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  • There's only one thing that's positive about this movie; it clearly shows the poor state of Dutch Cinema and its commercial movie production. The story is very weak and can only be held high if there were any good actors and actresses to give some depth to the characters. Apparently there aren't. The acting is very poor i.e. the fake accents of the Tiesboer-brothers; soap-experience is not enough to perform for camera. The dialogues are so unreal it is hard to drift away in the (highly unlikely) story. Sometimes, when looking at the scenery and listening to the not-so-bad music you may think you are watching a real movie, but as soon as you hear one word from the actors you are rudely pulled back in the 'real' world of soap-acting. One can see the director has tried to bring some 'action' in the pictures he presents by using some new camera-techniques. I think he is capable of making a nice movie but his hands are tight behind his back.
  • stamper8 March 2003
    This film (contrary to the directors debut Costa!) is a really enjoyable film. Many people ague that the acting is not really good or that the plot is at times predictable, but I am amongst those who say: 'SO WHAT???' If you have an open mind and let yourself be dragged into the film, you will enjoy it (at least if you are in your late teens or early twenties), because the story is exciting, funny and it really makes you look forward to the next summer holiday. I know that I can't wait until the end of this years second semester to get out there and have some fun abroad.

    7 out of 10
  • This is a typical movie that brings down the overall rating on dutch movies.

    I mean I think the director did a good job and the cast chosen was good for this movie and that makes it enjoyable. But other then that this was a no good movie. The story was entirely not interesting. I mean I think the writer knew damn well that this movie needed A LOT help from cast and director to make it remotely interesting. A lot movies have a rubbish story, but at least they once were intended to be good.

    To quote Raoul Duke "Everything that's worth doing, is worth doing right". And that's exactly what this film missed.

    Overall I think the crew did the best they could with this idea. That does deserve a five.
  • The story isn't good, acting is mostly bad, some exceptions there. Actors are trying to fake a "twents" accent, that isn't convincing at all. I give it a 3/10 because it's dutch and that's nice for a change...
  • This 2002 movie of Dutch Director Johan Nieuwenhuis (Costa!) is a definite feel good movie. After high school graduation a group of friends go for a sailing holiday to Spanish island Majorca. A lot of talking, sailing, making love, fighting and singing, and all of them return home a different person. Some might call it Costa! 2, but this is more a dutch Breakfast club on a sailboat! A must see for al dutchies worldwide!
  • m-vanesch11 October 2002
    After all the things I heard in the last days, I went to Volle Maan. The movie is about a group teenagers who went to Mallorca after high schooltime. It's a quite simple story, but it's one with a message..

    The characters where almost all played by popular soap stars in Holland, so it's easy the recognize yourself in one of them.

    After the movie I felt good, thanx to the movie. It was nicer and better then I expected. It is no All-Stars, but for sure it's better dan Costa!

    7 out of 10
  • Just good Americanisch coming of age movie. Not Oscar material, but just for a young crowd. If you like this kind of movie, go see it. not bad.