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  • I used to love the Disney Show, but now because of stuff like the High School Musical Series and Hannah Montana airing I can barely stomach it. That's So Raven for me while not perfect was one of their better situation comedies. In later years the writing did become less clever and funny, the story lines got really predictable and throughout the show Eddie had moments when he was annoying. However, the production values were pretty good and I enjoyed the fashions, while the music and theme tune were fun as well. For quite some time the show was helped by some witty and clever writing, nicely constructed stories that benefited from a great concept and good characters, Raven, Corey and Victor being my favourites. The acting is surprisingly decent for a Disney show as well, Raven-Symone has a lot of infectious charm about her. Overall, not bad. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • Numberis626 March 2020
    Back when I was a little sprout iu se to watch this show for the eye candy women like Raven, her mom and her best friend.

    Other than that this was a good show that was basically the last of old school Disney/ Family channel. Every show after this I never cared for.
  • First off, a friend of mine, who didn't use to watch the show, condemned me once for watching it by saying: "Hey, it is a kids show!", to have me correcting him: "No, it's a comic show!". A lot of kids shows don't get popularity and success unless among kids. This round, it drove for instance an adult male, such as me, and forced him to follow it diligently. A rank that not many kids shows, rather shows, can reach.

    Astonishingly, (That's so Raven) is top notch in every way. Although the writing is formulaic, but - believe it or not - it is unpredictable too. You nearly know the end of every storyline since its start, however not "how". This show's scripts managed to make such a smart and funny "how" every time.

    I loved its way to braid a good meaning with hilarious events, and a climax that didn't ever miss the opportunity to be crazy. There is a worthy scrutinizing perfection in this; which - again - not many shows can do and maintain.

    Aside from having a noticeably delightful charisma, even for the minor parts, all the cast is laughable. They have a certain glamour that made watching them doing anything; magical.

    (Raven Symone), (Anneliese van der Pol) and (Orlando Brown) are 3 natural scene-stealers. They radiate charming fun all along. The way they deliver the good lines, and perform the physical comedy, is no less than excellent. It pushes you to wonder how come that these guys were nominated in 2005 and 2007 for Emmy Awards for outstanding children's programming, and never won!

    The theme song is uniquely cute and catchy. I never get tired of it, despite how many times I hear it on Youtube for instance!

    Bad sides? Well, I can't say that there was any badness. However, (Rondell Sheridan) and (Cory Baxter) were the less charismatic and talented among the rest. And while (Raven)'s many disguises were amusing, wearing like a man never NEVER convinced me, so I felt bad whenever any character was falling for it!

    This deserves being the longest-running Disney Channel original series. There is no fullness out of it, since it makes me always hungry for more. Sometimes missing a sitcom's episode is a sin. This time, not watching it twice is. Originally, "sitcom" and "watching one episode twice" don't meet in one sentence unless very few. Here's a new precedent that this show achieves!
  • Even though it directly proceeds another excellent teen comedy show during the week ("Sister, Sister"), "That's So Raven" makes up the second half of the best hour in children's programming in the sorry state of television in 2004. Unlike much of today's children's programming, this show doesn't pollute the mind with stupid toilet humor and gross-out jokes/gags.

    I'll admit up front that I'm 19, a guy, and have long since given up on today's shameful so-called "kids" programming, but "That's So Raven" is one of the freshest shows to air on Disney these days. Lead comedienne actress Raven-Symone is quite talented, as she is certainly no stranger to television - getting her first major role on "The Cosby Show."

    "That's So Raven" is about Raven Baxter, your average teenage girl who occasionally gets psychic visions and typically disaster follows if she tries to interfere with the future. Her two best friends Eddie (Orlando Brown) and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) usually try to keep things in order, but their actions typically lead the way to hilarious comedy.

    The gags are well thought-out and though a lot of the humor is kiddie stuff, it nonetheless works because it's ageless. I know this because I sometimes watch this show with my mother and even she laughs herself silly at some of the jokes.

  • For reasons known only to the House of Mouse, "That's So Raven" is airing at the time of writing on the Disney Channel in the UK several months before its American premiere. Does that mean it's awful? Well... no, not really.

    In her first starring series, Raven-Symone (billed in the opening credits as "Raven") plays student Raven Baxter, San Francisco's other cute young woman with the gift of ESP - see also Phoebe on "Charmed" - whose psychic flashes are known only to her family and her closest friends Chelsea and Eddie. What she foresees doesn't always turn out as she planned, however (in one episode she sees everyone turning up to a party she's planning, and they do - but she's not ready yet...), and thereby hang our tales.

    Viewers with older memories may remember a Canadian series called "Seeing Things" with a not-dissimilar premise (not to mention "The Girl With Something Extra," which I've never seen); if my memory serves, that was better - but this show is okay for what it is, to wit an amusing and likeable family sitcom, even if the cast does tend to overact a bit sometimes. And at least Raven's gone from being aggravatingly cute (case in point when she joined "The Cosby Show" to take up the goo-goo mantle from Rudy) to the good kind of cute. Even with the face-pulling.
  • The first bad Disney Channel show was awful and guess how this one was: AWESOMELY HORRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was offended to the bone with this offensive show!!!!! "THIS IS GRACKLE" is the next bad thing to come to kids TV this time!!!!! We have a jive girl who think's she's Miss Cleo; a rapping' basketball playing' friend played by Anaheim Gold, and a tall old white schtick played by Analyze Car de Pool, and they go to high school and do too much bad teen schtuff!!!!! OMG Also, there's bad stuff!!!!! Bad stuff everyone!!!!! Of course, the queen of the channel, Mrs. Anne Sweeney, is bad and she destoryed the classics with these original!!!!!! She should be kicked of the firce becauise she STINKS!!!!! Anyways, the people and "im-morals" were bad as usual in this day and age!!!!! I give this show 1/10; oh, lord, I wisdh I could give this an even bigger negaticve niber because shows like this have got to go!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    well, what can i say about this show. when i started to watch it for the first time with no other programs in my country except for some horrible, puking serials, i loved the show. Raven is a genius in what all she does, from being extremely funny till being serious. She realizes that this isn't a show in which ordinary acting would be beneficial. She can foresee the future but only in the form of bits of visions. And to fulfill the vision or to prevent what she sees in the vision, she puts herself into trouble along with her two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. the comic timing of this show is absolutely fabulous, the acting is fantastic and the plot, well.... is good. The jokes are out of the world and are told with perfection by Raven, Orlando Brown, Annaliese Van De Pol, Cory ( i forgot his actual name) and Ravens parents ( here too i am forgetful). the first season is good with sensible plots like the one in which Raven has problems with her cousin and others, the second season is marvelous ( i loved the episode in which Raven and Cory make up their own stories about Raven breaking the portrait by mistake. Raven shone like a rising star in that episode), the third season was good except for some of the episodes which hinted the deteriorating quality of the older episodes and as the title suggests, the fourth season is awful.Raven looks a bit like a horrible animal struck by a disease known as obesity, Cory is shown to money minded while the new stars Donna and her assistant Tiffany are truly horrible. the plots are terrible and the episode in which raven comes face to face with Zack and Cory truly shows that mixing to shows is a terrible idea. but then too i give it an eight because of the starting episodes and this was the first show i truly loved. thanks for reading my first comment
  • During the mid-1980's, a friend of a friend bragged that his little cousin was going to be in a commercial with Bill Cosby. Today, she's got a Disney Channel sitcom, and considering the rest of her career throughout her childhood and teens, it might seem like a step back. For the record, I'm as likely to believe in psychic powers as I am to believe September 11 conspiracy theories, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the show.

    Raven-Symone plays Raven Baxter, a teenage girl from San Francisco who finds out that she has psychic powers. This is a secret that she only shares with her family, and two best friends, Eddie Thomas(Orlando Brown), and Cheslea Daniels(Anneliese van der Pol). The show relies primarily on Lucy-humor, usually when she tries to undo some foreboding vision. That fact can't be denied. That doesn't necessarily make it bad, but it can wear thin after a while. It's no "Daria," but few sitcoms are, and none on the Disney Channel are even close.

    Of course, this isn't the first time supporting characters in a Brookwell-McNamara Production steal the spotlight from the stars. On "Even Stevens," Margo Harshman frequently outshone both Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano, the latter of which is difficult to do. In this case it's Anneliese van der Pol who inadvertently outshines Raven. The one place she really stood out was in the musical episode "The Road to Audition," where she did a Broadway-style number called "Alone in the Hallways." If ever there was a reason to watch musical episodes of any TV show, that performance is the best reason. Somebody has to get this girl more parts when the show is finished.

    Overall, it's not the best sitcom on the air, but since it deals in fantasy and is strictly on a kid's network, it's where it belongs.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to watch this show when it used to be on the air, unless it still airs. But I have to say that this show tries hard to be funny, and it never works. Once in a while, I get a laugh but not very much. It has too much physical comedy and that just gets tiring. The actors aren't very good at physical comedy so they should have just use verbal comedy such as insulting. Just because it's a children's show doesn't mean that a child will be offended because someone verbally said something funny.

    After the comedy, that leaves everything else. I love the plot of the episodes and I love the plot of the whole series. She can see into the future, she gets visions once in a while. The theme song tells the whole story. One of my favorite episodes is when Raven goes camping with Chelsea, and Raven overpacks bringing with her too many electronic devices, even a microwave. But in the end, a skunk ruins it all and have everyone forced out of their tents.

    I recommend this show for children, not very much for teens.
  • Prophetik1 July 2018
    Say what you will but the plot of this show was the best & how she would dress up just to stop it, all the funny characters on the show lol i loved it such imagination
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's So Raven could be lauded as the best kids TV show coming from Disney for some time. Starring one-time Cosby Show and Hangin' With Mr Cooper actress, Raven Simone, she plays a character named Raven Baxter: a typical teenager who has the ability to see into the future and finds herself in a whole manner of wild, wacky and crazy situations, which often involve her family members, mother Tanya, father Victor and her younger brother, Cory and her two best friends, Chelsea and Eddie. By the end of each episode, Raven and the other characters all learn a few things about life and themselves. Dutch-born Anneliese Van Der Pol puts in a good performance as Chelsea, whilst fans of the 90s Olsen twins sitcom, Two Of A Kind may recognise Orlando Brown.

    Raven Simone does demonstrate her versatility as a comic actress by means of playing and dressing up as various types of characters on the show and taking on different character roles. As she has grown up over the years, we as an audience, got to see her branch out and thus, in this show she is not so much Olivia but Raven Baxter. There are not as many child stars today with the capability and ability to do well on screen, but Raven's experience in working and performing in hit shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Cosby Show and Hangin' With Mr Cooper at such a young age has probably given her a slight advantage over her other younger peers. But she's on form here on That's So Raven.

    I was very surprised though to see how good That's So Raven was because my initial impressions were because it was mainly a kid's show, the style of humour that accommodated the sitcom would be much too adolescent for me to get to grips with, as well as to like. But in fact, I liked it quite a lot and found the show itself to be quite enjoyable to watch.

    And yet while this is a Disney show, I cannot fathom why it cannot do well with a different network such as NBC, ABC, CBS or UPN for example. The plot of the show is interesting,-yet one of the most original I have seen for a sitcom, the show is well written with a good cast and interesting characters, and thus it generates plentiful of good laughs.

    Overall, this is a good but fun-packed show worth tuning in for, no matter how old you are, if you like to watch Raven in an almost entirely different role, then That's So Raven is well worth a look
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watch this show when it airs it is really funny. It's about a kid named Raven Baxter voiced by Raven Symone and her best friend Chelsea and her friend Eddie. I couldn't stop laughing at the episode where Raven's party got changed to a different day thanks to a school bully named Nikki and Raven got even by having her friends change her hair with a leaf blower, get her wet with the sprinklers, and give her a towel that had icing on it and Eddie got the camcorder so he can record her and show it to her guests then Raven realizes that two wrongs don't make a right. But the next day Nikki comes over and gets her flowers and she didn't know they had poison ivy. Another time there was an episode where Raven made some new friends and left Eddie and Chelsea out. Then there was an episode where they had to choose a school president Raven wanted to be that person. Another time Eddie was so psyched about making the basketball team that Raven feared she may be losing a friend. Another time Raven caused a class disruption that her teacher wanted to meet her parents and she pretended to be her mother.
  • sixhoos20 September 2020
    Boring and poorly written, and the titular actress/character can't act her way out of a paper bag. Avoid at all costs.
  • This show is about a teenage girl name Raven Baxter who is psychic and a fashion designer. Raven had two best friends name Eddie & Chelsea who were always there to help her with her visions. Raven family consist of her mother Tanya, a teacher, father Victor, a chef and brother Cory, an entrepreneur. There were many great episodes such as Raven meeting Boys in motion, The entire school performing in front of a janitor who they thought was a talent scout, Raven father competing in chef cook off and etc .. please watch you won't regret it !
  • For a Disney programme this is superb.When I watch stuff like Recess I don't laugh that much but this makes me laugh so much just like The suite life of Zack and Cody. My favourite episodes are smell of victory in which Raven partners a boy called Stinky in a project for science,Escape Claus in which Raven skips school to return a present she has opened before its meant to be and she breaks it and Mother dearest in which Raven is being naughty in school and her teacher wants to see her parents about this issue. Thats so Raven is fantastic and I love watching it.My favourite character are Kyle Orlando Massey (Corey Baxter) and Orlando Brown (Eddie).
  • The story lines are always the same. My little sister watches anything on Disney channel. Thats so raven isn't her favourite show but she still watches it.

    The story is basically about a girl called raven who is physcic and can see in to the future. And for a show that focuses on seeing into the future the show is very predictable. The comedy is supposed to ensue but the stories are always the same. So basically Raven sees bad future, tries to change it funny stuff is meant to happen but fails to deliver. One thing i have noticed about this show is that it does touch on some serious issues like smoking and racism. But the show is racist in it's own discreet way. Notice that it is a black dominated show and the white female character Chelsea is so stupid. The show is almost trying to insinuate that black are smarter than white people. This is also true for the spin-off series Cory In The House were newt is white and is incredibly dim-witted.

    This show is very predictable and gets incredibly repettative you might just give up.
  • After all these years and all these shows, Raven is still the funniest of all.

    Been watching this show for 20 years now and it still never manages to stop being funny.

    Unlike most of these other horribly cringy shows that try to force the comedy down your throat, Raven doesnt need to force it, it's just so damn funny.
  • I watched this show as a child and fell in love. Raven was a role model of mine growing up & I see why. I wanted binge watch to see if the show still held up 15 years later and it does. I've seen episodes dealing with issues such as body shaming, racism, bullying, & even a little side story about abstinence. Rather than trying to retain a child audience, That's So Raven managed to maintain a Family level of entertainment & humor. It made me laugh a lot & even managed to inspire me a few times.

    The cast works so well together. They draw from each other's energy and really work well to create a unique comedic experience. But theres no match for the star herself. Raven steals every scene she's in. Her personality shines, she goes all in in all skits, so much emotion & energy every episode. She was true star quality that I don't think Disney Channel has seen from a leading lady since the show ended. We've had Miley & Selena, but they don't compare to the quality of Raven's performance.
  • The Disney company poisoning the minds of children with the garbage they produce. Walt Disney was a genius. Unfortunately Disney started going down hill after Walt passed away. Some of the tv series they make for children are mindless trash with no educational value.
  • CriticGirl917 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Though I consider this show as the best from Disney Channel, I cannot give it a higher rating considering how the storyline declined, jokes became stale and the situations became louder with every season.

    The show's concept makes for a hilarious sitcom on how the protagonist misinterprets her every peek into the future. The lead actor, Raven is adorable and only she could have pulled off the character so effortlessly. Orlando Brown is my second favorite. All the actors do a good job and most characters including some of the teachers are hilarious.

    I wish the show would have retained it's original charm and not have been marred by the effort to include overbearing and annoying sequences in the later seasons. None the less, the first season makes for repeat viewing.
  • This is my favorite show of all time on Disney channel since it aired in 2003 and ended in 2007 i still watch all episodes on my computer. Raven is hilarious and love that shes disguises herself as different people, she cracks me up. I just love when she has visions! I truly know That's so Raven was and is the only comedy Disney show ever. My favorite episode is True Colors and love how she is in disguise as an old bold man. I love all episodes of the show except "Sweeps" and "Road to audition" those 2 episodes are not my favorite, but the rest of them are just Soooo funny.
  • math_drama18 December 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    That's So Raven is an okay Disney Channel Show, but it could be better. The newer episodes are much worse than the old episodes. The plots are dull and not interesting to watch.

    I watch That's So Raven every once in a while, when there's nothing on. But when I'm watching it, I don't really enjoy it. The jokes are not very funny, and I barely find myself laughing out loud while I watch it, as while I watch Hannah Montana, I find myself cracking up.

    Also, while I'm watching, I'm just trying to kill time before the next show is on. If I want to watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or Hannah Montana, I usually find myself sitting in front of the TV when That's So Raven is on. I don't think, "When are there going to be commercials," so I can go to the bathroom or to get something to eat. I think that because I'm tired of watching the same dull characters go through scenes.

    That's So Raven is supposed to be a comedy, but if I were to say what genre it's in, I would say it was a drama. The older episodes were much more pleasing than the new ones. The only thing I like about the new ones is Raven's fashion designer boss, Donna Cabonna.
  • This show can have interesting plots, and frequently does, and you have it credit for being original. But it's sort of like, if you've seen one Raven episode, you've seen them all. The jokes are sometimes the same, and get boring. But mostly it is funny. And if they try to make the jokes different, it isn't very good. But overall, it's pretty good.
  • **** out of *****

    4/5 9/10

    That's So Raven is a pleasure to watch and have on Disney Channel. I throughly enjoyed all the episodes and thought they were funny and enjoyable. It is just such a great show.

    Raven Baxter an average American has just one secret, she's psychic. Only her friends and family knows and with the help of her visions in the future, Raven goes on weird, funny and challenging situations to set things right.

    This show also delivers a inspirational message too, that always believe in yourself and stop at nothing to fight for what you really want. I thought, that was a spectacular message for the audience. Keep it up Raven!
  • DominqueZarinha24 May 2003
    Okay, so this show may not be all that but man, I gotta say, it's still good enough to watch. The show stars Raven who plays a psychic teenager. This show makes me laugh so much, I am so serious. I love it as a matter of fact. I'll never forget the episode where she had put on the fat suit and was dancing in the hallways, laugh out loud. Chelsea (Anneliese Van Der Pool), she cracks me up the way she never gets it. But she can act good enough I'd say. She just needs to get a clue though. And Eddie (Orlando Brown), he's great. He always gets mixed up in Raven's schemes. He's kinda like the innocent one. Corey is also cool. I love the way Corey is clever and is always doing something tricky. However, the parents, they're okay but the father, he's a bit too flat and I don't know how to summarise him but no, the show needs a new dad. The one they have, i hate to say it but HE SUCKS. One thing that always stands out is the teacher who spits, Mr. Lawler. One thing I don't understand is that when MR. Lawler is talking to them and spitting, in real life, a person would move away, I know I would. BUT THEY JUST STAY THERE AND GET CLOBBERED WITH SPIT! EWW! MOVE AWAY! That's gross. And you can see that it's real, these huge junks of spit pelting, gosh, that's so gross. I like that Raven Symone has made a comeback. She is a very talented young lady and I've watched her grow up from the Cosby Show to Dr. Dolittle to Zenon to That's so Raven. I love her, she's awesome. The thing I also like about the show is the way Raven always misinterprets her visions and does something stupid. And who could forget Stinky Sturkey, I mean Ben Sturkey. He must smell real bad to actually knock people inconscious. Disney constantly airs reruns of the show, so much that I only have to see the first scene of the episode to know what they're gonna say for the entire show. I think there should be new episode each week. But anyways, I love the show, Good Job Raven.
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