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  • T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh was feeling that her charcter, Tanya Baxter, was going nowhere. Therefore, towards the end of season three, she left under creative difference. Her final appearance is in the episode "Food For Thought" (Episode 72.) As explained after her departure, Tanya hasreceived a scholarship to study International Law in Europe, and has flown to London to continue her studies. Edit

  • The show is the first Disney Channel Original Series to extend its contract from 65 to 100 episodes due it's high success and popular demand shown through product sales. Disney usually limits all it's shows to 65 episodes to keep the show from running out of ideas and going stale, yet That's So Raven was allowed to produce a fourth season. The last episodes produced were "The Way We Were", but then the crossover called "Checkin' Out" was produced as part of That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. Although it was chronologically the last episode, it did not air last; instead, "When There's Smoke" aired last. Edit



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