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  • One of the junkier videos I've seen lately, dating back to the turn of this century, consists of one "Master Blaster" imitating Rodney Moore and shooting mighty wads on the faces (and especially into the closed eyes) of a number of starlets, who take the sex work in their stride. This sort of gonzo drivel is now enshrined as a virtual necessity for anyone wanting to make a living in the porn biz.

    Gauge is perhaps the most expert and enthusiastic of the players but it all adds up to Pavlovian repetition, aimed at the lowest end of the Adult Entertainment audience. Master Blaster generally adds a second dick to the scenes, owned by one "Pop Eye" until the finale in which the great Kaylynn is charged with emptying the balls by oral means, belonging to Lex Steele. Ever the gentleman, Lexington avoids her eyes for his blast, the only moment of chivalry in the nearly 2-hour show.

    As a final insult, MB insists on repeating each cum shot to stretch out the climax for the unwary viewer.