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  • When I first saw the previews for the show, I scoffed and thought that it was such a lame concept. But after catching a few shows, I became hooked. This show is absolutely hilarious! I laughed until tears ran down my face. I hope this show sticks around. I love it! I'm glad I decided to actually tune in!
  • This show is so funny Jamie kennedy is such a funny guy i have seenn about two skits on this show and laughed so hard i really liked the one when he was pretending to be this LA tour guy and they broke into bob sagets house it was so funny this show rules cant wait to watch more!!!!
  • I admit it's a guilty pleasure. This show can be a little cruel. But at the same time, I can't help but laugh. You love to see how faces react at an obscene character that Jamie portrays. My friends and I always fool around with this show. It's a lot of fun to watch if you don't mind some harsh jokes.
  • This show is so funny. Jamie Kennedy is genius. I am a Jamie Kennedy, so I started to watch this show the first time it aired, and have been watching it ever since. I didn't want to write a summary about it until the season ended, just in case some episodes were good and other weren't. Now the first seasons is over, and I can tell you that all the episodes are great.

    I think he is best as the judge. After each episode, you keep wanting more. It's like a tease, how it's only 30 minutes; but the whole 30 minutes are filled with laughter.

    If you haven't watched this show, you are missing out. Way better than Tom Green, way better than Jackass, not as explicit as CKY but just (if not more) funny.
  • Jamie Kennedy was born to do a show like this - he is really in his element! Although I haven't laughed as hard as I did on the very first prank of the first episode the show has remained fresh and original, and more importantly funny, in the last couple of episodes.

    I'm such a big fan of this show that I stopped taping The Simpsons so I could tape this instead. When I found myself with the difficult choice of which to tape I ultimately chose JKX - which is a big deal because I haven't purposely missed taping The Simpsons in about 8 years!

    I hope others are enjoying the show as much as I am. For those who haven't seen an episode yet - check it out! It truly is one of the funniest shows on TV!
  • I've only seen one episode of this show-but I think I will definately watch more in the future. Jamie Kennedy is very talented and his characters are so well done. On the Pilot episode he had about three characters. All were different and all were hilarious. I hope that this show lasts because this show definately has the potential to be one of the funniest shows the WB has had.
  • This show shouldn't even be compared to other hidden camera shows. Maybe if Andy Kauffman was in charge of Candid Camera you'd be on to something. The pranks on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment go beyond most shows. When you think they've given you all the skit has to offer they keep piling it on. For example a Hollywood Star's Homes Tour guide decides to take the group into Bob Saget's house. The joke keeps unfolding when they find questionable items throughout the house, then of course the tourists are terrified when Bob shows up.

    Jamie Kennedy is a great actor. He doesn't strike me as one of these guys who's just out to see himself on TV (Mike Myers strikes me as one of those guys). Kennedy seems more concerned with the craft of acting. His diverse roles are very convincing and he's awesome at keeping a straight face. He's a totally unselfish hard-working actor, he really seems like he's only out to entertain his audience and is enjoying the product he's putting on TV.

    Very professional, well written and very very funny.
  • This programme is too funny! Jamie turns into a few characters each week and plays pranks on the public. Yes, it has been done before, but trust me, this one is the funniest you'll see. My particular favourite is when he pretends to of had "Jaw Surgery" and has to wear a mouth brace - genius! Too bad it's only shown in the UK really late at night, Channel 4 should put it on a prime time slot so that all can watch it. I'd never heard of Jamie Kennedy before, but after checking his profile here, I realised that he's been a number of films that I've seen, e.g.the Scream movies, Romeo + Juliet, Bowfinger etc. Shows what a good actor he is!
  • Jamie Kennedy has got to be one of the funniest actors in television today!!

    All of the things he does in this show are hilarious. I try to make it home every Sunday night to watch it. I'll be quite frank. I am dissapointed when I miss it.

    I dont feel this way for any other show!

    Great, Hilariouis, and all that good stuff!!
  • You're not on Candid Camera here. Although the premise is the same, Kennedy's show differs as we get to see him perform every single practical joke, so there's an added element of getting used to one single person rather than random people. Kennedy himself is hilarious, and I can only imagine what level they take his ridiculous disguises and alter egos to.

    Highlights: Seeing thousands of people cheering for the rock band Creed, only to see Jamie Kennedy as a folk singer named Chris Kreed. Judge Leighland. The Bob Saget tour. The straying dating show.

    It has potential to be a long lasting show. I just hope it builds an audience and runs for a few years.
  • jlb594724 March 2002
    I'm watching the show now and it is hilarious. This is ground-rolling comedy. So what if Jamie Kennedy plays all of the characters. It's no different than a variety show like Mad TV(which is also very funny). And so what if it resembles Candid Camera. Some things shouldn't be compared with other things. It may not last more than 3 or 4 years but it's funny.
  • I happened to stumble across this show one evening while channel surfing. I saw this guy pulling pranks on people that were hilliarious. Once I saw the prank he pulled as the tour guide taking the people through Bob Sagott's mansion, I was hooked. I could not stop laughing, I actually felt pain between my ears because I was laughing so hard. I have watched every episode since. This is the only show on television I go out of my way to watch.

    I hope they don't cancel it. I have told other people to watch it and every one of them absolutely love it.

    Keep rockin Jamie Kennedy. Great premise and Awesome Talent....
  • I have been watching this show since the pilot, and I must say, its great! I haven't missed an episode! I had seen the commercials, and thought, 'thats the guy from scream, ain't it?' and thought nothing more of it. But I turned on the tv, and when I saw him doing his 'I'm from the mean streets of Malibu' gag, I couldn't help but laugh, I was hooked from then on. 'JawMan' is the best!
  • dangre6631 January 2002
    This is one of the best new things on TV in a long time. I work third shift and an frequently up in the middle of the night. I save this on tape till I can't sleep knowing that I will be laughing my head off. If I had one complaint about the show, I wish it were an hour long. Great Show.
  • This is one of the best new shows of the year. It's fresh and funny and so what if it reminds you of "Candid Camera", it has Jamie Kennedy! He is hilarious in his roles and if they can fool the crowd, they could fool anyone. He is so great at acting and you would have to be in case you forgot your lines or something. Watch the show and if you aren't impressed wait for later episodes. The second episode was better than the first one I saw, so it might only get better over time.
  • jamie kennedy is my favorite actor, and i have been waiting to watch JkX for a long time. I had 2 of my friends over to watch it, and they both thought it was very funny. I had seen commercials for each skit he did that night, so that sort-of ruined it. Before it came on, we called about 59 people and told them to watch it, most of them did. The next day at school we asked everyone what they thought of it. Most people thought it was really funny. My one friend commented about the commercial thing. But I think that they showed the commercials for the first skits so that people would realize how funny it is. In the opening credits and on the website they show him in disguise as charecters I haven't seen commercials for.
  • `The Jamie Kennedy Experiment'

    Film star Jamie Kennedy dresses up as people and disguises himself. That's what this show is about. And let me tell you, it is funny.

    Kennedy, who was in movies such as `Three Kings,' `Bowfinger' and `Enemy of the State,' dons fake makeup and some wigs, goes out on the streets (or anywhere, for that matter) and tries to fool people.

    The show is a mix between `Candid Camera' and `Spy TV,' only better in its own way.

    Kennedy really looks different when he puts on the wigs and makeup; in one particular episode he dressed up as a judge – that was hilarious.

    You have to see this show to believe it. If it's Kennedy pretending to be a tour guide in Hollywood (who just happens to lead his tour into the house of a celebrity – who makes a cameo), or being a judge, or a woman, or a very weird yoga teacher, Kennedy pulls this show off easy.

    John Ulmer
  • When I saw previews, I'm like "hmm.. another hidden camera show, I guess I'll watch". Jamie kennedy is more than that. He's number 1. A master of disguise, 2. Very good at improv, he never stutters and always has a response for anything that comes up during the skits, and 3. He's said in interviews he just loves messing with people's psyche and seeing what their reaction is.. It really is amazing to watch people's reaction, I guess that's why hidden camera shows are so fun to watch. What makes his show a little bit more top notch is that he doesn't just go out on the street, he goes as far as setting up complete studio sets. The one where he's doing an informercial was the best. I'm sure if I was on the set I'd be duped too. There's even been times when he knows the people he's trying to 'X' know about the show, and he turns it around and pretends to be p****d off, in which they think it's real. I hope this show stays on for many seasons.
  • I think my summary says it all. This MTV-ish answer to the classic Candid Camera TV show features a Gen X (or is that Gen Y) type putting in false choppers and wearing various hats and wigs and glasses, and setting people up in fairly outlandish although often not very interesting situations. Example: Kennedy has a guy invite his parents to his "wedding." Kennedy is the bride, done up in a full bridal gown and long wig. The "joke" is that the parents immediately understand their son is marrying a man who claims to no longer have his "bits and pieces." Problem is, this schtick goes on way too long, obviously to fill out time. And Kennedy is about as funny as a dead cod lying in the sun. Candid Camera would have run three or four scenarios in the time it took Kennedy to get through this one, running around, constantly asking "Do I look fat?" I recognize the show was not made for me. It was made for 12-year-old pinheads who think JACKASS is the height of comedy today. So let them laugh. Thank God the show was short-lived.
  • ALONG ABOUT, oh say circa 1948, a young producer by name of Allen Funt, came up with a simple yet brilliant idea of secreting a recording microphone in the middle of some publicly accessible place and trap unsuspecting, commoners in certain gag situations. The resulting unscripted reaction occurrences made for great Radio Comedy and Allen Funt's HIDDEN MICROPHONE was born.

    THE ADDITION of a hidden motion picture camera soon transformed the Radio show into CANDID CAMERA. First done as theatrical comedy short subjects; the format and resulting films soon were regular denizens of the new medium of Television. CANDID CAMERA was seen as a series, both Network and in Syndication for several reincarnations from 1940's to the 1980's and (we're quite sure)will be seen so far beyond the present day.

    BORROWING THE concept over the years have been such as Dick Clark and Ed McMahon with BLOOPERS & PRACTICAL JOKES AND more recently that Canadian Production, JUST FOR LAUGHS,on ABC TV. The public a;ways wants to laugh and these low budgeted slices of Reality TV never seem to fail to deliver the goods.

    THIS BRINGS US down to the more recent series, THE JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIMENT; which supplied our household with plenty of n'yucks on many a weekday night in recent years.

    SOME OF OUR favourite episodes were some with the young Mr. Kennedy impersonating a fictional Country Music Singer; who is to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the venue of a Minor League Baseball Park before the start of the day's game. The catch being that the would be Grand Old Opree star sang not just the usual One (1st) verse, but all Five (5) verses. He just would not quit. It got continuously funnier and funnier as both the crowd as well as the Ballplayers & Umps, all would sit or otherwise go on with their business; only to quickly and respectfully return to "as they were".

    ANOTHER HAD an elaborate ploy pulled on the Mother of a Show Biz/Acting Family (names escape us)by the Husband (also a TV/Movie Actor) and the Coup;e's young daughter. In the sketch, the family was to convince the Mother that the Daughter would be taking off on a 2 year stint aboard a Cruise Ship with the Ship's no talent Magician/Ventroloquist/Lounge Singer; played to the hilt by Jamie Kennedy. You talk about persons getting "caught in the Act of being themselves!"

    THE JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIMENT may not have been any funnier in the long tun as was Mr. Funt's brainchild; but it certainly had a greater depth of characterization and cinematic techniques. The stunt sequences were "deeper" if you will. It was sorta lika having a CANDID CAMERA Show on an "A" Movie Budget. We were sorry to see that it wasn't brought back after a 2 or 3 year run.

    COME ON Hollywood and TV Land; let's have it back!
  • I just got my hands on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment DVD after trying hard to win it on E-Bay.Almost impossible,it's so popular. I had only seen excerpts from a few shows and was laughing my ass off. I didn't know much about the show but knew I should get it as it must be good.I kept losing my bids to others when I tried to win it on E-bay. Jamie Kennedy and his show and crew (I give credit to all the writers as well,as I am one too) are Genius ! He is so talented ! I think of Dana Carvey. I do also believe he is insane as the judge and the damn judge jamie thing could be it's own show. I would watch it. The jaw surgery skits I can't stop laughing. Haven't laughed that loud since I was a kid. I don't know how he keeps a straight face. Jamie, you are one talented young man. Hope to see you on TV again ! Thanks for producing one of the funniest shows I have ever seen ! Squire Wells-Scooterman Comics
  • gidget2349 November 2003
    Wow...this show has gotta be one of the funniest shows on TV rite now.

    It's funny cuz usually I get so embarassed for the people getting pranked on hidden camera shows but the Jamie Kennedy Show is too hilarious. The reason it's so funny is cuz he doesn't really do offensive pranks like peeing on someone. Seriously, the "bliss" cult prank was hilarious!!!! OHMYGOODNESS couldn't stop laughing.
  • Boojoe24 February 2002
    Sure the show is similar to other hidden camera shows, the difference is that it is not as cheesy. Jamie actually pulls funny gags and creates funnier situations then any other hidden camera show I've seen. The only problem I can see is that if the show gets too popular, people might start recognizing Jamie. In my opinion, this is one of the best shows that the WB has to offer.
  • Someone please explain to me when exactly being "funny" became as easy as annoying people? What kind of lowlifes get off on watching other people being mocked and humiliated? I long for the days when comedy actually involved having a sense of humor, and writing jokes, or funny comedy bits. Now it is nothing more than getting into people's faces and making people laugh at them. Basically, it is public access TV on a "network" show. And we all know how bad public access TV is.
  • I used to watch the Simpsons and think it was the funniest show on TV. Not anymore! The severely underestimated Jamie Kennedy almost always X'es his opponent, but in every scene he performs, I laugh so hard I feel like my head is going to explode. Jamie assumes a galactic range of characters and pulls practical jokes on people of all ages. The best part is that they have no idea what's going on, especially older people who don't know Kennedy.

    If there is one negative to the show, it is that Jamie Kennedy would get nailed in seconds if any of his fans were marked with an X. I would spot Jamie in a second, but his pranks are still funny. That one weakness aside, Jamie Kennedy is not only funnier, but also more talented than Ali G, the Simpsons, Ashton Kutcher, and anybody in that market, bar none!! Check it out. I promise, you will not be X'ed. (Being X'ed means being involved in a prank in Jamie Kennedy slang.)