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2 February 2014 | mikeakens
Twins 2 movie Script.
Twins 2. Movie script:

Beetroot McKinly. survived the gun shoots at his car but was sent to prison for his roll in the theft of the fuel injection system and the murder of the two rocket scientist. In prison he meets up with the twin brother of Webster. together they hatch up an idea to get revenge on Vincent and Julius. The Benedict Corporation is now a successful military contractor providing research and development of high tech computer systems. The company is located on the Island were Julius was raised, some 200 nautical miles south, south west of Fiji. The company is run by both sets of twin boys.. 2 of Vincents sons and the 2 from Julius.. The casting is hilarious, as One is tall and stocky built and the other is short and pudgy..each teaming up with their opposite cousin.. Beetroot hires Eddie Murphy.. who plays a mad scientist hired to steel the original Baby batter, used to produce the worlds first super human person. Eddie Murphy then uses it to create an Identical set of clones of Vincent and Julius. The idea is to kidnap them so they can be replaced by the clones..who will then take over the Benedict corporation. An amazing set of comical twist and turns occurs as the real Vincent and Julius try to escape their captives.. and save the world from their evil twins.. Look for a cameo by the McClain Boys.. who come to their the request of Marnie and Linda.. This movie will have you laughing uncontrollably . script copy right.. by Eddie Vuittonet, in behalf of Madre Seca films.

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