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  • donzup5 July 2002
    More than a movie, this movie is also a psychiatric case. How can a man upset his life for a stupidity (His friend miss his birthday celebration due to a dinner he has with a mysterious club).

    Charles Berling and Edouard Baer play really true, and though the story seems totally impossible, we believe it ...
  • This movie has that essential characteristic of French cinema of being focused on in-depth psychology, articulated at the level of the semiotic by resembling a 'theatre filme'. The dense enmeshing of the characters' sense of identity with the day-to-day incidents of their lives is especially demonstrated in two iconic sequences: that when the two heroes perform a dazzling choreography using their office chairs, restoring albeit temporarily their partnership duologue; and that in which the hilarious 'murder report' takes place. The brilliant and subtle acting characteristic of Charles Berling is well supported by Edouard Baer and the rest of the cast.