• WARNING: Spoilers

    Jessica (Rachel McAdams), the hot chick, is an over indulged, spoiled but extremely beautiful teenage girl who isn't used to hearing the word "no". Given this character flaw, when Jessica and her friends, her fellow hot chicks, go shopping at the mall, she steals some earrings from a metaphysical store after being told they're not for sale. Unknown to her, the earrings carry a centuries old curse and this is where the fun begins.

    While pumping gas and admiring her new earrings, Rob Schneider (his character isn't given a name) is robbing the gas station. When he waits on Jessica's car to speed his getaway, she drops an earring which is promptly picked up by criminal Rob. That evening, they both put an earring in their earlobe and while they sleep, their bodies trade places. Now we have Jessica (Rob Schneider) working towards convincing people he/she's not who they think he/she is and the now criminal in a woman's body has discovered he/she has a marketable quality in the form of being a "hot chick". As hard as Rob Schneider's Jessica is working towards reversing the curse, Rachel McAdams' criminal is working just as hard to use it before he/she loses it, including shaking it on a stage for dollar bills. Rob Schneider plays a great hot chick - Rachel McAdams plays a great criminal looking for the next score/scam.

    Everything these two go through being in the other person's body is funny and indicative of the oddball Schneider's usual fare. While this was never destined to be Oscar worthy, it's definitely just under two hours of escape, smiles and laughter.