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  • Despite not being a fan of the film that this is based off I decided to give it a try and I wasn't disappointed at all. This version actually has better acting, more intimate and engaging plot twists and best of all the endless suspense.

    The story begins with a young woman who has been receiving mysterious notes in her school locker and mysteriously enough inside her tampon satchel the notes were written by a mysterious man named Charlie.

    The woman was very frightened so confided in a male friend (Played by Ron Jeremy who is my favourite actor and did an excellent job in the new Toy Story live action film) Ron decided that the best way to comfort the very scared young woman was to give her the pile driver which is one of my favourite maneuvers to perform on my inflatable sex doll.

    She later discovers with Rons help that these mysterious notes have been originating from Charlie who is a mysterious unicorn perched in Candy Mountain.

    Charlie didn't want to go on an adventure with Ron when he suggested it and was very bitter when he had his kidney stolen so decided to take revenge by harassing Rons beautiful mistress of lust.

    Ron and the beautiful mistress of lust once again perform the pile driver but this time with a low light contrast filter for artistic merit. They then decide to ascend to Candy Mountain and soon discover that it's a land of sweets and joy and joyness... They then walk together hand in hand through the trail leading up to candy mountain. They cross the magical Liopleurodon and suddenly begin to hear "Shun the non believer" and decided that the best way to combat this awful voice is to do the pile driver again, but this time in a high contrast light filter.

    They reach the top of candy mountain and discover that Charlie is in fact a unicorn with no Kidney and no sense of humour or adventure.

    They then have a 3 way pile driver and the woman has a liquid enima into the river of chocolate in order to purify it's waters forever.

    7/10 - Great film, but I wish they did more sex moves than the Pile Driver.