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  • basnendels22 July 2005
    Even before I got a DVD-player I bought this DVD. A soon as I got my Home Cinema System I played it as loud as I could. This DVD has extra value for me because in most of the footage....... I was present. From 2000 till now I must have played it about 25 times or more. The 5.1 surround sound is just amazing. Play it on a Friday or Saturday night before you go out and you will have a hell of a time. For those who don't know who Underworld is but know the movie Trainspotting......... they made the killer soundtrack, Born Slippy, which starts as a train and just keeps going. When I play as a DJ and the facilities are there to put some stuff on a wall or big screen this DVD goes with me along with The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Moby, Fatboy Slim and some other great performers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are a fan of Underworld, as I am, you'll thoroughly enjoy this DVD. The intense energy of the music is echoed by the energy of the crowd.

    I was familiar with the studio tracks before I saw this and to my surprise the live versions are better then the studio versions! Hard to imagine. Plus, the DVD gives you a bonus song, Moaner, unlike the CD version of Everything, Everything. The DVD also lets you watch in three ways, a combo of the live performance and cool abstract visuals, just the visuals or just the live concert.

    Electronic at it best plus watching the singer Karl Hyde "dancing" along to the songs is amusing.
  • It is a DVD, filled with material of good music and nice live performances. If you are a techno listener and like Underworlds records. Then i can recommend this piece of art. It combines the energy in their music with the energy of a live performance. Those live performance recordings where made during their 98-99 tour, after the release of their record "Beaucoup fish", which i think is their best album so far.

    This isn't a DVD you should just sit down in the couch and watch. This is a live DVD. You should playing it a bigscreen on a party or something where you could dance. Because i couldn't sit down and watch it. And i think you wouldnt either