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  • Dino Crisis 3 is about a team called S.O.A.R who is trying to find a ship that's been lost for 300 years. They see it on Jupitar, and they go down to investigate. What does this have to do with dinosaurs, you ask? Well, when they get down there, the place is swarming with those lizards! That's about it. Now the graphics here are shiny. REALLY shiny. The cinematics are way over done and don't make sense. The gameplay could have been good. If it weren't for that idiotic camera! That camera makes me so mad! It keeps shifting all over the place, especially when you're fighting the boss! Tell me, Capcom...WHAT KIND OF BOSS FIGHT IS IT WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE THE BOSS?!!? AND WHY DOES THE CAMERA SEEM TO LIKE LOOKING AT THE DINOSAUR'S ASS????!!! Take my advice. Don't waste your $50.00. I give this a ** out of *****
  • What happened to CAPCOM to allowed some garbage like this to be published ? are they hungry so bad for money to turn high potential game like DC to a shoot and hide game . there is nothing here for the fans that liked the first 2 games , every thing changed from game-play to the genre , its not horror game anymore its more like action game . this also happened to RE6 but at least we saw the same character that we loved . i am so angry