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  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a nightclub, four hard-core party girls ambush an unsuspecting girl in a bathroom and beat her to a pulp. And the party goes on. When the dead girl shows up on the news, the group's leader, Love(Stefanie von Pfetten), wants her moment in the spotlight. But things take a turn for the worst: Love suddenly vanishes. Is the girl's boyfriend looking for revenge? As it becomes clear that Love was murdered, the three remaining girls are afraid of becoming the next victim and they will do anything to cover up their crime. Ruth(Emily Hampshire) becomes obsessed with Love's death, Vonny(Sarain Boylan) descends into a state of paranoia and Adria(Jessica Paré) simply thinks she's losing her mind. When the boyfriend turns up dead, the police lose their prime suspect. As each girl tries to shift the blame to the next, there's no telling which one is going to make it out alive. I saw this movie at the video store a couple of days ago and I thought it looked interesting so I rented it. It took me a while to actually get into the movie, but once I did, I really did enjoy it. You have to watch the whole movie carefully and at the end everything will become clear. The acting by the four girls was pretty good, the way the movie was filmed was also very nice, the soundtrack was also good and I loved the twist ending. I would give Posers 8/10.
  • =G=31 March 2004
    A low budget B-flick out of Canada, "Posers" introduces us to an unlikely posse of four single female clubbers who beat a woman to death in the ladies room of a nightclub. What follows is nonstop nonsense which spends most of its time trying to build a murder mystery around the ditzy gaggle of poorly developed characters who come off like old "Mall Rats" or "Valley Girls". Failing in everything from cinematography to screenplay with a script which is punched up with lots of contempo buzz word banter, "Posers" is in fact, a poser of a film; shallow, affected, and phony. Best saved for the small screen where, if it doesn't show up, it won't be missed. (C-)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked this film. It was fast paced and twisted. I never saw the ending coming...I thought the cop did it! The four women worked well together. My favorite had to be Vonny, The woman lost it and did it well. The scene outside of the school was really well done, I loved the way that girl freaked out. I was surprised at the low rating the film has gotten so far from the viewers registered at IMDb, personally I give it an 8....I can't wait to see it again. If I did have a complaint regarding the movie it would be that it ended so abruptly. I would have liked to have seen a more through explanation and discovery process evolve with the cop and how he pieces out the killer and who did kill Blondie? But what I really would have LOVED to see was the physical and verbal confrontation of the cop arresting and interrogating Adria. That would have worked out wonderfully with the camera work... quick clips back and forth between the cop shop and the sequence of events surrounding the murders with splices of the girls dancing. Would have looked awesome.Even with those faults I still give it an 8, the story was too cool.
  • Astoundingly poor movie! Four kind of friends who spend the most part of this film flinging nasty (and incredible unimaginative) insults at one another, badly beat up a girl one evening at a nightclub. (over a guy...of course it was over a guy. Clearly the writers were dealing with some issues) In result the beat up girl ends up dying which they all think is really funny. Following this, the leader of this mentally unstable clique goes missing. Her "friends" spend the rest of the movie, screaming, yelling, being frightened and accusing each other but deal with all of these atrocities by going dancing. The End! Oh and there's this guy...I think he's a detective but his acting is a little unclear. The movie got a 2/10 rating purely because I found the acting so ridiculously funny.