pipe, etc... its about as good a sound track as I've heard. You can almost feel the water getting in your ears. The video isn't far behind but that was easier for the filmmakers since the Hawaiian coast is so beautiful. I found the story to be passable, but there are a couple of segments that are dumb and I skip over on repeat viewings. Some of the extra features on the DVD are also good. If you have a good HT audio setup this needs to be in your collection!
  • tedg16 August 2002
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers herein.

    I was blown away by this little gem, because of how purely cinematic it is.

    All the good parts are framed by a weak story that started out at least competently formulaic but has been so sliced and diced by the producers that none of it makes sense. No matter. Really, no matter because the water scenes make the time more than worth the effort. But it must be noted that while the story (and acting and dialog) is all disposable, it respects the sexuality of the girls. They are in bathing suits, and look nice but not even once is there a prurient shot. Not once is there an attempt to slip into a coy, seductive wiggle. And that's remarkable indeed.

    But it is not the thing that makes this trip worthwhile.

    Not all of life does well in translating to cinema. Some things are inherently more cinematic than others, and the stuff that is (and is easy to do) comes pouring over the hapless moviewatcher: explosions, car chases, macho strutting and the related violence. And of course a specific type of sexual, cool open (usually submissive) femininity. In fact, because that sexual presence is so cinematically effective, it has defined societal types and expectations. That's another story, one we will avoid here except to already have noted that this film made a deliberate effort to steer away from sex in order to only have one cinematic center.

    And that's the architectural water. Structured, moving water is the most cinematic thing in existence. It is also an incredible challenge to film, but the few times it has been explored, the results have sometimes been striking. Even in the otherwise horrible `Hard Rain,' even in the deeply flawed `In Dreams,' even in the melodramatic `Titanic,' the movement of camera with water comes close to a visually spiritual experience.

    I live in a surfing town, and in 1967 saw `Endless Summer.' But in that and all subsequent surf movies, what you get are moving portraits, not cinema. Here, we move to a whole ‘nother level. The camera is above us, it is under us, it is _us_, it chases us, it anticipates us. I have made a minor study of how different projects move the camera within dancing (and in Ang Lee's case, within fights). The same techniques are used here as we participate in the dance between this athletic girl and these immense hydraulic beings.

    I do not know for sure who did what, but I confidently surmise that this achievement is the result of a true story of girl power in Hollywood. The editor in this case is Emma Hickox. Aside from what we see on the screen, we know she is a remarkable cinematic mind if only because of her parents. Her mother is the still working (at 85!) editor who changed the world of visual imagination with `Laurence of Arabia.' Her father is the fellow that made one of the most intelligent films about films ever (`Theater of Blood'), but sadly unrecognized as such.

    Watch what Ms Hickox does with the compositions of the eye as we envelop the enveloping water. Watch how cleverly she establishes our place with our ear at the beginning of these sequences and keeps us aurally, mentally stabilized while the eye dances. Amazing, simply amazing.

    My only criticism is probably something beyond her control. We only needed to see the flashback sequence of the younger Anne getting her head bumped once. It must appear eight or ten times, every moment we have to be bludgeoned into recalling that she is frightened.

    See this film. It advances your visual imagination far beyond what `Perfect Storm' ever could.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.
  • Blue Crush. I have this really stupid habit of putting the names of the movies that I loved on the wall of my room. I spend hours deciding whether or not to put up the names of the movies making notes of its pros and cons. It's a tough job!!

    Today, so very strangely, with the opening scene of Blue Crush I wrote its name between ‘The Matrix' and ‘Underworld'. I knew I was going to love the movie even before I had seen it. And truly enough I loved the movie.

    What I loved so much about the movie was the story. It was a story of struggle against the odds to survive, to live for a dream. Isn't it the intensity of our struggle with our inner demons and external nightmares that determines the person that we grow up to be. The theme – I have a dream, never fails to win me over. If you don't live for your dream what will you live for. The art direction was awesome. If nothing else go to see this movie for the photography. The underwater shots - breathtakingly beautiful. The movie setting was perfect and the waves huge. The spirit of never-say-die that the movie leaves behind is undeniable. I also loved the fact that the leads both were set in different financial backgrounds. To see the trio of friends working as maids seeing to the luxury of the rich in a posh uptown hotel was an experience.

    Kate Bosworth does a really good job playing the role of a promising surfer who has a nightmare to live down. Michelle Rodriguez is Hollywood's toughest girl. Its about time she gets to prove her worth instead of being given the second lead. This tough girl can take all of Arnie, Stallone, Vin Diesel and give them hell in their own home turf. I may have watched the movie originally for Michelle Rodriguez, but who really stole my heart was Lena. She has this bright outlook at life that truly brings to life the essence of being alive. Kate B's sister, Penny, going wayward growing up was also great.

    The music was really cool. I'll admit I'm mostly a punk rock/ sometimes heavy kinda boy, but the song that I'll be humming for a long time will be `Cool Summer' from the movie soundtrack.

    In the end I always write about the glitches in the movie. Today this will remain blank. I found none. Brian Grazer in an interview talked rather proudly about this movie and the surfing stunts in it. And to God, he has a definite reason to be proud. And its called Blue Crush.
  • BLUE CRUSH (2002) **1/2 Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis, Sanoe Lake, Mika Boorem, Faizon Love. Better than anticipated surfer flick with the twist on the genre by focusing on a Hawaiian based determined young female athlete (Bosworth) attempting a requiem two years after a near fatal accident while competing is buoyed by her family of friends and a vacationing quarterback (Davis) factoring as an unexpected blossoming romance. The connect-the-dots plotline of social graces hinder the otherwise excellently lensed moments of visceral, adrenalized thrills in shooting a curl with massive walls of water in all its colorful fury by cinematographer David Hennings while director John Stockwell (who co-wrote the screenplay with Lizzy Weiss' adaptation of Susan Orlean's magazine article) balances the melodrama affectively with the totally awesome hydrodynamiques on display. One gripe: would it have killed the filmmakers to show some more of the paradise playland for a travelogue begging to be showcased?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a great movie! The surfing scene's are brilliant! Everything is perfect! Even the house and car made me feel all warm inside! We're actually thinking about moving to Hawaii thanks to this movie. There are some stupid mistakes in this movie. I'm a big fan of Michelle Rodriquez, but don't let her play in a surf movie if she can't surf... When she's surfing you can't see her face or you only see her back... so that's kind of pathetic... But this movie is funny, romantic, exciting, active and so much more! In one word: Great! I really don't understand why there are so many people who don't like this movie... It's really great! If it's a hot summer night and you're with you boyfriends/girlfriend you should definitely watch this movie!
  • In Hawaii, Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) is a local surfer girl, who had an accident three years ago when she was on the top of her career. She almost died in a huge wave, but now she is preparing for an international competition, with the support of the best friends Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake), and her younger sister Penny Chadwick (Mika Boorem). Anne is traumatized with her accident, and is quite afraid of the big waves, but she aims to achieve a sponsor to follow her career and have the necessary financial support. Some days before the competition, she has a crush on the football player Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis). 'Blue Crush' is a good popcorn film, having a shallow story but compensated by the wonderful places and the big waves in Hawaii, and the very beautiful young cast. An excellent entertainment for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for the whole family. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): 'A Onda dos Sonhos' ('The Wave of the Dreams')
  • Quinoa198417 August 2002
    Warning: Spoilers
    Blue Crush does have the grace to get two things right- David Hennings (Very Bad Things) on photography greatly captures the surfing sequences, inparticular the beginning ones that give off a colorful, vibrant feel, and also the girls in the movie have a realistic attitude on life, if realism for you is girls who are on Hawaii surfing in their free time. While too much of the injected skag of usual turns and characters are found in Blue Crush, not to mention the always important climactic contest (can a sports film not lead to a major contest in the end?) and (spoiler) picture of the winner on the cover of surfing magazine, while all that is there, there is an audience for Blue Crush, and they ride that wave out. C+
  • MystiqueStorm11 February 2003
    Warning: Spoilers
    Nothing special to say the least.


    Blue Crush tries to take on a lot of themes but seems to drop them without any effort to carry them. For instance, we never find out what happens about Anne Marie and Penny's mother, Eden and Lena quit their jobs then are seen working them a few days later, Penny seems to have a growing interest in drugs and sex and we're just supposed to believe it's typical 'teenage experimentation,' Anne Marie and Matt's relationship happens at a ridiculously fast pace, the rival surf gang or whatever suddenly warms up because...why? Etc.

    Plus the dialouge sounded way forced and awkward, and, at times, very unnatural. The surf footage was pretty impressive, if you ignore the fact that in most instances it was clear that stunt doubles were doing the surfing. But the rest of the footage looked like a home video.

    A big disappointment. 3/10
  • "blue crush" was a rush!! surfing scenes were gorgeous, adrenalized, spectacular. this was brilliant anthropology. you got a great look at two worlds--girl surfers and hotel maids. that's a lot more than most sports films give. the plot was a sports movie plot. but the absolute best thing about THIS sports movie was it starred girls!!! and they slammed!!
  • bsinc19 November 2004
    A feel good chick surfer movie. The bad kind. Need I say more. Maybe. Sexy lead actresses, some incredibly nice underwater shots and shots of waves, not much of a story, a lame surf-stylewannabe soundtrack, but still, there's an idea as to what a surfer's life should look like, except here it (with little surprise) all about being number one and getting rich and famous. In between there's some unnecessary comic relief and a love story if you believe that's what it is.

    Recommend - if you liked "Coyote Ugly" then this movie has your name on it. Otherwise just skip it and rent "Point Break" instead. And if you're really into surfing find a movie called "Sprout". You'll thank me
  • Ok I'm going to be honest and say that some of the surfing scenes was good, and Kate Bosworth was gorgeous, but apart from that this movie is horrible!

    I rented it because I like beautiful girls and surfing, but that didn`t help! You may call me shallow, but in many movies a beautiful girl can make a bad movie worth the money, but not even that can pull this movie out of a watery grave!

    If you want to watch surfing, rent "Pointbreak"! It lacks the women, but at least it`s got a plot!

    I`d rather watch a Finnish TV-Drama marathon than this! Spend your money elsewhere!!!!!!!
  • Terryfan30 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Blue Crush is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    It's has a great story, hot chicks, great music, powerful acting, and Awesome water effect.

    I thought that Kate Bosworth was the right girl to play Anne Marie Chadwick, Matthew Davis was right for the role of Matt Tollman, Michelle Rodriguez was great as Eden, and surprise Sanoe Lake was great for the role of Lena One of my favorite parts was when Anne Marie got home from giving surfing lessons to Matt Tollman and they make-out in the hotel she once work at. Then Eden, Lena, and Penny Chadwick (Played by Mika Boorem) were wondering what took her so long to get home.

    Annie Marie find out that Penny didn't finish her homework.

    They thought that Anne Marie And Matt Tollman were falling in love, but Anne was denying it.

    Then Lena said "Don't Deny it, you were You were working it like a rib without the sauce". Then she slap Annie on the butt.

    Anyway, Blue Crush is a awesome movie, with a story that encourage everyone to never give up and to never quit, and to go for your goal without fear.

    If you like Blue Crush, Then I recommend Perfect Body And Bring It On as well.

    I love Blue Crush because It has Hot Women, A Great Story, Great Acting And Great Music.

    I give Blue Crush 10 out of 10.

    Awesome Movie!
  • I loved Blue Crush, it is my new favourite movie!!! I am a surfer and watching Blue Crush just puts me into a great mood!!! Yeh Blue crush is the best movie ever!! it is great how they cover the female perspective of surfing. I think they do a brilliant job. I also like how not everything is perfect, it's definitely a true surfer movie. Like the girls lacking in money and there not so perfect world. It's good that the movie is set in a beautiful location with beautiful sunny weather. But thats Hawaii for you not Some perfect Hollywood film. The movie is real and not some perfect ,polished movie. The chicks in the movie seem real as do the locations. It's great how they have done this. My favourite movie character in Blue Crush would have to be Anne Marie. She is passionate surfer and reminds me quite of my friend.I also like how her character goes through that stage of "i don't care anymore" It's really nice to watch like a feel good movie. This movie rocks! I give it 10/10!
  • Attempts to do for surfing what 8 Mile did for rap music. Probably not quite so successfully, but the fairly seamless integration of state of the art photography and special effects creates some breathtaking surf scenes. The background story of local-surf-girl-made-good is predictable but relies less on Baywatch-type eye-candy than one would expect.
  • What a horribly lame movie this is. First, the bad acting almost makes it a comedy...almost! Second, the plot...what plot? It's as if someone just through all these self proclaimed actors together and just started filming! And third, I can't imagine what some of these reviewers are referring to when they describe cinematography and sound. It's mediocre at best. I was laughing through most of this movie watching the actors struggling at their attempt at creating drama. It's one of those films that is so bad that you can't help watching it. An unintentional comedy! I get the feeling this movie was just a vehicle to parade a lot of T & A across the screen. So, if you have the sexual maturity level of a junior high school student or have an IQ of 60 or lower (or both) you'll probably enjoy this. Otherwise, forget this bomb. I can only think of about ten thousand movies that would be more entertaining!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every once in a while a movie fanatic such as myself will come across what can only be described as a "solid production."

    Blue Crush follows the lives of three best friends, AnneMarie, Lena and Eden. The trio form a tight-nit support system as they struggle to make ends meat (rice crispy treats often constitute their breakfast). The one thing these ladies do have going for them is that they are all talented surfers. It's clear that surfing provides them with an escape from the harsh reality of life, and they try to hit the waves every second they can.

    AnneMarie is acknowledged as the most talented of the three and has the best shot at winning the "Pipe Surfing Competition." However, a near-fatal surfing accident has left her with a bad case of PTSD. Yet their luck changes for the better when a group of football players roll into town, providing both romantic and financial opportunities. While their money provides an ease on the financial burden, the dashingly good-looking Quarterback could prove to be more of a distraction for the hard-core AnneMarie.

    This movie has a simple plot line that is executed perfectly. Blue Crush is a straight forward, no BS kind of movie that is short, sweet and to the point and it has just enough surfing action to gage your interest.. The actresses/actors do a great job of conveying the sincerity of their characters, and their situation is very believable.
  • Blue Crush is a movie that's gotta be seen to be believed and that's for one reason-the water shots. This movie is stunning in it's photography and contains some of the best underwater and wave/surfing visuals I have ever seen. In a way, I wish I had seen this on the big screen because man what a powerful bonanza that would have been. The visuals are almost unfathomable.

    I must be honest and say I didn't really get into the movie much when the characters weren't surfing. There was a lot of music interspersed with dialog which didn't, to me, go with this type of movie and I was so wowed by the ocean scenes that when the characters weren't surfing I was bored. There were a few times I felt like I was watching Animal House meets a movie about surfing. The movie contained some of that type of humor which, to me, again, didn't go with what the movie was supposed to be about. If the movie didn't have all that other stuff I'd have liked it a lot better. It almost seemed like two different movies. I was a bit perplexed by that.

    This movie needs to be seen by anyone who surfs or who loves the sea in general. I was swept away by the fierceness and power to the water scenes but wish I'd enjoyed the movie more as a whole. I'd give the visuals a 20 out of 10 though even though not the movie as a whole. This is still worth seeing just for the visuals, man those surfing scenes were incredible.
  • I just made myself a profile here because of this stupid movie! Why does everybody love it? I mean it sucks! IT SUCKS! It's on TV as I write this, and it's 40 minutes into the movie and I HATE IT already! What is the point of this movie. Boring storyline, no character development (so far at least), no anything. My god, I can't even remember the characters' names and the storyline (what little storyline it has) I just can't find, maybe if I had it on DVD, I could read what it is about, but so far it has been a movie about chicks and surfboards and some nature scenery, that's it! I've wasted 40 minutes of my life... I can't go on writing about this movie, I'm gonna go do something fun, like slam my head against a wall...

    I would have rated lower if I could, but I give it 1 star because I kick ass.
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