[repeated line]

Raven: Ya NASTY!

[repeated line]

Raven: Oh, snap!

[repeated line]

Raven: How ya'll doin?

Raven: There is nothing that you can say that's gonna get to me.

Muffy: Umm hmm, my shoes are better than yours.

Raven: Thats a lie!

Raven: [Alana is seen going to talk to Devon] Stinky boyfriend stealer!

Loca: Whatchu say about Alan?

Raven: I said, "Shneaky shnorman shnealer." It means please don't hurt me in German.

Loca: Well, let's see. You have three options. Either you do it, you do it, or you do it!

Raven: [In Australian accent] Its a big one. It can off an arm or even a leg. Ya never know. When your dealing with-...


Raven: - anacondas.

[Eddie starts beating drums]

Raven: [in New Jersey accent] But, ya know, sometimes you gotta take the high road and forgive Raven. I mean, yous knows who's fors yous-knows-whats.

Senorita Rodriguez: [to Raven] You have something on your teeth.

[Raven rubs it]

Senorita Rodriguez: Still there...

[Raven rubs it again]

Senorita Rodriguez: Still there.

[Raven rubs it once more]

Senorita Rodriguez: OK, all gone.