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  • After hearing the creator of the show interviewed on KPBS, I had to watch it. This show was piloted for CBS, but they ended up rejecting it. PBS picked it up, and I'm glad they did. This show is considerably better than most of the pap served up on the major networks, and has an incredible cast. This is a beautiful story about a family that is both funny and dramatic at the same time. (Much like life!) This show is truly worth watching.
  • What a beautiful series. Gregory Nava is a genius, and PBS

    should be given an award for taking it on. It blends a culturally

    traditional undercurrent with a modern and hip style, and utilizes

    interesting filming techniques that wraps you into the story. This

    series is vibrant with culture, color, and life, and can sometimes

    be staggeringly emotional.

    Heartfelt, eccentric, and sometimes rib crackingly funny, "American

    Family" brings a very misunderstood side of American life to the

    limelight and paints an intriguingly entertaining representation of a

    dysfunctional yet incredibly loving family.... and does it brilliantly.
  • I came across this show because of Edward James Olmos. And although I'm not Latino, I still find the show has many aspects that many people will find hit home. Each character in the show brings something from the different points of view in life. I'll admit I mostly lean toward Olmos' character and what he goes through to what he feels is right for the family. After all, it's not easy being a father (or admittingly a mother either). It was also saddening to see Conrado die doing what he felt was right and trying to make a difference. I think most people who see this can relate to at least one character in this show, and I hope PBS will be able to keep it going.
  • LGuili2 February 2002
    AMERICAN FAMILY is a great series. I'm glad that PBS decided to place it on their schedule. The acting is terrific. Raquel Welch gave a wonderful performance in the third episode which also provided her with a chance to sing which she did beautifully. Hope the show continues its high quality.
  • I just happened to come across this show and stopped because Edward James Olmos was in it. This is an excellent show, at first I thought it was a movie it was so well done. BOO CBS, for dropping such a wonderful show. Thank goodness for PBS, once again they save a meaningful program that illustrates the diversity of America.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ** possible spoilers ahead **

    When I saw the previews for this show, I was excited beyond compare because this series promised to be a great study of Mexican-American family life in the 21st century. I was thrilled to be able to finally claim a series as my own, with people who looked like me and families that acted the way that my own family acts. When I saw the very first episode, I was giddy that I was seeing many of the same familial bonds and issues that greet my own family, and I looked forward to viewing many more episodes.

    Then, the second episode came. The novelty of viewing this Mexican-American family on regular television quickly wore off, and when my blinders were taken off I was aghast to find myself hating this program. I didn't mind many of the actors -- in fact, Sonia Braga, Edward James Olmos, and Raquel Welch were still as brilliant as ever. However, when I saw what this truly was, I found myself looking at one-dimensional characters and a liberal bias so obvious it makes even the most liberal of previous Hollywood projects look downright moderate.

    My first complaint was with the way the series practically canonizes so-called "pure" Latinos but derides Latinos who wish to assimilate into the American culture. This is evidenced by the way Nina and Vangie are portrayed. Nina is the "can do no wrong" daughter of the Gonzalez family, someone who is described as "wanting to save the world" (in Cisco's words). The way she's portrayed in the show, you could practically see the halo glowing above her head! Then there's Vangie. Vangie is a corporate being, someone who's married to a Caucasian, and who is deeply involved with her career. Perhaps it would be different if the show's narrator was the patriarch, Jess, but with the narrator being Cisco, Vangie is poorly treated as a character and as a being. It's as if being a do-gooder is valued over wanting to live in financial security.

    Cisco, I suspect, is the main catalyst behind why this program doesn't work. He is, as I've mentioned before, the narrator of the program and thusly the program is seen through his eyes. He ribs the patriarchal character of Jess for being a Republican so much that it seems that it is a bigger blight than the one of Esteban's ex-girlfriend and the mother of Pablito (the same woman), who is a drug addict. I suspect things would be viewed much differently if Jess or the deceased matriarch Berta (perhaps looking down from her heavenly perch?) were the narrator. All I do know is that, being an independent with conservative leanings, having a significant other who just so happens to be Caucasian, and being a capitalist who doesn't want to be like my parents and have to live paycheck to paycheck, the show insults me and people like me bigtime.

    All in all, this show was a huge disappointment for me. East L.A. works much the same way as my parents' West Side neighborhood in San Antonio, except the West Side seems to be poorer, so I was incredibly hopeful that I would find shades of my parents' or my families in the Gonzalez family. However, unless I can find another series with more believable three-dimensional characters with goodness and flaws and no agenda to fulfill, I think I'll stick to the programs I *do* watch, with more dimensions than a flat screen. Hmmm. Wonder if "Friends" needs a Latina friend....
  • my favorite show was crash boom love.the story was was so cute the girl(tiffany taylor)1st kiss,what happen, all of sudden you didnt see the family much after that?the show was all over the place?i am apart of a mix family,white and was the first time i Ever,ever seen a mixed family on tv.i love both my background history, i feel i am lucky to have two cultures to grow up with.i wish the show would show that side minute you see the kids and the next you see them in the back ground with no lines,why?what the point to have a mixed family and not show anything about them!i would love to see more of this family story.please show more of them.
  • Look up the word "quality" and the definition is "American Family".

    The Gonzalez clan happen to be Latino, but they could be any family in America. Edward James Almos and Sonia Braga are truly brilliant as Jess and Berta Gonzalez [sadly, as is with most quality televison, both were passed over for much deserved Emmy nominations].

    American Family" is lovingly written with heart, humor and intimacy. If you didn't catch it on PBS, try and find it on's well worth the effort!
  • Wonderful thought provoking show. The Mexican-American family shown in a true and honest way. Story lines that remind one of family and how important they are in our lives. Great to see a Latino Cast in a wonderful ensemble show.
  • Gregory Nava, long known for directing movies like "El Norte", created "American Family". The focus is a Mexican-American family in east LA, but the gist of the show is that this could be any family in the United States. They experience both ups and downs in their lives, but they do what they can to keep going. It occasionally features flashbacks looking at the family's history -- which also alludes to magical realism -- and focus on issues affecting Latino communities. The series has the added benefit of having no commercials, due to having aired on PBS. Everything adds up to a very impressive show, the kind that's seriously lacking from most TV. Edward James Olmos, Sonia Braga, Esai Morales, Constance Marie, Rachel Ticotin and Raquel Welch have every reason to be proud of it.
  • Hi everyone american family is a wonderful show and full of life,I especially love the flash back to when they were teenagers all those actor and actreses are wonderfull they have so much talent well iam sure they will do great in hollywood .LOVE the show
  • anyah_m30 May 2002
    I've always loved Esai Morales and Mr. Almos. I'd never seen them together until now. What a wonderfully complex family. Thank you for creating a show about real Latinos, happy and successful people with real issues. Seeing brown people on tv and film always behind bars or causing trouble gets old really fast. I will watch this show faithfully!
  • I really wanted to write a title for this review that didn't come off as corny or gushing but still described my feelings for this show. I can see now that it is not possible. "American Family" is one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching on television. Several reviewers here on IMDb have mentioned the word "beautiful" when describing this show. Never has a word been more fitting. The cinematography for this show is stunning. Every scene and shot looks like a masterpiece. The lighting, camera moves, scene composition and colors...I have to keep reminding myself that I'm watching a TV Show and not a Motion Picture masterpiece. The score by Lee Holdridge and Nathan Wang brings tears to my eyes. And most importantly, the acting by the all around amazing cast is honest and sincere. I do not feel like I am watching performances...I feel like I'm watching real life. If only real life could be this beautiful.

    "American Family" has indeed raised the bar for quality entertainment on Television. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is willing to watch it. I could easily chide CBS for passing on this show, but I have to say that it doesn't matter to me who airs it. I'm just glad it's out there for everyone to see. So I do thank PBS for not allowing this show to disappear into nothingness.

    I have to give special recognition to the way each season's finale ended. The first one was pure creative brilliance and it moved me to tears. I was waiting to see if season two would also end in a creative way, and sure enough it did. Again, tears.

    My thanks to all of those involved. You really have made a special piece of art with this show, and I sincerely mean that. It is a shame that we only got two seasons, but a miracle we got anything at all.