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  • It's a shame to let a show with such good writing to go to waste, and end resolved. I loved this show. I have all the episodes, and i hope MTV knows that just because some Teenybopper thirteen year old who's prime intrests are Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake doesn't like the show is no reason to take it off the air. I've loved all of MTV's animated shows its just so sad that excepting Daria & Bevis&Butthead none of their animated shows have lasted for more than one season.
  • MTV cartoons have been known in the past to bomb in dozens with a few strays that make it for the long run. I honestly don't know if Clone High will make it but I do know that I want it to.

    At first glance and the entire summary of it seems kind of lame but you have to watch it to really see the humor. And yes it's kind of cringe-worthy the way they have written some great historical figures but all you have to say is "Hey it's just a cartoon!". I can't say why I actually care if Joan of Arch or Abe Lincoln get together but i'll be damned if I don't tune in every episode so far to see Joan's angsty love for Abe.

    The more history you know about these characters the funnier the show is! It's a comical blend of a little history, wacky humor and just growing up and making it through high school! It's not something that everyone is going to like. If you don't normally like cartoons geared towards the over 14 crowd then it's probably not even worth your time.

    I want to think positive and that Clone High will become the next Beavis and Butthead or Daria of MTV but I honestly don't think there are enough Americans out there that can really get the humor without being offended by the portrayal of the characters. If you like cartoons and animation this is not one to miss!
  • After Daria was cancelled, I wondered if MTV would have another intelligent show like that again. Then I saw Clone High for the first time a few weeks ago, and I loved it. The show itself is funny, and if you know about historical characters the show becomes even funnier. The creators did a wonderful job with matching historical figures to high school stereotypes. JFK is hilarious. Make sure you watch this show! Don't let it get cancelled!
  • MTV teamed up with Nelvana to produce it, so the production values and writing were a couple of notches above their usual fare. It was created by the same people who created "Scrubs" for NBC and used a lot of the same actors to voice the characters.

    A secret government agency has cloned a bunch of historical figures so that they can raise their own clone army. The clones, who are all in the teenage angst-y phase are all in High School together dealing with love, sex, drugs and social inadequacy while being watched by a maniacal Principal with plans of his own.

    It simultaneously lampoons the current WB-style "tween" shows and after-school specials. The shows comedic style is fast paced, almost vaudevillian and it becomes even more bizarre and disconnected as it moves along.

    Too bad MTV dropped it after only airing like, six episodes. I hear it still plays in Canada, though...
  • This is my favorite MTV show ever and I am so sad that it was cancelled! I sorely wish that it would be continued. The pacing is great, the jokes are hilarious, the characters are well-written and I love the overall look of the show. My favorite characters? I love them all! But I always have a special place in my heart for Joan of Arc, she reminds me of me :) It's too bad it didn't succeed, I can only hope a DVD release is not far away.
  • I know this isn't a real petition but it's close enough...for anyone who loves this show and wants it back just sign your name below...I am for one am sick of all the reality bull sh*t and would really like to actually enjoy a show every once in awhile. Even though Clone High wasn't the most intelligent show out there it wasn't supposed to be, it was just good animated fun and just because someone took too damn personally and got "offended" so to speak had to go and bitch to take it off well F*ck you whoever that was. well I'll shall be the 1st to sign.

    Adam Poe
  • Way, way, back in the 1980's, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies. Now the clones are sexy teens now. They're going to make if they try. Loving, learning, sharing, judging. It's time to laugh and shiver and cry. Clone High, Clone High.

    Absolutely my favorite cartoon. Abe Lincoln is a crazy mixed up kid who doesn't know if he loves Cleopatra or Joan of Arc. Gandi, a hyper active guy who loves to stick things in his nose. JFK, a womanizing jerk, and Joan of Arc a very dark and monitone girl who has deep routed issues with Abe Lincoln.

    I think that this is another one of those cartoons that should continue.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "I am talking backwards and telling you to watch Clone High, and for us get an Emmy, I'm saying that backwards! Cuz it's sneaky!" JFK - 2002
  • mysticcannibal19 December 2007
    This TV show was one of the MTV cartoons shot down in its prime (like Daria). This is a great show that combines the actors and humor of both scrubs and mad TV. Unfortunately, there is only one season but it is quite a ridiculous season none-the-less. The humor in the show is a combination of subtle jokes, awkwardly funny situations, and utter ridiculousness. The show isn't to be taken too seriously but wasn't intended to be taken seriously anyways(so people who spend their time criticizing shows for not being ground breaking can just move on). The characters in the show are likable and the voice acting is appropriate for the show. The reasons that I didn't give this show a ten is: The season abruptly ends because it was canceled so there are some things that are still up in the air that I'd like to be concluded and there are some episodes that are not as good as the rest(thanks Jack Black).

    The main characters include Christa Miller(from Scrubs and The Drew Carry Show), Michael McDonnald(from Mad TV and bit role on scrubs), Nichole Sullivan( Mad TV and reoccurring role on Scrubs), and Will Forte(SNL, Brothers Solomon). Also included parts from Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, and Neil Flynn(scrubs actors). Some of the guest voices include Mandy Moore, Marilyn Manson, Michael J. Fox, and STAMOS!
  • Clone High. A truly surreal experience of television. A pretty straightforward premise that doesn't take itself seriously at all, and one of the funniest things i've seen in my life. It's like a comfort show to me and many others, and you can just watch it on youtube since MTV doesn't really care about it. No surprise the creators, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are big time Hollywood boys now. I highly recommend this show to anybody who enjoys absurdist humor with fun characters and the best theme song ever created.

    Update: weird people online have ruined this show for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Aired on Monday nights as part of MTV's "Ten Spot.", Clone High is set in a high school whom students are clones from famous people throughout history. The series follows the live of clones: Abe Lincoln (Will Forte) and his friends, Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan) and Mahatma Gandhi (Michael McDonald) as they share and journey together, through a lot of misadventures. Abe Lincoln is madly in love with a clone of Cleopatra (Christa Miller) whom is a self-absorbed, vain, and often mean-spirited popular cheerleader who is the object of desire for every male in the school, most notably Abe and JFK (Chris Miller), a handsome, popular, arrogant, and horny jock. Principal Scudworth (Phil Lord) is the mad scientist principal of Clone High, who secretly plans to use the clones as attractions for his hypothetical amusement park, and many of the series' subplots surround him trying to find ways to accelerate his plans despite the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures wanting something different. Mr. Butlertron (voiced by Chris Miller again) is Scudworth's sane robotic butler and reluctant sidekick in his stupid schemes. He refers to everyone as "Wesley" as a parody of Mr. Belvedere (1985's TV show). Much of the humor in the show comes from the large contrast between the personality of the clones and the actual values and legacy of the historical figures they are descended from. While they share the same name, and looks, the clones are so different than their originals. For example, Gandhi is portrayed as a hyperactive comedy relief whose biggest dream is to be accepted by those around him. Joan of Arc is in love with Abe, while Abe is unable to see that. The show is also a parody of the after school specials of high-school themed comedies dealing with themes like drugs. In fact, almost every episode opens with a voice-over parodying the "very special episodes" of TV shows. The show use the style of limited animation is a process of making animated cartoons that does not redraw entire frames but variably reuses common parts between frames that was common in the late 90's and early 2000's shows of the time. The characters and backgrounds are traditionally drawn but the frames and cells are frequently recycled. It makes the show seem low-budget. They even mention how cheat the animating is in some episodes. The episodes were pretty funny in my opinion, but sadly due to poor ratings MTV pull the plug of the show. The bad thing about the show is that the last five episodes were never broadcast in the United States. Even if you get to watch the few episodes, it's not worth it. The season finale episode is left with a cliffhanger ending that will never get solved, sadly. My favorite episode is Film Fest: Tears of a Clone, Episode 4, where the students had to make movies for the Clone High Student Film Festival. It makes fun of a lot of the film genres such as Blaxploitation, Bohemianism avant-garde, and autobiographical epic. In a lot of the episodes, there were a number of guest stars from the TV show Scrubs provide voices of several characters in Clone High, such as Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Neil Flynn and Christa Miller because Bill Lawrence produce the show. Also, it's funny that there is an image of a dolphin hidden in almost every episode. I think the main reason why the show was pulled was because MTV released an advertisement that had character Mahatma Gandhi in a way that offended many people in India. To make matters worse for the 55th celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, protesters in India specifically protested the MTV show. Feeling the heat form this controversy, MTV issued an apology. Scandals like this are rarely good for a show and might cause the demise of the show. Honestly in my opinion, they should cancel all shows on MTV and play music videos only. I'm confused as to why MTV canned it. It was smart, clever, and interesting with likable, fun characters and a dash of high school drama which as everyone knows makes interesting television.
  • This show is great! I first saw it on MTV in the US, so I never got to see the end until I downloaded the rest of the episodes off the internet. It's such a shame that these excellent shows get cancelled. One show that is on something of the same calibur is Invader ZIM, if you've ever seen that. That show, although different, was like Clone High in that it catered to humor that isn't so mainstream as, say, Friends humor or something. Not that Friends isn't a funny show, but Clone High and Invader ZIM both have a unique humor to them that is rare on TV nowadays. Anyway, this show is excellent. It draws on hilarious stereotypes and a lot of historical fact to form its exquisite humor. But you don't have to be a history buff to enjoy this show, just the way in which it parodies teen dramas is terrific. This show isn't for younger viewers, I guess, but it is a great show. One bad thing is a rather unsatisfying ending, but maybe the writers didn't know that it would be the last episode. One last thing - the show's main band, The Abandoned Pools, is great as well, their songs are scattered throughout the show. Ten stars.
  • It's not an uncommon scenario, but I came across this show long after it's unfortunate cancellation. The premise is good and the fact that the show combines history's greatest leaders with the depth and immaturity of the typical "high school teen show" is a concept that really brings the laughs. The show never tries to be anything but silly and satirical and succeeds for this effort. It is very good that it exists on DVD and that it can still be found via and some retailers. Only 13 episodes exist, so it is not hard to watch it all and enjoy it for what it was. Clone High had too limited of a run, but what an enjoyable show it was. Find it, watch it, and clone it....(legally of course).
  • The humor in Clone High is nothing short of perfect. I don't watch TV. However, stumbling upon Clone High is quite honestly one of the greatest accidents I've made when it comes to giving something a chance.

    The show is primarily a comedy, and a very effective one at that. The show is at it's best when the characters are throwing "emotionally charged" speeches at one another about love and betrayal (Abe:"You sent me up the river" Joan:"That may be, but I sent you up that river with my heart as a paddle" Abe:"But you smacked me in the face with that paddle...").

    The show also uses several different forms of humor. It can be subtle, blunt, random, delightfully repetitive or utterly ridiculous.

    The thing that I found most enjoyable about the show is the fact that it really does say a lot about what it's like to be so close to being grown up, but still a way's off. Joan is so obsessed with her best friend, Abe that she doesn't realize her own independence. Abe is so infatuated with Cleo that he doesn't even consider Joan's love. Ghandi is so fixated on being popular, Cleo is so fixated on herself, JFK is so fixated on women.

    It really says something about the attention spans of young adults and how they miss out on such obvious opportunities to be happy. At the same time Clone High makes such good fun of what it's like to be in that stage of a person's life.

    Overall, Clone High does for High School what Clerks did for part-time jobs. Not only is the show hilarious, but it's actually smarter than it appears at first glance and a very worthy addition to an excellent DVD collection.
  • I watched one episode and was hooked. Not only do they utilize the quirky dysfunctions of the actual people the clones and based on, but they've developed their own style of weird, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle humor, mixed with the drama of high school and the peer pressure of growing up . Great music composed by Liam Lynch, who is directing the up and coming "Tencious D in The Pick of Destiny". The cast is amazing, consisting of such talents like Mad TV's sexy Nicole Sullivan, Drew Carey's Christa Miller, and of the course the young creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The guest appearances are random and hilarious. For those who haven't seen it, just buy the DVD, there's only 13 episodes and can easily be watched in one or two stressed sessions. The last two episodes you can tell they were on top of their game and most likely knew that another season wasn't in the picture.
  • curtisv13 November 2005
    Clone High was not only one of my favorite cartoons but my favorite shows. The DVD set for the first (and only) season is out right now. It only cost me 20 bucks Canadian and it was well worth it. If you like Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Harvey Birdman humor your sure to love this cartoon. Also the music is awesome! Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Get up Kids, Catch 22, Snapcase and more. And for all you Canadians out their it's Canadian made! Support Canadian animators! Clone High was not only one of my favorite cartoons but my favorite shows. The DVD set for the first (and only) season is out right now. It only cost me 20 bucks Canadian and it was well worth it. If you like Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Harvey Birdman humor your sure to love this cartoon. Also the music is awesome! Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Get up Kids, Catch 22, Snapcase and more. And for all you Canadians out their it's Canadian made! Support Canadian animators! Clone High was not only one of my favorite cartoons but my favorite shows. The DVD set for the first (and only) season is out right now. It only cost me 20 bucks Canadian and it was well worth it. If you like Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Harvey Birdman humor your sure to love this cartoon. Also the music is awesome! Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Get up Kids, Catch 22, Snapcase and more. And for all you Canadians out their it's Canadian made! Support Canadian animators!
  • There isn't much to say here that hasn't already been said. This is an extremely good show that deserves to be watched, especially by those who enjoy zany, 'Family Guy'-like humor and/or clever history jokes.

    The show essentially lampoons the teen drama format by making every episode revolve around some important issue in high school life, and relentlessly satirizes the stereotypes of these types of shows. Episodes deal with issues such as underage drinking, drugs, prom, and death, all the while poking fun at these topics as well as the way in which the typical teen drama deals with them.

    The main characters (Abe, Joan, Ghandi, Cleo, and JFK) all fall into standard high school cliché's, and their individual personalities are fleshed out well enough that they become easy to identify with. The interaction of these contrasting personalities is a critical source for much of the show's humor, and the formula never fails to please.

    The show features an industry-standard love triangle (one best friend in love with other, other best friend in love with popular guy/girl) which helps drive the plot to an extent. This aspect of the show, while still used as a means to take shots at love triangles, is taken more seriously by the writers, and has consequently managed to melt a lot of hearts(my own included).

    All in all, a truly great show. I encourage everyone who enjoys it to buy the first season DVD asap and watch it whenever it is on TV (hopefully, with a lot of luck, the DVD sales and TV ratings may be able to pull it out of hiatus). Signing the petition wouldn't hurt either.
  • Mystick Magick29 January 2003
    This is exactly the type of show I've been waiting for! What else makes better television then having Abe Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc, among guest *stars* like Van Gogh, Paul Revere and Marie Antoinette; than having them all attend high school together! Being a HUGE history person I immediately tuned in for the premiere episode and loved it! While I agree its no Daria its definately worth your while, especially if you like history and want a good laugh and see Joan of Arc having a crush on Abe Lincoln. I love how the characters try and represent their *clones* by adding a twist and modern day touch to what some of the greatest people in the world would act like and do in High School nowadays. So's probably one of those shows you either love or hate..but I think its ingenius and its a great breath of fresh air!
  • Having heard absolutely nothing about this show beforehand (I lead a very sheltered life), imagine my astonishment when the theme song and opening credits came on the TV in the gym. I stared incredulously at the monitor as the premise for the show slowly sank in. Under the guise of doing bench presses, I watched the show in it's entirety. What a great idea for a show. It's so stupid and unbelievable that it's brilliant. The humor was very sharp, with a cynical edge. In being a show about teenagers (clones they may be), the opportunity to shred on other serious teenage shows is available, and the writers readily take advantage of this. When a particularly sad and poignant scene occurred in the episode I viewed, the theme music from Dawson's Creek played briefly. I was amused.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed to historical aspect of the show, skewed though it was. Of course Gandhi would be a party animal and Joan of Arc would be goth if they were teenagers in modern day society. It just makes sense. I highly recommend this show to those who liked Daria, as I did. It's humor is witty instead of being slapstick, which is refreshing in an animated series aimed at a more adult audience. The premise kind of reminded me of that theoretical question, "If you could have a dinner party with any historical figures, who would you invite?". Just tweak it a bit to make it "If you could go to high school with any historical figures, who would you hang out with?" Great idea. I will watch this show again.
  • But then I started watching it, and the show is just now beginning to grow on me. No it's not perfect, it's no pre 8th-season "Simpsons", but you have to appreciate how the creators use the clone characters to both mock the personalities of historic figures and the treacly WB high school dramas AND at the same time give new insights on famous historical figures by placing them in a modern setting.

    Some historical figures are easily recognizable. For example JFK is a popular prettyboy jock who constantly surrounds himself with women, Cleopatra is an overly ambitious siren who doesn't let moral clarity get in the way of her goals and Abe Lincoln fills the role of an eagle scout who often speechifies yet is often oblivious of others input.

    Other characters are not so obvious. For example Joan of Arc is a goth mired in negatism and Ghandi is an ebullient party-animal. Neither fits the expectations set by their "cloneparents".

    Nor should they, because as teenagers, they will distance themselves and form their own identities. But the more you think about the history of their predecessors, the more like them they become. Joan of Arc is devotionally in love with Abe Lincoln, no matter how many times he has spurned her, just like how the real Joan of Arc is devoted to God even when she is being burned at the stake. Also there was the episode where Joan dressed in drag in order to play on the boys basketball team, a la the real Joan leading an all male army.

    Ghandi's overly extroverted behavior stems from his need to fit in, just like the real Ghandi emulated the imperialistic Britains during the early part of his life by studying in England, becoming a lawyer and extoling the racist virtues of Cecil Rhodes. Only when Ghandi was mistreated on the train did he begin his campaign for social justice.

    All in all three stars (***) out of four. The idea of recasting historical figures in a modern high school drama still screams "I've run out of ideas", but they somehow made up for it by casting characters I can care about.
  • ames21210 June 2006
    This show is SO funny. I love it. But when is it going to go back on air?? I really want it to be back on. They should have a new season and stuff. This show is the best! I don't know what to say other than I love it. This show should be on more often and at better times. But a better time would actually be on air! Everyone should watch it so it becomes a big hit, like Family Guy. My brother and I used o watch all the time a long time ago, but then it went off air. But when it came back on people started watching it, and now it's really popular, like Clone High should be. Watch Clone High! Why does this have to be ten(10) lines long. This show is really good. Clone High is the best. This show it so funny. Please, please, please go back on air! It's on Teletoon, for those of you who don't know. Go watch it! (when it comes back on air). It should really go back on air! I'm serious! It is one of, no it is my favorite show!
  • Clone high is an absolutely amazing series. It contains a humor that plays on the stereotypes of teenagers, Teenage attitudes and Teenage shows. Not to Mention it has some of the best special guest episodes Such as Tom green and Marylin Mandson. Looking at my high school I can associate real people to this comedy. This show can be enjoyed only by the newer aged people i believe such as teens and people under 30 but it is still very very good. It also Has an ability to be a pointless comedy and yet have a meaningful story line behind it. The soundtrack to this show is also very good, but of course it is a MTV show, And has many gags in it that are not said such as in a raisin smoking episode in which there are subliminal messages that are very very funny if you catch them. I sugjest this movie to all teen and twenty year old people because they will get a kick out of it for sure. In conclusion i would just like to remind you that if you are not mature enough to take a couple of sex jokes do not watch this or ignore them because there are many others inside also.
  • I've only discovered this 17-year-old show this year, but it is inarguably spectacular. I adore this show, and the creators announced in July 2020 they're reviving the show. I cannot overstate how much I love this.
  • tpindustries27 May 2019
    The concept alone is mind-blowing, but just wait until you watch the actual show. Pretty great.
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